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ex> 0') Three YIhee.... anyone? Then be sure not to mila our ...... 124. due out on June 17. It'I fe8tIR'e a spec:ial pull-out section on ATV•• Americans pass first World Team Cup Speedway round By John Hipkiss READING. ENGLAND. MAY 17 Americe eerned its piece In the next . . . . of the World T..... Cup when 1hey pIBced ..ccII1d to pr_.nt tide holder Eng_Idlest ".IIIt8nd. Englend topped the 8COrWS with 38 pointe to Am.-ice·. 32. Nonqualifi. . were Au8tnlli812O).nd New ZeeIlInd (8). The meeting was spolecl by torrential reins during the dey .nd the race wa••Imo.t celled off. In spite of the meeting being held off for over one hour. racing was keen and close. lronlcelly. in the later .tage•• riders were compleining thet they couldn't ... the green start· Ing light beceuse of the strong sun. Rain or shine. EngIend took an early Ieed when World Champion MlchHI Lee recorded the fastest time of the meet. Bruce P.......11ed a spirited chIIrge by the AmericaI •• who at one point were In danger from AuItraIia. ~ New ZRland was • c1i.eppolnbnent with sixtime World ChMIpion .".. Mauger Wing to score a lingle point. Dennis SigaIoI took a t..... fell when he OV6i.twred and wound up the ..rety naet. but he walked away with only • few bruises. ENGLAND (381: Dave ......p (101; Michael Lee (111; Chri. Morton (91; Gordon Kennett (8). USA C32I: Bruce Pelh .... (111; Bobby Schwartz (81; Scott Autrey (81; Dennis Sigaloa (31; Kelly Moran (2). AUSTRAUA l2OI: BIBy SancIanI (71; John Stlgman (61; Phil Crump (41; G.ry Guglielmi (31. NEW ZEAlAND (IJ: Mitch SI*ra C2I: Bruce Cribb (11; IMry Roes (11; Tony BrIgga (41; .".. M_. . . (OJ. Andre Malherbe won the May 17 Ymnish rouDd of the 500cc World Cham· piOIIIbip MX Series. bat be has the poor luck of fellow Belgian Andre Vromans to thanlt for it. Yamaha· mounted Vromans won the fU'St moto, but while leading the second race, be tangled with a lapped rider and crash· ed. Malherbe, Team Honda', reigning World Champion. was left with a 2-2 victory. Malherbe', teammate with Honda, Graham Noyce fiDiahed third in the fint moto behind Vroma.. and MaIherbe. then backed it up for sec· ODd ovenll with a fourth place in round two. Tapani Pikbrainen (Mai) won the second race after haYing finished ninth in the first moto. Malherbe took second ahead of Jeans-Jacques Bruno. Noyce aDd KTM"Jaalt Van V~. Habn Carlqviat failed to eam any Grand Prix . after crubing in the first mota; up a few for his eighth place second moto finish after another crash. Brad Lackey rode his Suzuki to sixth in round one, but failed to finish in the top 10 of the second moto. No information is available at preaatime concerning Brad', second race. but apeculation is that his broken foot wu callie enough for him to drop out of the second moto. Series points have Malherbe with 74, Vromans with 46; Bruno, 44; Noyce. 56; Pikbrainen. 28. l:;'d.e.i 2 The May 17 FNiICh Road Race Grand PrIx became. SuzukI nnep with Marco LucchIn•• 1••dl"tI RIIIIdy MamoIIi and Graama Croaby accroa the Paul RIcerd fin. Ieh in ~ France. Y a.rry Sh. . . and Kenny Roberts foIowecl In fowth .nd ftfth. ~. Luc~ 1Umed the fMtMt quallr~i"g time of 2:04.21 with RobertI .... then • h ••i1beat behind at 2:04.74Croaby.nd Mamola followed with 2:01.1 and 2:01.3 d..... Roberta awapped the IaacI with Lucc:hIi •• ..ty In the race. but Roberts was riding • new conI1rUc:don tire which he'd cNl•• n IInplte b baing too 80ft. compauacl On the 10th lap. the tire had heated up to the point we... he could no longer stIiy with LucchiI..... and In the ... maInIng laps. Mamola. Crosby and Sheena also C8Ught and p ••••d KIng Kenny. The &OOcc ..... point ItIIndlngs .... wry cloH thll yeer with the top four within .n eight· point ....... Mamola now IeedI with 38 pointe _ Roberta· 38. TNrd II at 34. and ~. follows with 31. The next round II In Yugoslavia on May 31. Other AmericanI on the cIn:ult dldn't fare • ,..,. MIke B.ldwIn CSuzJ qtIII1fied '*'th _ _ but ...... on the W8m1-i1P lep. In the 260cc race. Rich Schlachter qualified second faI1lIIt before being forced out of the race with ItIcIdng carb ..