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bach for Yam aha , while Rol f Dieffen pair of thirds. (Hon) posted a hed American Mike Gue rra (Hus) cras plac ed out of the in the fint moto, and nd. points in 15th in the second rou e II roun ds run , Job Wit h seven of the h (182) leads Hudson (126), Dieffenbac der Ven (75) in the (85) and Kees van points standings. e Wh en you get to p. 21 In this iuu 'll find 80 lIl. of Cyc le New s. you for thin g a littl e out of the ord inar y nt -ou t sup ple me ua: a spe ciel pull an on ATVs. Wa ·,. doi ng this • how man y of exp erim ent . to see per you a,. Inte rest ed In a . . . . . . • suc h thin gs tIw t dea ls wit h Trl- Mo tos and KLTs. AT C.. ue tak e a few 0cI yue ys. PIe 'n' mo me nts to fill out the .ho rt re on p. 52 end meA .... , que etIo neI hIt In to us. Or If you ·,. In the neig . ld pre fer to ceD borhood end wou d1e12131427·7433 and uk for VIcky. wII And don 't wor ry. ThIa pro jec t we In any wa y effe ct the way not In wo rk to brin g you the bee t k. Yci ng new a eve ry wee rno tore you We ',. ju8 t tryi ng to find out If nt ATV Nnw a also . WII ...... - 00 ~ T el eg ra m s, ph on e calls ne ed ed fo r 88 12 04 LONG BEACH. CA. JUN E 15 SB12041 hIa staf f .,. sup por ting a b11I 5en eto r SIede Gor ton IR·WAI end torc ycli ng's poli tica l wor ker s hev e mo the t cou ld ove rtur n all the t hed und uly rest rict ive ing the t the EPA hu not ute blls 4 wou ld ,.tu rn the ach iev ed In see s. Sen ate Bill 120 no '" stan dar ds for mot orc ycle ion s to the Indi vidu al sta te leg. ...hin g suc h reg ulat pow er of esta blis ility tha t bet tles to figh t and the pro bab ture s. The t wou ld me an 50 new A. Mo torc ycle Ind ustr y Cou ncil and we' d lose som e of the m. AM y a,. ask ing tha t SB1 204 Incl ude Har ley- Dav idso n Mo tor Com pen of exc ept ion s alon g wit h truc ks and mot orc ycle reg ulat ion s in thei r list t in trai ns. AM A. tak en ove r the pho ne jus The foll owi ng is a m.. ..g e from 15: e tim e for dea dlin e on Mo nda y, Jun an of the Sen ate Sub com mit tee of de Gor ton is che lrm tee is "Se nat or Sle men tal Oversight. The t com mit noi se Tox ic Sub sten c:et l end Env iron tal Pro tect ion Age ncy 's men con side ring red uci ng the Env iron mo torc ycl e noi se reg ulat ion . the con trol auth orit y and elim inat ing . EPA 's noi se reg ulat ion s a,. acc ept "W e do not wa nt this to hap pen A8 tU wo uld '" free to ute blls h the able , and if the y a,. elim inat ed. rest rk:t lng. s whi ch mig ht be mo re the t reg uIe tion ato r Gor ton Imm edia tely to uk "W e hop e you wli con tac t Sen ed In the Sen ate Bill 1204. PIeese iud Off Ice the EPA no '" regu letl Qns be Inc ,... .. 127-D R- .II senate tele gra ph or pho ne. The edd IIhone num ber Is 2021224-2121:' The BuDding, Wa shin gto n. DG 20610. • Ans w. . to '" wee k's puzzle 5 1 23 4 Ii I 7 8 910 111 213 141 IU c·771 ~13 l.lM _1 Smit h 112Scc·74 . 7lI: 1iOOc 791 i·2 c··18. 2.18o bl Han. ..h l125cc··71; 2!iQc i-8 3.IBr ocl Glov er 112S cc·-n . '78. 791 4.IM .rkl Bem .n 1125cc··801 c·7 '741 .7 5.IO .ryIJ o.... l26Occ··71.·72. 73. '771 H 76. 6. ITon yl DiSt efano l25Occ. is. 2!iQcc··801 b-12 7.IK .ntl Ho_ rton l6OOcc-'71; 8. lMer klBll Ic:lc _15O Occ· 711. 15 9. IBred l Lack .y l6OOcc··721g·3 1 c·15 10. (Pler rel K..."",k. .. 