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Germany. "I could probably race ana maybe even do well, but it's that one chance of injuring my ankle again that's keeping me off the bike," said Sun. The Trans-USA beard growing c0ntest Is on once lIglIlnl DonnIe Canteloupl Is the Ieeder at this point. sporting a goa... consisting of ebout*-~Bob .......... tuner. Keith ~. stBrted cIeen-sheven at Mld.()h!o end boesU .... beet .".. toM by the . . . round In CeIIfomIe on October QO en 18. member of the Checkers M.C~ ara whet we'". been welting for In the yeers of t.'d work to get the Johnson Veley to Perker Check Chase approved. sen &ern.dlno County approval W8S the last ramalnlng obstecIe, and that wn granted last week. Further agraement W8S reached with the SIemI Club. and now .. sv.-ms . . go. TIw Checkers nlprlu"tlId... 8Iso brought to our attlll1tlon an uneung hero: "If we'". got to thank anybody, we have to thenk John ......, of the BLM:' All the entry Info, etc., for the Oct. 10 event. . on p. 39. Cantaloupi's mechanic, Bevo Forte, was testing Donnie's bike prior to the Mid-Ohio opener aDd had the mis· fortune of twisting his ankle. Forte is recuperating and Bob Olivier has taken over as mechanic. They're trying to rip us off againl On the last day of the California State Legislature llellion, Aaemblyman John VuconcellOll and a conference committee ammended Assembly Bill 114, which was then paued by both bouses in the hectic last minutes of the day and sent on to the Governor. As ammended, AB114 would take $1 million out of the Green Stidie Fund and "loan" it to the State Energy and Resources Fund for use by the poley' picken. And of coune there's nothing in the legislation about paying back the "loan." The legislation has already been paued, so we have to immedi· ately send a telegram to Governor .Jerry Brown, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814, or call his office in Sacramento (916/445·4~1) or Los Angeles (215/620·5280) and urge that he veto the ammendment to AB114. An lIddition to the Ocotillo Wells SVRA will be among the Item. dl. c:uued In a two-dey meeting of the Celltomle Off-Highway Vehicle AdvIaory Committee. Sept. 24-2&. at the Community Youth Center. Borrego Springs. CA. The commit· tee will tour the .Ite from noon to 4:00 p.m. on the 24th. followed by an evanlng meeting that begin. at 7 p.m. On the 2Iith. the meeting wli run from I a.m. to 4 p.m. Honda's Roger DeCOllter wished to shed some light on his team's Trophee and MotocrOlll des Nations effort while spectating at the Mid-ohio Trans·USA MX. "It was hard to convince Honda to participate in the Trophee and ,MotocrOlll des Nations. They didn't uodentand the importance of the event aDd we didn't know much much money had been raiIed," said DeCoster. "Honda didn't receive any money at fint, 10 they went ahead and purchued airline tickets, paid for shipping the bikes and handled other expemes. It turned out much ,more money had been raised than,. expected, and we are happy that we could back the funds up with results. Thanks to all the ~le who gave money who weren't directly involved, thOle who have no way of making any of the mOney back." Team Honda also wanted to thank team manager Dave Arnold and to commend him for all of his efforts con· cerning the Trophee and MX des Nations. Honda wIR hIIve riders c:empelgnlng the National MX circuit next yeer under a .uppon program heeded by George Ellis with assistance from Greg Arnette. Riders choNn, so fer ara Jo Jo Keller. Larry Woslck. Ron Sun. Ron Turnar and Jim EIII•. Chuck Sun showed up at Mid-Ohio, but as a spectator rather than rider. Sun re·injured his ankle after he highsided at the MotocrOlll des Nations in Harley-DavIdson'. Pre.IcIent. a-tea K. Thompson. prllints Jerry lewis (right) with a check for ".GOO on the MU8CU_ Dv-trophy Aun. telethon Sept. 7. The money W8S reIHd ov.- the pen year at many events. '''There is no basis for somethinI( like that. I never said anything like that," was how Larry Maien responded to a Latest Poop item about him last week. We apologize for any error or mis· undentanding. Steve WIse'. tuner, Paul Turner. .