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If you'd like to help them start to rebuId their IIvea. you C8I1 take your contributions to George Meder at Cups and Covers, 11106 McBean in El Monte, or contact him by phone at 2131575-1961, or call SRA correspondent Sue Senn at 7141779-6869. ZAP Superspons will hold their first "Get Ready For The Golden State Series" race Dec. 7 at Fremont Raceway in Fremont. CA. Designated a Sponsmen only Championship MX Day, all classes are welcome (no Pros today. though) with three motos per class. Entry is $12 with !l0% awards and big winner's trophies. Gates open at 7 a.m. with racing getting underway at 9. Call 415/!l55-4760 for more info. o 00 0') ..-4 In a pressday (Dec. 1) phone call to AMA's Mike DiPrete, Papa learned that Eddie Lawson and Wes Cooley will present their cases to the AMAappoiRted three-man appeal board in California on Dec. 9. The board then has seven days to announce their decision on the outcome of the 1980 AMA Superbike Championship Series title. If you haven't been following the story, here's a condensed version: In the final race of the season at Daytona International Speedway. Eddie Lawson led the series. Lawson's factory Kawasaki, however, did not finish the Daytona event, and Wes Cooley won it. Cooley's win and Lawson's DNF would have given Cooley the series title. but then Lawson protested, saying that Cooley's Yoshimura Suzuki was running an illegal (modified) frame. The protest was upheld by the referee, but Cooley appealed and convinced AMA that Lawson was not riding a legal machine in the [mal event and therefore was not eligible to rue the protest. AMA then reversed the decision. But Kawasaki filed an appeal also, carrying the final decision 'to the three-man board. The final shootout should be spectacular to say the least. Turn that TV channel selector to NBC Sport, World on Saturday, Dec. 6 at 4:00 p,m, and you'll witness the way things went at the 1980 New Orleans Superdome Supercron, Providing the words for one of the most controversial races in the AMA Supercroaa Series will be Larry Huffman and Bruce Jenner. Controversial? Saerns NBC wanted the Superdome to feature the first-ever waterhole in Supercross history. Also seems thet the riders didn't Don Shoemeker directed the production, so you know it'll be good. Will the lady who was looking for a lost set of keys at the B to V stan area please give Papa a phone call? Shortly after you asked. somebody turned in a set. Dial 21!1/427-74!1!1, give our 01' man a description of the keys and key ring. and we'll see they get home to you. Hey, how's this for a rumor? Would you ever have suaPectecI that Yarnahad will introduce a reed-valved, turbocharged, fual injected XS Eleven Special for the '82 modal year? Remember, you heard it first here (just in case it's true), 2 Could you handle a five-day motocrOllS training camp? Better yet, do you need one? Russ Darnell Motocross Schools will.have: booths ~t the Anaheim. H~- ton and Daytona Trade Expos. and at each show, Russ will hold a drawing for 10 five-day training camps. Quote of the decade: BLM State Director Jim Ruch to Rick Gochnaur of CORVA and Rob Rasor of AMA: "Your input has been read, understood, considered and disagreed with." That, according to Gochnaur, was Ruch's summation of the last 10 years of work by the ORV groups. Maicos for Xmas! It's true. there are 100 new 400/490 Mega 2 MXers in the warehouse, a 76-bike container of reed-valved 250 Mega 2 machines is ~ing airfreighted OYf:r early, three containers of Maico are on the water. and one container is presently resting in the Pon of Long Beach. The enduro models are due in February. One more verrry interesting bit: In the Maico press kit was a brochure on the 250cc water-cooled street machine. Nothing was said, but Papa's betting if enough people want one. and if enough people told Maico about it... They'd be for racing only, however. since they don't meet U.S. emissions standards. In which direction Bob Hayas' politicel efforts will go should be resol· ved by the first-of next year. Hayes will either go for the first district seat on the County Board of Supervisors. where incumbent Bob Ronka has decided to run for City Attorney and the other major candidate at this time is James Keysor, who Havas beat in his '78 Assembly race, Another possible Hayes' cen· didacy would be for State Senate, should Alan Robbins be forced to resign due to a conviction on sexual misconduct charges. Fudpucker (whatta name!) called and asked us to remind AMA D-!lS desen racers to get their pictures (black and white or color) to him or to Kearny Mesa Yamaha by Sunday. Dec. 7, for D-!lS's semi-!lnnual publication, District J8 Race. Fud also said there'll be big doin's down at Plaster City on Jan. 25. a 150-mile hare scrambles whose purse is already up to $1500. If you keep up with the Southland Racing Association's GP races, you've no doubt seen or heard of the exploits of the Crawford brothers, Barry and Lorne. We