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Italy, West Germany lead ISDE By Mark Karlye ELBA.ITALV. OCT. 6 At the conclusion of the fInt .•y of the 61th Intemetlonal SIx Days Enduro. Italy. winners of the World Trophy competition for the peat two yurs. . . . . the Trophy standings followed by Weet Germany. CzechoeIcMIIcIe Sweden'" e.t Germany. The VIM Teem . . . . . . show Weet G.....ny. CzechOllovekJe. hilly. San M"no .nd Sweden In the top five eIota. . WhIle the U.S. Trophy .nd VIM tum. fellecl to m.k. It Into the top five on day one. ell U.S. ISDE teem members .re etIli running. BrIeaonI lFen), an It.llan Trophy Tum member rIcIIng In the 12&cc clue. Is the IudJng scorer after day one. The AMA recently unt ua • letter from Mike DIPrete to cJerIfy aome confusion over new rule changes. From the Jetter: "There to be some confueIon regMlng dirt track mJd.yeer lICIvencement Ncauee of .n Item In our Pro Report which was recently unt to rIcIera. In the peat It was ....... torr that • rider edvence when hi 8CCUmuletilcl the required pointe 40 from Novice to Junior .nd 80 from Junior to Expert. A rider muat etIll .ccumulate the ume number of pointe to .dvance; however• • the rule now reada. when hi acquires theu pointe. he I.n·t required to edYance If he doean't wantto."., . . . . .c........ California metered ramp bypass lanes opened to motorcyclists SACRAMENTO. CA. SEPT. 28 CaIlfornJe motorcyclists took • a1gnlflcllnt stap .heed when the atete·. D.puty Secretery of Tranaportetlon of the Buslne... Transportation .nd Hou.lng Ag.ncy approved the Caltrens to open up all metered ramp bypau Ienes to motorcycllate. . Specifically .11 metered ramp byp81881 that currently .1I0w carpoola will be opaned to motorcycIlate. The few bu.-only bypeu len.. will remain cIoeecI to carP9Q1s .nd motorcycl•. And be careful on thl. Ie.t ona: malnlln. bus/carpool Ienes .uch .. the EI Montes Bu.w.y .r. IIOt opened to motorcycll.ts - y.t. Joe M.rlner. the Caltrens Motorcycl. Coordinator...ya "If no problem••rIse after all the metered bypeu len•• heve be.n open for. few months. w. will .eek the n.ce...ry .pprov.1s to open the m.lnllne bus/carpool Iene•. Pi.... do everything you can to get the m....g. through to the motorcycling community to k••p off the mainline bu. carpool Iene•." During October and November. "Motorcycle. OK" .Ign. will be po.ted on the metered ramp bypa.. lene•. If you·r. riding in • highoccupancy·v.hicl. lane that i.n·t po.ted "Motorcycle. OK" you will be .ubject to citation. Here .re the freew.y. that Include the bus/carpool mainline Iene. that motorcycli.ts .hould my off of until approv.' i. granted: loa Angel.. 10lEI Monte Bu.w.y). Marin 101. Alamed. 580. S.n 280. Sen Diego 163 .nd the Sen Frenclaco-Oekland Bey Bridge toll pIeze. Jim Bemerd (Yam) wu the Top Fuel winner at the Netlonal Motor· cycle Racing Allaocletlon·. U.S. Netlonal. at Ateo. NJ. In • final that uw both contestents .moke their tire. bedly. Bernard downed Kewuakl-mounted Bo O·Brochte. 8.07/1118.73 to 8.081180.00. Pro StDc:k was also exceptlonelly cIoae. with Bob Carpenter beetlng Terry V.nce In • Suzuki bettie. Carpenter ran .n 8.831148 to Vance'. 8.8&1 110.7&. The Funny Bike leurels went to Terry Kizer lKew). who topped Jon Baugh IKew). Rick Steteon lSuzi was the Pro Comp winner over Rick Gero lSuzi. and In Super MocIItIed. Joe Vuger (Yam) bested Mike Phillips lSuzl. In the Silver City Scramblers MRAN European Scramlbes at Jean, NV, on Oct. 4, Maico-mounted Kevin Welch won the Open Expert cJaIII. Fred HaDSeD (KTM) and Billy Hill (Suz) were the 250 and 125cc Expert winnen, respectively. ' 2 The Oct. 4 Callfomle Racing Club m Presldenta Cup GP uw Steve Schmitz 112&cc). John Whelchel 12l5Occ1 .nd Randy Loah IOpen) garner Pro clue ~I~ , , .•. There will be a two-day Gary Bailey MotOCJ"Oll School held in Las Vegas, NV, oveuhe Oct. 51-Nov. 1 weekend. The cJaIII will be limited to 40 riders. To sign up or get funher information, contact Mark Hitechew, 115 Tumble· weed Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89106, or call Bailey headquarters in Virginia, 705/650-5050. Ho.PIT.1 STOP: John Norsworthy lain 1I.l8i18lve cere at tt.bor General Ho.pltal following • crash at the CMC Four-8trok. TT at Ascot Perk Oct. 2. Norsworthy underwent .ur· gery for lung contualona. and split liver••nd required over 40 pinta of blood during the weekend. Carda .nd Iettera cen be unt to him at H.rbor GeneraL 1000 Carson St.. Torrence. CA IOIi02. But whet would be really nice Is to donate • pint of blood to the Reel Crou In John'. name. Ray Tauser, who won the 1951 Star Championship - the forerunner to the World