15OOcc··73·l 11.IJ imIW eiNrt l5OO cc-·7 4. iSH 12. (Rick) Burg ett 11iOOcc··781 '-B r. NH RA fou r wh .e.e r pro gre m we a wer eun k by Mo the r NlItUnI·. sho 1·1 Suzuki's "Ba d Bra d" Lackey tallied nd the Jun e 14 rou mot o finishes to win onof the SOOcc Wo rld MX Cha mpi 9 , France. 197 ship Series in Meu hia Wo rld Cha mp Gra ham Noyce rodeing. with a 1-4 post Hon da to RCond hom e The fint mot o saw Noyce take it 's Ger ard Ron d, over Lac1r.ey, KTM 's Suzuki's Jean-Jacques Bru no, KTM Ludwig thoven, Vel Van Jaalr. ny Reinbold (KT M) and Hu.slr.y's Ma s aha's And re Vro man Tripes. Yam o, placed eighth. In the second mot .an Carlqvist crossed the Yamaha's Halr ey, checkered fint , followed by Lad 'ce, And re Malherbe. NQ) Hon da's s), Vromans, Conny Car1uon (Hu ka Sintonen. Carlqvilt Reinbold and Julr. and Malherbe ran 1·1 for muc h of the fJJ1t mot a before both DNF. the IOOcc poi nts .... Jun e 21 ~ com ing Into the d. Ma lher be 1eecI. USG P lit C.h bll 0 In h.. atte mp t to cIef wId h.. 118 poi nts. Hon de title wit h 124 h 110 . me te Noy ce .. MCOIMI wit m. .. Vro men a end Yem ehe tee '. Certqvlet . . tied for thir d lit" the y're foft owe d by Ven ..nd d VlI Itho ven 1&2J. lJIc key 148). Ron eni Plk k8r elne n 1341 and 1481. Tep Geo rg Reiter 127). on, Suzuki's 150cc Wo rld MX Cha mpi the Geo rga Job e, took both motos of Aa , . u "m- _w eek end . Over 50 million view ers wat che d ABC the Wide World of Sports' coverage of of ual Bel-Ray USGP 1980 lOth Ann £ibn Mo tocr oa last year, and thei r y to on han d nell tSu nda crew will be on cap ture the 11th ann ual event d And that 's only one goo vide o tape . rwo reason why eac h of us should brin g our nen to enc oura ge things: ban s to favorite ride n and Am eric an flag the Americans. Ticlr.ets will wave-on all be available at the pte for $14. of Arn old Yen Rulten. ...k. V.P. tISeIea for Con Mo torc ycle TIre nen t8I Produeta Cor por atIo n. hu c....n elee ted to the Board of DIre y for the Mo torr ;yd e Ind uatr ton nd Gilles Bu rpt won the 1981 U.S. rou d lhi p Observe of the Wo rld C~piOD kins Tria ls Series held Jun e 14 at Wat to a rode his SWM Glen. NY. Bu rpt a tie 47·p oint score, goo d eno ugh for rles Montesa's Cha for the win with the Cou tard l The tie was broken by re ion "cleans" whe num ber of sect s Burgat's impressive 52 pointless ride 's 19. Yrjo Vesterinen topp ed Cou tard on finished thir d with a 57-point tally in nie Schreiber put his Bultaco. Ber to the best American ride on his Ital jet tin Lam pkin cras hed take eighth. Mar with and was t'l,kt1l to the hospital stbo ne and teet h. broken ribs, brea Nat lon a' AM AIN ATC vM Tri a" eve nt hel d lit Ob ser the We tkln s Glen. NY. alo ng wit h nrld Che mp lon ahlp rou nd. Mo Wo slot s. teN riders filled the top two !nt Cur t Com er wo n wit h a npo rd Don Sw eet 's 102. Thi sco re ove r wee CoIorado's Mo rge n KMt8nMIgh h.. wh o dro ppe d 134 poi nts on BuIteco. In the said "I bel ine I'm a fast road race r," on afte r ridiDg hia fim Isle Dal e SiDgIet with of Man IT. "I rode die TZ500 st gea ring we bad , and I the talle It fiDiahed 14th1" WiDniDg the two IDCl races in the '81 10M fes· pra tip ua the tivities - the SeDiCll' IT and uki· IT - wu Suz Formula ODe ODe ride r ~ Cra eme CI'OIby. the b1e thia year , A11It1'aJian died on SeDior KeDDy Bla ke during the 500 cc e ~ nellt wee k. IT. Com plet