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e Green Lightning strikes -wice------ - t --- ----on the Mississippi Gulfcoast. . ; r: o 00 (j') ...... Kawasaki-mounted drag racers will every class (again)! The race of the day came down to the last round of Pro-Stock between Terry Vance and Sid Pogue. It was Sid's first outing for his new Kawasaki KZ 1000 LTD, and his first defense of the Number One Plate. Sid was quicker in the finals and he set a new record of 148.27 m.p.h. in the process. Other Kawasaki privateers dominated the event with 85% of the bikes in the field and 100% of the wins to completely swamp the competition. The pro's know-if you don 't ride the mean green, you're gonna have the bayou blues! Last year it was Hurricane Frederick on the Gulfcoast followed by the Green Kawasaki storm at the 1979 I.D.B.A. World Finals. Kawasaki-mounted drag racers won every top eliminator class in the finals and swept the event clean. This year it was a tornado in Gulfport followed by another Big ~.". Green Thunderbolt at the 1980 I.D.B.A. Springnationals. Once again, Kawasaki riders won :::::.:.:.::::::::::::.. all the classes tearing apart the :f: ("::" { competition round after round. ; ,f': :.::::,{ . Kawasaki He~, Heh, Heh . . . . . .. . . 15

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