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in conjunction with their July 5-6 CAl City GP . He mentioned that' it would be held at a street dance, but the street dance has been moved to a 12,000 59uare foot hangar near the Cal City airport. There will be four bands, beer, fun , etc. , and the Cal City Chamber of Commerce will provide transponation from the camping area to the hangar. Oh, yeah . .. there's also going to be a wet T -shirt contest. In fact , Papa was offered a judgeship, but had to tum it down; Mama We,aleyoverheard the offer... o 00 0') .-4 Bob Hannah's Coliseum four-wheel dabut at Mickey Thompson's Off· Road Championship ' Gran Prix might have be.n a little more auspclou. If ha had been It8rt1ng In the front row of the It8rt1ng grid•. Hannah we. a Iut·mlnute replacem.nt In the unlimited two-l8lIt8r competition. and along with hll pe_ng.r. stuntwoman Kitty O·Neill. pieced third eftar being Involved In a firat-tum plle-up and making up a lot of dllt8nce. In the .Ing...... 11IC8. Hannah ageln was In the mlddl. of a flm turn .hunt, made hll way through the peck. only to hlgh-center the buggy on a concnne dhridew and wind up eighth. JackJohnson was also racing in the car classes at the Coliseum . He placed eighth in the 1200cc race after getting involved in an early crash. His unlimited single-seater suffered some son of mechanical problem while he was leading the last qualifying event and he did not make it to the main. D.splte riding in a knee brac. following a car accld.nt that al.o I.ft him with a bed thumb. jumper Gary W.II. made both of hi. 76foot vertlcel leapl to the ColI. .um floor during the Off·Road GP program. Before the flm nlght's jump. announcer Larry Huffman told W.III that Mickey Thompson would let him out of the contract to do the jump. but WeU. ..Id. "No. I told ,th. peopl. that I wa. going to be har. and do the jump. and I will. I'm a man of my word:' They may be privateers, but they're sure not alone . Among the sponson that USGP winner Many Moates of LOP Racing thanked were: Yamaha Motor Corp., Hallman panu and gloves, Super Seer, Exprit boou, Klotz oil, Daystar Producu, KRW helmets, Bosch plugs, Simons forks and White Bros. for their monoshock mods . AMA Grand N.tlon.1 Cham· plon.hlp/Wln.ton Pro Serle. rid. . m.klng their way beck 88It to DuQuoin following the July 19 Aacot TT might be Interelted In the thrtMHllce Travelln' TT Serl••• The fIrIt race II at A1buqu.rqu.·. Vall.y Racewey July 22 .nd hell • .1600 purae. the aecond II In the Amarillo lTX) Speedway July 23 and ha. a .2000 purae. and th., finale. which is allo the T.xes State Championship. Is at the D.vll·. Bowl Speedwey In D.11aI July 24 and featur•• a .2000 pure•. All are TT race•. For more Info on the serle•• cell 8061372·9063. Last week Papa told you about the drawing SoCal M.C. was going to ha ve Oh my my. Indeed I Steve McLaughlln's peraonalized llcen. . pIete dileppeered from hll car a while beck. end It·. been popping up In 10m. Intereltlng pl8cel...llk. on Ru.. Collins' Sorcerer dregbik•. Where will It Ihow up next? Nobody knowe. Or do th.y? 2 Art Jensen apologizes. Who's Art Jensen. and why is he apologizing? Riders at the Oregon National Enduro were expecting a shipment of JART charts - computer rollcherts that Jensen sells - to be on sale at the enduro. but ' the U.S. Postal Service struck again and lost them. From now on. Jensen says he'lI send them UPS. Want to bypass the problem and contact him your· self? Try writing at 4673 Via La Primavera. Yorba Linda. CA 92686 or cell 7141970-6876 for your JART chart info. World Champion Bernie Schreiber will teach a one-week course at the Donner Trials School the week ofJuly 28·August I. School proprietor Norm Sayler, current Super Senior po ints leader in the AMAINATC Championship Series, will also teach one week counesJuly 21-25 and August 4-8. Rental bikes are avail able and tuition includes room and board. The school is located in the scenic Sierra Nevadas, just 40 miles from Lake Tahoe and Reno. For more informa tion, contact Norm Sayler at the Donner Ski Ranch, P.O . Box 66, Norden, CA 95724. 