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o 00 0) ...-I F.c:torv Honepower diapleyed this trick little 186cc Honde et the FourStroke NlItIonals. Bigger bore thumpers from the Certabed event .re feetured this week on p. 8. nN.Iv "Yes, they are in filct going to ride European endurance races for Honda," said Honda Racing Team Manager Dennis McKay when we asked him to confirm a rumor that Mike Baldwin and David Aldana had been signed by one of the European Honda concerns to ride the European World Endurance Road Race Cham· pionship Series. McKay wouldn't reveal whIch European Honda importer had signed the pair; that should be known when the riders' final contracts come through and other Honda endurance riders are signed, "I feel confident that we heve • helluv. lineup for '81:' declered Nil Arne Nilsson In regerd to Husky'. U.S. I'lICing effort. For .xample. In the upcoming FIoride Wlnter·AMA motocro..•• Tony DIStefano. M.....nd Wheley. Billy Groal. Gliry Pustelek .nd Alen Smith .ra • few of the names who·U·be representing the merque. Two major teem. will compete In SCORE off-road racing while Dick Burleson. Terry Cunnlnghem .nd Mlk. M.lton will contest .nduro events. A shuffle in the AMA' Grand National Ch.mpionship/Wln.ton Pro Serle. finds the Asc:ot IT beck on the .chedule. It will run Apr. 4. with the Secramento Mile moving beck to the Apr. 11 date. Ascot will .lso run • Frld.y night helf mile on M.r. 27. end follow It up with the Gerden. Gold Cup half mile on Apr. What's the difference between a 495cc ICTM and a Saturn 5 rocket? Nothing, if you. believe the horsepower figures we pnnted last week in the caption with KTM's new monster. At "4.!lhp per pound" as the caption reads, that'd give the l!l!Slb. MXer a startling 9S0.4hpl What we meant was some· thing closer to 4.51b, per horsepower, OK? 3. Between Dec. 16 and Dec. !lO, the editors, advertising folks, production personnel and administration types intend to be sprawled out on the floor, exhausted, happily enjoying their annual vacation. So wait until Dec. !II to get in touch with those folks. For circulation and bookkeeping matters, the staff will remain in the office to help you. Lucky Leckey .trlke. It rlchl That'. • heedllne NW In Englend·. + Motoero.. end the 'story goes on to t.11 how our own Bad Bred he. lined up • contr.ct worth 160.000 Brltl.h pounds. or .round .320.000. over the next two y. . . with SuzukI. T"". N.... Funny Bikes? Yup. the NMRA Super Eliminator class will be transformed to At the top of Husqveme·. '81 lineup Is their 430. the CR pictured here. Chenges Ierge .nd smell heve been made to ell models like: 40mm fork tubes on the 260 .nd 430 CRa Md XC. (which tIIke the place of the OR. In·. llnel. more progreseiw reer pensIon with reIocetecI piggyback Ohlns. more go power. bnPio.... bnlk 8horter liIumlnum tIInks.1ow HIlt h.lght. primary kick stertlng end flrongel' .... hub _mblles on the 430s. forged .Iumlnum triple c:lemps that space the forks leg. t.rther .pert. .d Infinitum. 2 the Funny Bike class starting in 'SI by requiring the machines to use a gas tank or shell similar to the brand being used with the brand name identifIca· tion displayed on the side in a contrasting color. Also required will be head and tail light shells. Plans call for a Funny Bike Eliminator class to run at two NHRA Nationals, the July IS·19 NHRA Summernationals at • Englishtown, NJ and the Sept 5-7 NHRA U.S. Nationals at Indy. Scot Harden on his mighty Hu.kyoverelled the 11th annuel Neveda san. ChImpIolIShip Here Scr8I.", (•.k.a. The Greet Cemel Chesel et S._ehIight lest weekend. Dec. 7. The Groundshekers M.C. leid out their cour.e on YKL Rench property. .nd the only complelnt we. of the limited visibility due to .now (ye•• it did.1 Noneth...... Kevin Steele rode his Vamehe to first 2&Occ. end I fellow named Daryl Folks tumed In the be.t 125cc cl••• ·rlde. Covenage next week. Carlos Serrano, according to his everactive lawyer/P.R. person Walter Nash, has signed a contract with Maico West to contest the 19S1 AMA l!50cc National MX Series, th~ Supercross Series, some DG Golden State Series events and some SCORE races. Teem Yemeha·. Mike Bell continued h'" winning wev- In SUldium motocro.s by topping Au.trelien' champion St.v. GBII end Teem' Honda'. Chuck Sun In the Stefan'. Superbowl of Motocroes In Briibene. Austr811e. Bell end Gel were ~ounted. The Laugh·ln Trials has been delayed one week; the new date'So Dec. 19, the following Friday. about H.nk Manley of Menley Performance Products will sponsor the Manley 200 MPH Club. • highly select group of motorcycle dnag nlcers who will achieve 200 mph at officilll NMRA or NHRA NetIon81•. The membership will be limited to a totel of ten. The first one to do it - no one has broken to magic 200 mph berrler. yet - wII receive .1.000 from Manley. Second wDl get t9OO. third t800 and so on down to a .100 for the tenth rider to do It. Now. the big question I.: Who'" be first? "I imagine everyone suspecu Jay Springsteen and Randy Goss will be our racing team for next year," said Harley·Davidson's Dick O'Brien. "I won't disappoint them because that is our tearn. We didn't confirm our budget until today (December I). I spoke with both Jay and Randy earlier New from Veuw CorporatIon Is the Terreplllne. e limited production ~ldecer feeturing a built-In Ioc:kIng trunk. roll bar end stHI tube freme surrouridlng the p.llenger com..." ••atbelt and removebIe cenopy hetch.

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