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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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Weekly news. ot mont Iy history. Larry Roeseler wasn't thinking about Cycle News when he and teammate Bruce Ogilvie rode to victory last SaUday. But we san WW'8 ttW1king about hlml It's our job to know what happened at his race, put it into writing, photograph him in action, then get it all typeset, developed, halftoned, pasted-up, printed and into the U.S. Mail by Tuesday morning. Guess you could say we run a race of our own. Our green flag is the checkered flag at all the major (and many of the local) racing events in the U.S. And abroad. While the champagne mist still hangs over victory circle, we take it to the max to bring you the best in motorcycling news. First. That's important to us. And it's important to you, to know what's happening in the world of motorcycling now, not sometime down the line. Don't risk missing out on the news as it happens. Subscribe now to America's Weekly Motorcycle Newspaper. Then leave the rest to us. ·. -------------------------, ,-------------------------Save 53% over newsstand price. Subscribe today. Save 53% over newsstand price. Subscribe today. CYCLE NEWS 11 .-1 $20 .5DISSUES CYCLE NEWS 12 yee J... . IDDISSUES . CYCLE NEWS 13 v- I tli3 15DISSUES ...........d .... the EAST OWEST edition 0 Thi. is • '.".W.I P1ee.. bill m I encto.. check or money order § The lnuef of the cerd _den tif.ed on this .tem Is author i..tId to pey the emount ahown .. TOTAlltogether with eny chetgn dYe th".c)nl • oth., to and," KCordanc. with m. ...,..menl oo~n ing the u.. of IMtCh urd Signature . . Address Citv 72 L _ Slale_Zip Date Visa # MC , _ _ Send tli3 0 WEST edition _ Expiration Name Cycle News/Wesl 12131427·7433 ralCS availabll' upon rcqul'st. _ Citv_--=- Date MC , _ Slale _Zip _ _ Visa I _ Address P.O. Bo.498 Long Beech. CA 90801 Fon'i~n '0 . Signature _ 10: 0 The of the C8rd Wen tified on this item is ...thew ind pey the 8mOUftt Ihown •• TOTAL 1 1 ~ with ....y om. c...... due thereon! MIbiect to end in Kcordanctl with me .......... IOverft'no the UN of auch C8rd. 20 _ Expiration Name CYCLE NEWS II _ 1 I 5DISSUES CYCLE NEWS 12 -,-.I , IDDISSUES CYCLE NEWS 13 -,-.I 15DISSUES _ _ .... the EAST _ _ Send 10: Cycle News/Wesl P.O. Bo.498 long BHCh. CA 90801 12131427·7433 Fon'i~n ralcs availabll' upon n'qul'st. --------------~-----~----~

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