Speedway Championship - succumbed to cancer on Sept. 15 in Portland, OR. Tauser had a long and varied career, but was best known for his exploitB at the time of SproutB Et~· " ,.' . . # <# ..... , fl" •••••,,... ".""". ,..,. ...C...... In other words. tha um. number of pointe .re required for eclvencemem. eclvencement Is etIli mecIe the next yur. but a rider. at hi. request. doan't need to eclvence If he 10 chOOMe." High school MXen in the Inland Empire area (Papa thinks that means the San Berdoo/Rivenide/Corona, et ai, area) will want to mark Oct. 15 on their calendars. As the ninth annual season of high school motocross at Corona Raceway nears, there will be an organizational meeting on that date at 7:50 p.m. at North High School, Room 201, 1550 Third St., Riverside. If you want your school to participate in the 1981-8l! HSMX season, you must be at the meeting or contact R.A.C.E. by that date. Phone numbers are 714/682-7059 or 689·1915. The first race of the season will be the Tad Miller Memorial Invitational on Oct. 16. Answer Produeta. Inc.. will be pickIng up the whole kit .nd keboodl. - oftIcee. menufIIcturIng end warehouu fecJlltl. - .nd moving to • new IocetIon In ValencJe effec:tIve Nov. 1. The ecldreu of their new 13.000 square foot feclity Is Z7187 Bule Ct.. ValencJe. CA .1• • •nd the new phone number Is IlO6l2&7. 4411. Here's one event where you don't have to go fast to win. BCW, the North America distributor of Rulli rain gear, will be hosting the Rulli Rally on Nov. 15. For a nominal $5 fee. you get a scenic l!l2-mile road ride through the Santa Cruz mountains. All enuys will be timed. and from the total field, a mean time to complete the coune will be fagured. The rider closest to the mean time will receive $500. with product prizes being awarded to the 100 closest to the mean. For more information, contact BCW. 585 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94110, 415/865-8884. OutBide California call 800/227-5670. Bill GrouL' Huaky·. hope for the Trens-USA support elMs title. will be out of .ctIon approxlmetlly four weeks .........It of • broken hand ~ " 11l,.,tbe ,M!... ."*rMIIJ. round. does expect GroeaJ to be fit for duty In the Superblkera I'IIC8 at Carlabed Nov. 1. HotBhoe SoCal enduro rider Gamer Palenske was married on Oct. 5. The lucky lady is Becky Pierce. and the ceremony took place in Lake Tahoe. CongratB to the both of theml The CaHfomle Superblke SchooJ hid such SUCC811 - not to mention • V..... llliet - with their Adv8ncecI School at Lagune Sace with Eddie Lawson. that they've achecIuleel another one for the southern Callfomle Oct. 30 Is the .te••nd Rlversld. Intemetional Raceway Is the piece. For more Info cell 2131 4841323" .rM. Mr. Osamu Suzuki, president of Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., Japan, announced the appointment of Mr. Y. Takeuchi .as president and chief executive officer of U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation. He succeeds Mr. K. Shimuzu, who served as U.S. Suzuki's president since 1977, and who continued to hold the position after he returned to Japan inJuIy 1980 when he was appointed as a director of the parent company. There .re only nine sIote left In the Bob H.nneh MX .chool .checlulecl for the Oct. 31·Nov. 1 weekend .t Send HUI R.nch. In Brentwood. CA. The school Is .ponsored by O.klend Vamaha .nd more Informetlon Is on tep by dJeHng 416/ 632-3140. A reminder to west coast MX fans that the Trans-USA series winds up Oct. 18 at Prairie City OHV Park near Sacramento, CA. TicketB for the Dirt Diqers North-promoted event are available at Ticketron oudeu and many northern California motorcycle dealers for $10 advance ($15 at the gate). Children 7-12 will be admitted for $5, and those younger will be . admitted free. For additional scoop on the ticketB call 916/920-1121. Who ..ys there'. no romance In the motorcycle lnduetry7 Anyone who hea dult with Betea LMthers knows whet a awHtheert M-'Iyn Is to I'lICII'I .nd recreedonal riders • •e. Apparently. Harry Bntuch of the AFM think. 10 too. For her bIrthdIy. ha unt her • "m. stripper" .Inglng "'gram. Now the big queetlon I. "whet will .hI do to Harry on hi. ~rth.y7" The second northern qualifier of the AMA California State MX Championship will run Oct. 11 at Marysville's Riverfront Park, with race action ~ting underway at 9 a.m. For more InfO, call 916/695-l!7l!7 . Ricky Graham trying .p.edway7 We'" Jeet yur ha competed In the Allcot Long Track Championship and we hur that h.'. looking for • four-velve sp••dway bike to try It ..... this. year., when. AKot.cuna •

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