~ on lap three. EddIe 1AwIon quallfIad HVenth fastest but dropped out on the first lap for N8IOIII unknown. ReIgning 2IiOcc World Champ Anton MansI won. Angel NIn». World Chmipion In the 121icc ..... won thet event. Rumor hu it that Freddie Spencer spent the week of May II in Japan, testing the Honda NR500 fOUl·stroke road racer. no secret that "Fut Freddie" wanu to contest the 1982 SOOcc World Road Racing Championship Series. It·, Pelidliig any Iaat m problema. the world pran the .. new venIon of 0. Ally ' • •y • II or 1. ec:heduled for June at the a"....m. Dome In H..,wood. CA. or..... There'•• couple prevl8ll•• 1Ch. duled before that - Ju.... to R.... be ...... - In Freano. CA. and ... Vegaa. NY. In '00 other thenn II . . . . for July 10. Speedway biu and pieces from aCl'Olll the pond: An American team led by Brace PenhaD traveled to Sweden receDtly for a set of tell matches apiaat the Swedes, which the Yanb loll 2·1. Ron Preston is scheduled to retum to the U.S. 100II to have a knee brace fitted. Preston. who has apparaady suffered knee problema for aome time. . . told by docton. that he'd either have to get the brace. or quit racing. BIts .nd pIacaa on the . .a...... World ChempIonahIp Sp ., C1uIIlIf* to be held May 30 In.the LA. King. only 17 yean old. not ,,1I.1tv age. wile to In AM IntwMdoneI racaa. but he'. bilan ....... spadaI _don far thIa ..... evwat .-I.nt"B" Ray lncIucIe I'IIcIio. . . . _ on the long they'I • ... .ata. for the evwat 01 .... KMET a mph gI••....,.. and 'O ..... on the 4'D Y8Id track. Beat can't .-dalll.'. In the World QuaIIftar. but he'. baing ..... to join In • apecIaI race with Zenon PIech. John DnIa and Baly s.......... P........ got number one In the dI.Wiig held at • May 12 ..... Iuncheon._la. that an omen? Tom Whitney phoned in to tell Papa what', suing OIl in the world of Grand Prix sidecar 1DOtOCJ'u.. ID the openins round. held Apr. 26 at Tremolo. Belgium, Dutch riders and paaaetlFn swept the top three apota in torrential rain. Ton Van Heusten and Fritz ~ topped both motoI on their EML unit while J. Bakkena aDd H. Van Heek worked their Yamaha· poweaed EML chair to a 2-2 aecODd. Third overall was the team of W. Van der Laan and K. HoguGnt who placed 5-4 on their Wealake-powered rig. Reigning World Champion Rbeinhan BobIer and ~ F. Muller could only manage a 6-5 day. oen.aI Moton Ia repormd to be working on • daalgn for • ImIIDIIzed ven for their 1 . model .... Could be Juat the hot debt for thoae of ua who ItlI ...,... • van over pIcku.- but who ~ need an ecGIlOIny Inak. According to Joe ParkhUDt', Motor· ~ Newsktter-. in reprda to the purcbue of Harley·Davidmn by the rnanaganent, "Citicorp has put up $50 million for the purcbue and anocber amount will come from. yet. to-be·announcecl inftltOl' who will take a poIition on the board." Who? Abo from MBN regarding Harley, new models were only alluded to. .." Where are mc- Poncbe·deaiped motorI? M ... HoaPIT.. STOP: ~ . . . . car· NIpoIIdent Maureen Lee had to mIaa DIstrIct 37. retIa'n to PerrIs Racs..-v .... being 1wwpI' D_ for • spot heert trauIiIe. Cunwnt· Iy ...... at Lang Beach ConwnunIty ........... Room 31tW.172DT...... An.. Lang Beach. CA and you can drop her • . . there. M.......•• huab.nd Gene ...,. aha ought to be out In weak or or .bout. eo. KCET. manuel 28. the 1.01 Angeles public teIeviaiaa station. wiD air a ~ on the workiDg rela· n ..... the late GayIon MlIIier' --~ h' aIR& ~8DIC D - , WilIiama • who --~ has heeD deaf IiDce childbood The ~am . . filmed. just two -sa be1IoIier', death aDd aiDce that tIlDe Rocky has left Kawuaki aDd now turDI w.eochea at Wheelamith. Air times fOl'the show wiD be J- 5 at 10 p.m. andJUDe 7 at 2 p.m. t:e= The Tenth AnnueI Leat Chance Tral RIde wiI be held on the •••1 or Ju. . ,1-21 In the I.Ib T The .... coven. great ..... of the . .1UrIc C8IIfornIa gold ftIIh ..... 01....... Fred a.. _lay out both _ ..AH . . . . . . . . ..............................

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