were saddened to hear that they, their parents Wilbur and Kit. and young brother Sean were hit by one of the dis! boua San Bernardino firaa, anc! It burned everything they had. The classic (and now 11th annusll B Trial de Espana takes place Dec. 14 at Saddlebeck Park at 9:30 a.m. All the regular classas run plus special ones for sidecars, traO bikas and .press·type folks. It's a fun event to watch If you're not riding and a trials bike and other door prizes will be raffled off, Need to know morel call the ATA at 714/ 568-1584. Bob Balentine (KTM) showed 100 other riders how to pick the f~test line ~ tween Beatty and Las Vegas, NV last Saturday. Nov. 29 in the San Gabriel Valley M.C.'s 160 mile race. Dan Smith was second, and Anthony Pasqualotto took third. Complete coverage is on the way. Are you a graduate of LA. Trade Tech? Then you won't want to min the reunion benquet that's being planned for Jan, 18, 6-11 p.m.. et Brookside Club House In Pasedena (near the Rose Bowl), The .10 ticket Includes Cornish Game Hen dinner, door prizes and entertainment. Be certain to RSVP by Jan, 10 to Pet Owens et 213/7460800, ext. 212 or after 4 p.m. et 2131 443-9630, Mail checks to Pat Owens, 5341 Santa Anita, Temple City, CA 91780. Your cancelled check confirms your reservation. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area. mark Dec. 6-7 on your calendar as Grand Opening Day for Bell Road Yamaha. Why? Because there'll be some outstading happening$ going on at the 2644 Bell Road dealership. Bob Hannah and Marland Whaley will be on hand as well as a couple other famous mystery guests (if negotiations go well). The Kerker hot air balloon will make an appearance and will provide a !IOO-foot-tall departure point for a Yamaha Tri-Moto's untimely demise. The falling-then-bouncing three-wheeler will be filmed for an upcoming Bell Road Yamaha TV commercial. Oh yeah. and there11 be. lots of Mexican food. It all adds up to a $12,000 party, according to manager David Anderegg. The Great camel Chase. Now there's a race. It all happens on Dec. 7, limed near Searchlight, NV, and it's an MRAN Championship Hare Scrambles event put on by the Groundahakers M,C. Give Cesey Folks a jingle at 7021467-0043 for additional Info, . Big winners in the Sun Grand Prix, held last weekend near Phoenix, AZ, were Robert Reisinger in the Pro race, Gary LaPlante in the Expert event and Billy Stamey in the Novice class. Contributor Tony Tellier says a story is in the works. Carlos Serrano has been racing for carabela in - of all placas - Cuba. Serrano topped Russian, Belgian, canadian and Mexican motocrossers in both the 125 and 250cc claaaes in the Copa de Cuba, or Cuban Cup, held last weekend in Via Clara, Cube. carlos reportedly shaved three seconds off a track lap record that was established by Jeen-Georgas Jobe earlier this year. Bombardier Ltd.·s Recreational Products Division has announced a $14.4 million program to expand an improve its snowmobile, motorcycle and moped production facilities. Major investments will be made in machinery and equipment, including a new 1,200ton stamping press which will augment an SOO-ton press recently installed. Assembly lines will ~ redesigned and relocated for increased speed and capacity. Post-assembly areas will be expanded for additional quality-control testing of finished products. Thea Holznienkemper, President of Maico West. will leave that position effective Dec, 31. No news yet on Theo's new job, or on who will replace him at Maico, Ron Kruseman, a winner at Ascot on bikes during the late 60s, was recently named by the National Midget Racing Association as Rookie of the Year in TQ.Midget racing. "Let's call it the DG Golden State Series." That's apparently what DG performance's Gary Harlow said to Continental Motospon Club's Stu Peters, because DG became the series' major sponsor last Friday. Nov. 21. In case you haven't heard. the seven-race motocross program begins at Saddleback Park on Jan 5-4. moves to Lake Madera for the Jan. 10-11 weekend> turns toward Fremont Raceway for a Jan. 17-1Sshow, picks up a Jan. 24-25 Huron Cycle Park date, then swing$ back down to Carlsbad on the Jan. !II Feb. 1 weekend ~fore heading north again for a Feb. 7-S Prairie City OHV Park event with the series finale returning to Saddleback Park on Feb. 14-15. Whew! Sponsman racing takes place on Saturdays. Pro on Sundays. Contact CMC at 714/557-!l!l2!1 for more details. U.S. Suzuki has planned a preu-. preview of three new TV specials: SupeIMr.... - A Breed Apart, llJe Little Racers and ChIllI..., . ChampIon. of a shows Sup.,'''''.'& Wes Cooley in action at Laguna Sees; Little Racers sho_ a heartWarming look et minlcycl racing; and Cltallen,. Is a clo and personal look at Ken Howerton. We'll check'em out an let you know whet'S going t happen when. Papa attended the. Nov. 16 MIC Motorcycle Dealer Technical and Sales Clinic and found it to be a valuable d~aler .en.'~loyee trai,ninl{ ,

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