y to Dep t. of Cor rect IoM : Con trer ek' . we In ,.., ... IIated m. . c:o wre ge of the SCORE e In CIl Ia 31 nat lonl ll. aIxt h ....c u. . . . c:8p tIIN d by Rob ert Ayo Her bar M8 ChI ne Ayo u rode . . to Sho poa pon eor ed HoncIII aoIo i.mIIe .... .. com ple te the 4CJI overall Dic k Burleson (Hus) took the uro win in the Nor th Star Nat iona l End ne· held in the wooda of nor ther n Min Cun nina ham (Hus) abo IOta. Ter ry wu dro ppe d 18 points, but Burleson er bett er at the tie·b reak 15 RConds e che cb thus taking the ·win . Mik (Hus) wu the overall A clau Melton the winner. Onl y II ride n finis hed. t due to heavy rains and very even soggy uail s. Jun e 20-21 .. the reec hec lule d deW lit for the Spr Ing neti one Ia Dr ep In Net lone l Tre l Rac ewa y Council. r Hos PIT al STO P: AFM road race e a coll arbo ne and Joh n Glover brok den suffered a conCtllllion in hia Gol y Racewa rnat iona l Inte Stat e ld enc oun ter with a dee r. Glover cou erin g up since the use some che cc incident also wreclr.ed his new 150 s d those card s and note Yam aha . Sen 0 to Glover, clo Lori Tyson, 670 Hun ting ton Bch ., CA Wa rner , 6E, 91647. Pro Hos PIT al STO P: Yam ehe hed r A.J . Wh ItIn g crea Sup por t ride e whD e teat lng In the des ert on Jun ere d a . . . .llc elle d the 11 end suff s "sk '" bre ak) leg frac tu,. . He' to ... out of IIetIon for six exp ecte d get . mo nth s. end aom e cer da and the hes wou ld sure hel p wel l wis d tim e pu s qui cke r. PIe ue sen A.J . at 131 10 M.. ..nk St.. the m to She rma n Oak s. CA 914 23. of ESPN Bro adc utin g will air pan one Silverdome Supercross on the Pontiac . Saturday, Jun e 20, at 1:50 p.m the worda will be famoUi Furnishing ry ann oun cen Lar ry Hof fma n and Lar Meien. t ReceU the lete st Poo p Item th8 Sle CeI Ifom mentIoIl8d IIb l,w ou. , , . . . . ft ... quo te tIw t ...·d ..)ua t • soo n IIlR;yCIu ".I ed '? .. IIIG "" Mo torc ycli st Au ocl lltlo n·. leg end ... nt bii8 tIve hew no Inte ntio n or replied . to ben mo tore yde e; I kno w .. ... the y bring -1iIoYmMt to tho u.. re provIcIII'I a mo WIl l • • epo rta. 8COI1OIII1QI mee na of tren ." Her cOmments. .... .... . had don out of CO litu t. 1..aIFcAI.'. An....., WI'Vt8". ......_en A A meeting will be held in the AM es in Westerville, OH , on Jun e !5 offic The to discuss the 1981 ISDE in Italy. be teams and complete ride r list will E chosen afte r revi ewi ng thia year's ISD tour Qualifier Series. The AMA on Sepoi t. e New York City Ital y will leav the 18 and retu rn on Oet . II. Cos t of er ciiJm tour . incl udin g bed , brea1r.£ast, 91 and hal f of car rent al will be $1,2 Pho ne AMA at 614/891 per person. 14! 5 for mor e info rma tion . It EIH whe re In tNa column. to .... .... De aun ", na Superriders lit tNa ,.. . Motocroa. Jul y 11 In the bow l of on LA . Co. ..... .m. The bN ekd ow n r ,o ff" . follows: In the fou tIw t.p CIUIIIlfyIng ... ... the Ion gut jum t200 end the aIxt h thro ugh . _ 1 11t h .-ce tInI ehe n wII get . ; In the fIMI. the top 10 get '10 .1~100. will Am eric an Mo tocr oa Enterprises mer be kicking off thei r 1981 Sum .' • on.F a.n.Dl.IlDes • .rida.y . nigh t, re • 8tDcke•ua. ~hio:.~The:.a com ple :~.;Seri m==b .::O well • ~N~:HRA::Prote :'es~:at~.~nd.i. :c MX GP in Switzer~nd'• .I.~CoIu J~e 14 I5Oc July 5.

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