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Americans win Trophee des Nations By Henny Ray Abrams LOMMEL BELGIUM. SEPT.' Ragardad _ AmerIca'. "B" - . . going Into the 11IC8. Danny LaPorta. Johnny 0·Mara,. Chuck Sun and Donnie Henean proved they ware .n "A" teem _ they rompad and etompad their wey to the ovarall win In the 1181 Trophea dH NlItIone•• 260cc MX that pIte four-man teeme from dlfferant countriee agalnet one .nother. American team menager ROUar DaCoetar .nd AMA rep Mlka DIPrate. When _king for mora .tert money prior to the event. were told by .n FlM repraae"tadwe that the Amarlcan team wee a "B" team and that they ehouIdn't have botI-.d comInu to Ewopa. The orlglnaiiy .nnouncad team of Mark Bamatt. &roc Glover. Bob H.nnah and Chuck Sun nevw ma1:8rWIzad and Honda jumpaclln with the offer to Hnd Sun. HanMn. O'Mara and LaPorta. WIth the • balIt f1n1ehee from the two-moto program countInu for • team'. fIneI ec:ora. LaPorta. with 3-2 moto fin...... O·M. . with 2-3. Haneen with 4-11 and Sun with 8-1 turned In • total of 20. with the favorad Balglan team fInlehlng eeconcI with :n - lad by Andre Vromene' two moto wine. Team Holland wee third with 62Completacoveraua next weak. Penhall takes World Speedway Championship LONDON. ENGLAND. SEPT. 6 Bruce PenheII'. World Spndwrt Clwmplonehip effort took Wemb!ey StIIdlum by etorm with the a"'Cb dnIrnlI of. fuI ~ Hollywood ""'111 procIuc:tIon. The ~~ c.IfomIen _ m.gnlflcent. wine*", the tide dlrauuh 11k ...... minded cIecIIcetIori. Nobody could deny he cId It the t.d WIlY. Only twice In h.. flva outing. _ Penhen .bIe to control the I1IC8 from the begln..lIlII. Twice he betdecI from behhI to enetI:h the verdict right on the f1n1eh One. thrIIIng the crowd with 80mB of the moet .klilful riding ."., Men lit Wambley. The night we. not without Ite momarlte for Penhd - he heel to ...Itch to hie number two rnechIne for h.. fInIIl ride but the two pointe thlIt from thlIt ride meent he heel the c:hemplonehIp. F1ne1 point etendInp: PenheII1141. Ole 01Hn 112}. Tommy KnudHn (121. ErIc Gund-.on I1U.nd Kenny C8rt8r 1111. next week. At the Indy miles two weeks ago, a riders' petition was presented to the AMA's Bill Boyce fonowing his announcement at Indy that the rule that concerns itself with fuel additives, etc., was being dropped for the remainder of the '81 season. "The rule was rescinded because we couldn't get an accurate reading of fuel to which synthetic additives had been added without processing them through a lab. The problem mainly concerned two·stroke motors," said Boyce. "But as the petition stated, dropping the rule could open the way to nitro, nitrous oxide' and other things, so we've reinstated the rule." In eIlICnce, the fuel rule stands as it is in the 1981 AMA Profellional Dirt Track Compe· tition Rule Book. Holl8nd got Ite flret teete of etedlum motoerou a. tha Amaterdem Supercron w.. held Sept. 7. The winner of the rece w.. none other then our own Mlka "Too T.II" Bell. Fellow Yamehll flIc:tory rider Haken C8rIqvIat flnlahed eac:ond with Gerard Rond third. On page 12 of this week's paper there is covera~ of the 500ee World Winter Cup Senes road race at Donington Park in England. There was a vintage bike race the same day and American Dave Roper, riding Rob Ianucci's Team Obsolete Matchless G50, placed second. At another vintage bike race the fonowing day, Roper was the winner over a 25 rider field. 2 Rain dalayad the motorcycle tina.. .nnual NHRAlNMRA Indy NationaIe, run lit Indianapolle Racewey Park. untl Tuaeday. September 8. Taking the win In the drag rnaat'. Top Fuel cIau _ Terry Vance (Suz) over Bo O'Brochte IKaw). Vanca tumad In a 7.4991 173.07 ovw O·Broc:hta·. 7JiM1186.96. In Funny Blka action. Jon Baugh lKawI with a 7..,114.&3 topped Jim Yodock·.ISuz) 8.367/149.99. lit the By John Hlpkl.. Com~ ~ bone is healing faster than anticipated, and 'Jeff (Clark, Barnett's mechanic) is coming down this weekend, and I'm gonna start practicing. " The ganaraI plan for the Red Rock Canyon Steta Park wII be the big Item before the California Park and Recreation Commlulon when It maeta Sept. 11 In Bakareflald. It will be a continuation of the Commlulon'. July 10 meeting. where Park. .nd Rec eteff ware ••kad to develop .lternatiVe propo.... for route. thet might be open to vehicular u.. In .nd tIvough tha park. The meeting baglne lit 9 a.m. with the hearing echecIulad for 11 a.m.•nd wII be held lit the Board of Supervlaors' Chllmber. 