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England'• ."..,. + rwwapaper. I I .X ..... A1Io from the pap of T + MX NeVIS. the Swiss government baa banned all cigarette advertising. Big deal, you say? That ban included this year's apouonhip of the Swiss 500cc MXGP, IUpponed in the put by Camel cigarenea. Many Tripea . . 430cc d.clded to uaa ,. warka MX• . , . having tried - UI1IIICCH8fuIIy the 4IOcc fKtIOI., pr.... . - to . ., bIt& The II IrHIn.lapment _ .......iCIng clutch probIamL Points Ieada' in the 500cc World Championship MX Series, Andre Ma1herbe topped the fint mota at the May 24 Swediah round, but did not finish the IeCODd moto clue to motor problema. That left the ovoeraII victory to Honda teammate Graham Noyce who bl.-ed off a 2-1 1COI'e. The two bold the top spots in the poima race, Ma1herbe with 89 and Noyce with 65 poinb. Third in .me. poinb is Team Yamaha', Andre Vromam with 52. VromaDI placed third in the fint Swedish moto, but like Ma1herbe ICOred DO poinb in moto two. Brad I..ackey ~ 0Ul a leY' enth placing in the fint race but ~'t back it up in the 1eCODd. Lackey is presently 10th in the .mea with 19. Following Ma1herbe, Noyce aDd Vromam are Habn Carlqviat (Yam/48); Jean-Ia~::runo (Suzl 44); laalr. Van V (KTM/54) aDd 1'. Pikbrainen (Mai/50)_ Georgee .lobe rock. . . . . worka SuzuId to • convIIlCillfI dol..... moeo vIctDry In • M.,. ~ _ _kIM 8cc: World CIwmpIon- V.,...'. ahlp MX ..... round. Met T.... Nell Hudaon PUt In . . .....1Iy convincing 2·2 aecond pIK· Ing. I(TM'. K... VIIn der Yen acored • 3-3 tI*d. Arnerkan Huaky ..... Mike GUM'8 rode to • aoIId I, fifth OVIII'IIII behIlld Rolf DIffen- bKh'. ~ . .lobe uwnded . . ......... to 131 owr H-..on'. 71 while ¥lin _ V. . hoIda tI*d with 14. G...... ... • points, good enough for MVWIth .1Ha point In • • • • •Oii. In 125cc World Championship MX Series action, HarTy Evena racked up another I-I day fOl" Suzuki in Yugo· s1avia. Marc Ve1keneen, riding for Yamaha, placed IeCOIld overall with a 2-5 tally. Those two bold the placinp with 100 poinb for Evena, 92 lor VeJkeneera. Michele Rinaldi, 5· DNF at Vuplavia, and Akira Watanabe, who finiabed 8-2, are tied for third in the .mea at 90 poinb each_ Guiaeppe Andreani is fifth with 87 and Erik teboen follows clOle1y with 85. No runaway in this IerieaI In the World ChampIonahIp Road Raca ...... the 1GOcc took. . . . . . . . . . . the bore I'tEW5 R£L.cASE: ~l>NI$T CWg~ReJ> I~ .$LOr.v'FEY C~Sl"i,' TVfJ'1 ~l JCleotTGR DP MX C4"T, AveGREO IIJ OtJ HIS YAn4t-1o~R AT 8:00 4M ON Fe/PAY MOeN/~G. THe el?ASt.l ScaJEJ WA~ /IJ TU~ VleI~WAY OF ..~ ~S STAnOtJ /J6xT 'I>OC7R. T~ XALAPOJO CtlAfCL/E~ wHeRE- He J(JS'" HAV ~J(174)7: Tne P/5,Ame WA.5 CAVSCP Sy A 51VPlT? STfeL '&#tACKET uJ6l-f}6/? oveR ~ S(~WAL..K, ~LL IS ffl88JTL.'1 ~COV€~lJb {:"eO}-1 HJ$ (J,)Jv~r5) Cf,ACJ~ A flJH/LE, , S/IJCE AG v-v~.s rt.A)JJJIIJ~ rD p~ l-oAt;T W6&J(> 'oil FR/PAY, OF cJ)()f<.S€: IS GCTII~C4 ~t: LOb 2 '* BSHJtVP, HOPe yotJ fMtlc A G(X)D You'D ~ in our ClOft'I'ap of the U.S. ft. U.K. Speedway Teat Series on p.i! that _'ft omitted the second aad third of the 6ft races. Tbanb to ultra-slow mail Rrvice from "The IIland" the stories didn't amft in titne for ~y (Tuesday). Instead, _ received - by aurpriae - reaulb and pbotol of the Swedish VI. U.S. Teat Series. We 10it that ODe too, but at leut bere"lOIDe sort of ~ I The original SuperbowI of Mo» c:raa. 1Ha , . . . . . . for July 11 In • LA. CoIIMum, • new .. MOIDr. . . . In w.lcamillfl (the 80ft drInkJ to the world of ..... craaL TIc:kMI for tMt race . . now R . . . . . . T1cke1lCh1 oudetI and the Sparta Arww Box 0ftIca for .., ., 12. l' and ttl. For more Info, .... 21317..,31. If (1) you're a high acboolltUdent, (2) you like to take photographs and (5) you're soing to the USGP at CarIabacl on JUDe 21, you may enter the High School Photo Contest. Write to Concepts Unlimited, 14024 Sylvan St., Van Nu,., CA 91401 fOI'details. RabartIIII.awwI Radng rtdarI MIce KIdd and .Rmmy RIce . . ba riling HarIey-o.vlcllonl • the ~ , KV, .nd HarrIngton, DL AMAIWInItIOn Pro ..... half TheIr V...... 7&0 V-twIn machII .. having new framea built, and wID "...