-0 heel a bit of bec:l1uck while teet riding. Turner _ making a test run on Steve'. bike In a hotel perk. Ing lot In Ohio when he Iow·.lded. Both Turner and the machine wera Kewalsekl Motors Corp. USA hila announced recent eddidaI. to their Boerd of Directors. Mr. T. Takllhllahl Is the chairmen. Mr. K. AncIo. vice chairmen and Iwed of OK. Gary Nixon gave us a prellltime phone call from Barry Sheene's home in Enj[. laDd to give us results from the Marlboro Race of the Year road race at Mallory Park. Graeme Crosby (Suz) topped SheeDe (Yam) by two bike· lenghts followed by Korit Ballington (Kaw). "It waS ODe of the most exciting races I've seeD in yean," said Nixon. "Barry led off the start but in four lape his clutch started to go away. His gearbox started to go aDd he dropped back to fifth. He worked back into the lead but ovenhot a hairpin and went back to fifth. He got the lead back again but Crosby got by with six lape to go. Mamola was in there but clipped a haybail and lost a footpeg and dropped out. I'm over here for two weeks as Barry's guest and am having a great time. We even go up in his helicopter and I'm the co-pilot." Water .king Is becoming very popular with a number of MXers Including Broc Glover. Jim Gibson. Chuck Sun. Donnie Centsloupl and others. "I'd ssy Gibson I. probably the best on a course:' said Glover. "You should . . . him when .... laid eli the wey over with his hand out for beIenc:e flying eround a buoy:' Joe Parkhurst's Motorcycle Business Newsletter reports that in its one month run in southern California, On Any Sunday 11 groued over $1.5 million. Aa:roding to MBN, OAS 11 is scheduled for January showings in F10rida and New Mexico, aDd an Oct. 25 release in Hawaii. RIckey Recer'. eurape., Roed RIde Ills . . . . . for Oct. 11. The ride, for IEuropMn bike ow..... and their ...... wII start at clffenwrt points en route to the fIret meeting spot In Temecula. From there the ..Europhl..... wII Iwec:I up to the IdytwIId erN for lunch. For more Info, like where a group In your . . might be '-vIl1g from. contIICt Rickey Rec:er at 7141831-6430. 8ft." The Sept. 27 Canadian Formula One GP auto race at Montreal will feature two motorcycle support events, Formula One and 250cc GP. Of note in the motorcycle F-l race is that Yvon DuHamel will be competing, riding the Don Vesco/Bob Work·prepared TZ750 that Dave Aldana rode to fourth at Daytona. 2 "We'". got a IegeI race:' Those five words. uttered with relief by a the menufecturing cIIvIsIon, end Mr. M. T. . .kI, plilident of ~ Motors Corp. CondnuIng on the board . . DougIu R. Anderson, vice pruldent of edmlnistredon. CIwtes W......... vice presldent of ...... end N. Takata. vice ,....Ident of flnenc:e. HosPITal STOP: SoCal Pro motou<&ei Roger Hensley will be out of action for several months due to injuries IIUItaincd in the AMA Amateur MX Western ~onalatM~,CA.Surgery was required on both his right shoulder aDd right knee. Get well cards and letten can be sent to him at P.O. Box 457, Rosamond, CA 95560. Oept. of CorrectIons: There Is only one 490 lingle shock MeIco currently In the country, not two . . we printed lest week. Also. the editor Involved didn't crash It and break the becklng plate; a bolt broke or fell out of the pIete. More de18l1l on the '82 490: Ov. .11 horsepower I. the same. but thera·. more power at midrange. The .Ingle .hock Is a Corte Cosso. The complete '82 Malco line Is expectec:l to be In ........ hand. at the end of November. Dates and locations for the sixth annual Continental Moto-sports Club Golden State Serles have been announced aDd are as follows: Jan. 2-5 at Saddleback Park, Jan. 9-10 at Lake Madera, Jan. 16-17 at Marysville's Riverfront track, Jan. 25·24 at Huron, Feb. 6·7 at Carlsbad Raceway and the doubluerles points final Feb. 15-14 at Lake Madera. Sportsmen will run on Saturdays with mail entry set at $15, post $20. Pros race on the Sunday dates for a minimum $4000 pune, aDd mail entry is $55 with pOIt $45. A com· plete series 5-wheeler program will be announced at a later date. For more info, contact CMC at P.O. Box 1402, Costa Mesa, CA 92626,714/557-5525. Oope. Due to a slight tnInSpOS1tIon of numerels In last week'. Latest Poop. the phone number we gave you for Info on tIw CZ World CbempIonahipa at SeddIebeck P.-k on Oct. 3 W8S slightly wrong. The""" number Is 7141416-4m. Got that all you CZ aficionado.? After Ontario's demise, sports car folks as well as SoCal road racen were left with one less track to race at. Well, no more, maybe. The Sports Car Club of America held a get·acquainted sort of race Sept. 19-20 at Carlsbad Raceway which was deemed to be a successful effort by oDe oblerver. The 1.9-mile

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