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I I Nominations for membership on BLM Advisory Council UKIAH. CA. JUNE 22 v.... MlIMing. Dtstrk:t Maneger for the Bureeu of Land Management In Uklllh, announced tDd8y a c:eI for public nomlnetioM for memberehip on the Ukiah Dtstrk:t AdvI80ry Council. The announcement . . . that the public forward to the DIatrIct Manev- by July 20. Its 8Ugg88tIoM for peraoM to ..",e on the 10member panel. The peneI edvi• • the Seaetery of the Interior end the BureMl. through the Dtstrk:t M8n8ger. on prGgrIIIM and poIic:Ies for INII.-gement of _.000 ecree of pubic landa In the district. which reechea from Sen fnHlCiM:o to the Oregon border and ext8nda from the weft COlI8t to the SecnImento Valley. AI eppoIntments . . mede by the Sea• • ,. . MuItipIe-l. . councla . . required under the provisions of the FederIII Land PolIcy end Menegement Act of 1971• • lmended. As further . required by the FederIII AcIvt80ry Committee Act. their mem- . a-.hIp .. to be belanced In terml of points of view to be repre.ented end func:tIonI to be petfonned. To 8ChIeve ~ belance. the Bureau .. eakIng for nominetIona of Indlvlcl.... who win be queIIfled to offer lIdvIce In the faIowIng celBgOi_ of experdM; eleCbld ........... purpose gow.,wnawt, ral8Wllble reeourcea. 11OI. . . . . .11b1e reeourcea. I'8CI'88IIori. tI'IUWpOrbItIonrighta-of-way. wIdIlfe. environmental ptoteetlon. and the publlc>M-I8rge. Terma will begin Jan. 1. 11B2. when the termI of current council members expire. Members may be reappointed to IIdcIitIoneI terrM. NomIiIl1lol. IhouIcIInclude the name. IIdcIreeI. bIIephoI•• bIogrephicel Iketch. Ind category of expertI.. In which the peraon II q. .1IfIecI to offer lIdvIce Ind should be Ant to Van W. Manning. District Manager. Bureeu of Land Management. P.O. Box 140. Ukillh. CA 16482. Some of the trick mec:hlnery In the pits lit the U.S. GP Included (from left) I pair of ..... ehock KTMI ridden by Gawrd Rand end Jeek V8Il VeIthoverl. KTMI were the henIeIt bIk_ tIvough U.s. OP tech (V8Il VeItho... w.lghed 2M poundlJ. The .........p .. remlnlacent of HondII'l Pro-tInk. There were two lingle shock MwIcoI. ridden by Ivan Vln den Broec:k end T........ PIkkwreInen. RenwkwbIy IImpie looking. they uucllI'I OhInIshock which went through the IIr box. TheIr BIng cerbI hid to be centIId I bit to the IIde. MItch hyton of Pro CIrcuit ProcIucta II developing ..,11 ling. shock Huaky. One of Its t.tureIlI the ATK. A-Trek Iystem. n·. ~tIme Wortd MX ChImp Roger DeCoaterholdlllloft the Honda CR4&OR"aMIg held lit the CIrIIbed USGP. Re!'dY BIIInkInIhlp of Devil. CA the lucky wimMlr In the first hlif of the 1181 CJde Ne. . Ride Away ~ k• . A VarnehlliliO Swcw will be cIrewn for ~the July 1. NlltIonell'Old race lit laguna seca. WIth DeCoster In the picture . . CN NlltIonei Ad SwIee Mlnager Skip Johnaon and Want Ad1DM1er SlI_ Manager VvettejOocken. As of..,.. writing. we hive been unable to conbIet Blenk_hlp. 10 no quotes from the Honda'. new owner. whq 1Icket In a Americans Bruce Penhall and Bobby ICOred a World Championship tide for the United States when they won the World Best Pain Speedway Championship. It was the 6m World title lor the U.S. in speedway since Jack Milne won the individual championship 44 yean ago. It was also the fint·~ U.S. Schwanz Champicmahip in ~eam or pairs competition. The Americans collected 25 points. with PeohaII garnering 14 and Schwanz. riding mainly from the back. poIti.Dg nine. Neither rider had seen the track before. which gave added dimension to their performance before70.000 Polish fans. New lnl_nd placed RCOnd with !2 points. Poland

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