916/426 -3578. John Motley. President of the California Motorcycle Dealers Association. has announced that the CMDA has received a pledge of help for their Statewld. Off Road Perk pilot project from the Ridge Runners Motorcycle Club. The Santa Cruz County Club will hold a motocross on Sunday. July 13. and all the proceeds will go to the program jointly sponsored by the CMDA, the AMA and the Motorcycle Industry Council. The pilot project has been in operation since last August and to date has been responsible for the law adding 4.000 acres to the DeAnze Cycle Park in Riverside County. Current programs include a major park in Fresno County and a Regional Park in Sen Diego County plus other mini perks. It is being coordinat.d for the three organizations by Dick Reed of Sacramento who is dealing with ciIies and counties throughout the Stat•. The Ridge Runners' outgoing President, Mike Van Unden. invites all motorcross to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville for the Sunday event. Signup is at 6:00 a .m. and practice starts at 8:00 a.m. Hundreds of prizes are exp.cted from CMDA dealers throughout the State. For further information can Art VesconceAos during the dey at 4081425-7456. Th. court racordlng firm that was responsible for the CeIIfomIe Desert Con..rvatlon Draft Plen meeting In Los Ang..... In a word. goof.d. The transcript is far from complete. so in an attempt to reconstruct the statemants made. th.y ar. accepting all written comments that those who spoke at the me.ting will send in. Send them to Allen ' Edelist. 14224 V.ntura. Sherman Oaks. CA 91423. Results from the MXGP wars in Europe were agai n slim this week, but Eric Oeboers (Yam) reportedly won the 125cc race in Czechoslovakia. Michele Rinaldi still leads the point battle. Georges Jobe (Suz) topped the 2!iOcc British GP with a ItrOng .howlng and holds a commanding Ieed in points. No word on whet the IndIvidual moto performances were at press tim•. Who the hell's Kazio Yoshimura? That's what the people at Yoshimura R&D asked Papa after they read that he'd tuned Wes Cooley's Loudon Superbike . Actually, our writer, one of those eastern-types, got confused about Fujio Yoshimura's name and our editor (ain' t saying which one) didn't catch the error. Who the hell'. Marco Gerdoqul? H.·s the new' world racord holder for trav.llng around the globe on 8 moped in 78 days. breaking the old record of 79 days. Marco did the deed on a Darbi. also breaking the world's record for molt continuous hours on a moped: 38. While Castle Rock's TT races have been cancelled due to the Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruptions, the promoten of the Washougal-Yamaha 1251 500cc National MX Series event report that their race will not be affected. "No bad ashes at Washougal track," said their press release headline. Ever seen Doug "Whe.Ue King" Domokos in action? On Friday. June 27. he'lI be at Costa Mesa Speedway in Orange County Fairgrounds where the admission's only $4.50 - and that's the I.est you'lI ever pay to see this guy in action I Alan Christian will be attempting to keep his winning streak rolling for the 12th consecutive w.ek. too, Nobody wrote anything about it. but sponsors for the Mt. Morris Nat'l MX were Works Performance Producu and KeystoneMotocrossWorks. Sorry, team. The Standby Gasoline Rationing Plan which President Carter for· warded to Congrell June 12 ina1I8S8S the fuel allotrnent for motor· cycles to 25 percent of th8t allowed for automobiles. The Increase is the third such boolt since 1978. when tha D.pertmant of Energy propo.ed a 10 percent allotment to motorcycles In the original It8ndby plan. After pressure A cartoon appeared in the June 8 Los from the Am.rlcen Motorcycliit Angeles Times - p. 2, pan III Association. DOE doubled that which depicted a p'air of trailriden amount. "Ev.n though we've more sitting on their bikes and talking. than doubled DOE's original allo"Don't you just love the unspoiled cetion. we .tlil bell.v. motorcycl.s wilderness?" the caption reads. The should be better provided for." said two are surrounded with litter, and Government Reletlons Director Ed exagerated clouds of exhaust puffs Youngblood. "The government from their pipes. The cartoon carries would encourage Americens to the cred it line "Foreman and Templeuse a fuel-efficient v.hlcle If it proton," and is copyrighted by Chicago vided a higher allocetlon for motor· Tribune - N.Y. Times NewsSyndicate. cycles:' The plen could be Was it really necessary for the Times imposed by the President if a 20 to print this cartoon? Wh y don 't we percent shortage of gasoline exists ask. them about itt ... .• . _. _• __ - . or." '* .~ Jot 30 dan.,

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