-cIebut" • • Ju.. 14 Indy mIa. "1 didn't • • what I laW • AIcot," _Id Melt LawwtI, ".nd although It might work • other trae:kI. you might _ well do It right from the bagII.....:. The new fnIma wHI feature • allghtly dlffw· ant engine Ioc8don for better w"~t b.l.nce left to ~ and • .1I0I1g8t' backbone .... ODe of C,ck N.-' favorite contri· butors, Suzie Mann, performed (as abe put it) a standard clutch maneuver. I.e. parking lot tipover in l..eaett, CA a week or 10 -SO. Road RiJii- Mop· =-~ Mary McGee was on her way to the Kramer open bouse in Seattle, and Suzie went aloag for the ride. She injured her foot and was unable to ride the bike home. She was rescued by Steve aDd Wendy Epitein who Oew their plane up to Leaett, then Wendy rode Suzie', bike baCk. Tbanb, folb. Good to know MADtODe', lookiJII after her. ~ twInI 0... . . . . .1 Ptcb.bIy. acconIIlfI to Hirco Race T.... c0well.. G-.Id DnIdaon'. commenIa • an InII'Oducdon of HondII'. new oompeddon work· Ihop In EngIIIncI. DftIdIon told ,.......... tMt ~ twin cyIIndar 121cc matDcI'aaI In the worIcI but then ·tMt It would Ukaly ba banned due to • FlM'. "1'MtrIcdve .tdtLlcle:· DnIdaon WIIrna the ...... to . become • IUbJect of pubic d.b... bafare • RM'. Autumn Can•••• KCOIcltlfl to. NPQrt In Yamaha-mounted Scott Peanon was the Upen winDer at the Boile, 10, AMA Ilegional TT, run May 24 after an earlier rain-out. Brad Hunt had led the neat going into the lut lae. but feU and Pearson took the win. Bill Scott (Yam), the Junior winner, and Pete Hames (Kaw), ditto in the Novice cl_, made it a California _ p of the event. There wli ba • meeting of the CalfomIa Dept. of Parka and Recreation'. OHV AdvIIOI., CommIttM on June I. BegInnIng at • a.m. lit the County CantiIr, 70 W. It.d"", In san ...... • nwedllfl wIIlncIude d• • •1on of the"""""'" ....... plan for. CJou_,.,1Mt car...... 8VRA, producdon of • tim on, and OHV grant prcJacta for the M,"doclno NatIorMI ~ The OHV AdvIaoi., Com...... wi! liiio tow • CarnegIe on Ju. . I. and tow the Ha 8VRA on June I. For more Info, contKt o.v. Cox lit 1111322..,•. The H11DI1'Y Valley SVRA gmeral plan, scheduled for final modifications and approval by the California Park and Recmttion Commiwion on May 8, but then postponed beca_ the Commialion fafied to produce a quorum, is back on the schedule. The next Commillion meeting within 100 milea of H ~ Vallqo (as required by law) isJuly 10, In Baltenfield. Mora on the KIiwIIAkI GPz1 100 to ba gMn IIWIIY • • July 21 AFM &-Hour EndInnca Raca lit RIVIIrIIde (CAJ RIiC.'WdY. The lit aponacncI by Kaw 1tl and Budw.III' ...., .nd you ... _ _ It • pIt1IcIpedilfl Budwall. outIetI, and • Kawa••'d Ihope. ........IfIJu. . 21, Rae........ wi! not only . . the I-H....., but liiio • 8cc: GP event, and the only coelIt round of the of the Twlna - - . For Info on • event. . . . . AFM lIt71411'3Z'D2 con_ Those up in the Pacific North_ will want to catch the Motorcycle Safety Fair '81 at the King County Fair· poaDda in EDlIJDdaw, WA, on May 51. The event will include apeaken aDd l"'tDiDan on safety, bike safety and aound cbecb, the Seattle ea-c:Ita motorcycle stuDt aDd drill team, and an all-day film festival of motoreye:linf mowiea, including the original Oft ..fa, ~ . All this is IJlOIIIOred by the Sa Pence M.C. For more info, call 206/841·5565. HoIPITIl STOP: The c.r• .....,. 1 Could be. Cartoonlllt Tony .. whoaa .... mind ... put ..... fRorIte Idtty, MX Cat, 0VIIr the. barI, under the frame and through . . . . . . . . . . . . . anandoof . . own _ .delle_ by the Newa R. . . . pr".,tad . ~ In • ~ Poop column. 8end thoaa gM-bett8r-qulck carda. ,.,.. and

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