1416 Truxton St.. Bakersfield. A couple of weeks ago we told you that Eddie Lawson would be the guest instructor for an advanced class at the California Superbike School's Laguna Seca session in September. We did, however, give you the wrong dates. The school win be on Sept. 26, the day before the AFM race at Laguna Seca on Sept. 27. For more info on the school, call 215/484-9525. HosPIT.1 STOP: W..hlngton Pro MXer Darryl ZUm.taln broka the number one vertebraa In a craeh lit Wuhougal MX Park on Aug. 23. By Wadneeday. he _ eant homa and _ Immadlataly bored with recuperatlva Inaction. There wRI reportedly be no permanent, but ha will be wearing. matel nack bl1lC8 for a whlla. Send funny cerd•• lettare or toye to help him pan the houre. Tha addrau Ie: Hay.. Rt.. Box 32. Woodland. WA _74. ''I'm going for the whole thing," replied Mark Barnett when asked last week if he'd be riding the last few Trans-USA races. His broken collar- Looks like Yamaha is out for blood in the Trans·USA. Word has it that their works bikes will sport new frames, trannies and other aslIOrted items in an ef£on to put it to their rivals. Suzuki will reponedly stick longer swingarms on their stadium bikes and campaign those. T..", Hemmer contInuad Ite recant domination of aalIt coat anduranca racInu. a. rIdera Bruce Hamm. .nd John Ulrich took their 1200cc Suzuki to the overall win In the AAMRRA SIx-Hour road I1IC8 lit London. NH. FIfty-ttwaa taame corn.tad the Sept. • avant. We bear that there is a prwpective buyer for the old Perris Raceway in Rivenide county. Ed Carroll of the Lightweights reports that the unnamed individual is looking for a vote of confidence, so to ~ak, from local clubs and riden that if he restores the track, races wiD be run and riders will participate. The Lightweights have al· ready p~ a race a month. If you're interested, give Carron a can at 215/ 571·7556. The California RacIng Club'. Sept. 13 BandItD GP wII . . . . OIianlght camping on saturday night lit the AIrO'(O CycIa Park ewnt ..... You" pey only the raguIar Saturday .... 1M (tl .11 clay. t3 after 3 p.m~ ......tatorl.nd muet be In the park by I p.m. For mora Info. cal CRC lit 714118N114. .1 Word out of Bakersfield has it that the ISDE benefit short track hOlted by the Cyc1iers M.C. at Bakersfield Speedway was a big success. The Aug. 28 event drew approximately 2,500 spectaton, 120 riders, and was reported to be very weI1 run. The event raised $2500 apiece of ISDE riden Chip Howell, Morris Norman and Scott Atchison. A pIarloq firm. EDAW. Inc.. hee bean 1IIIctad to ...... a etata- wide CaIfomIa Off-HIghwey-VehIcIa Trah Plan. The plan will provide .n Inventory ofaxldnu trek .n .nalyela of the OHV traI uaers .nd their racraatIon naade. and • propoaacI .tatavwlcla eyetam of OHV traIIe. The t22&,OOO contact Ie expactecI to be awa decI about midOctober. and the plan Ie to be com~ approxlmlrtaly 16 monthe later. Road riden, mark down Nov. 28 on your calendar, because that's the day eyek News and the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps. team to bring you B-to· V III, the third annual Bantow to Las Vegas motorcycle road ride and poker run. F"mt prize in the poker run this year is up to $150, and there'll be lots of other neat prizes. Proceeds from the run wiD go to the Phantom Duck of the Desert Legal Defense Fund and to the AMA LegislatiYe Support fund. The San Joaa MIla. the panuIdnwta round of thIe yeer". axcItIng and ckl•• ty fought AMAlWlneton Pro &arlee. rune on Sept. 20 beginning lit 2 p.m. Tlckate . . on . . lit the Sente Clara County Felrurounde where the event tek_ place. moet nowtMm Callomla moIIllrCyda . . . are and at Bob BatcNmer AMoO atae. P.O. Box - . Sc:otte Valley. CA . . . 4081438-3210. GenerIlI edmlaelon tlckate wII be on . . lit all BASS outIate. It oughta be a goodlel The Texas AMA Regional MX Series lticlted off over the Labor Day week- end (Sept. 5-6) at Burleson MX in DaUas. Randy Sullivan (Suz) topped the U5ee class in Saturday's Pro-only event. Dan Wallace (Suz) used a 5-5 for the 2SOcc gold, and Kirk Spencer ~ (Yam) bested the big bores. In Sunday's Semi·pro events, Sullivan came back to post the 125cc Expert win while Spencer took.both the 250 and 500cc races. Spencer and Bryan Abernathy (who won the Mini Stock and Mini Senior classes) were the only double-class winners, quite a feat con· sidering the hot and numid weather. Complete coverage next week. Scott P.rker is a modal airplana fanatic. Just prior to the Tulsa National Parker inadvartently got his fingers too close to a propeller for comfort. Ha mi...d tha Tul.. National and wes sporting 25 stitches at Indy to hold things togather. Jay Springsteen's dad works for General Motors, however, he may be finding a new field. Springer was passing around some delicious smoked

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