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12:'cc class win. McGlen dropped 29 points. . Scott Ely and Jack Penton took it to the finish in the 200cc clUB Wlth Ely, aboard a KTM, dropping nine to Kawasaki·mounted Penton's 10. Just one point funher down the tally at II set Yamaha's Larry Roeseler and Kawasaki mounted Terry Trice. There was a Iimiliar tight chaae in the I~ 2:.occ class where Vic Ely put his KTM out front with a nine point lOll. Things were a little tighter for second. When it was soned out Darryl Kuenzer, aboard a KTM, led HUlky rider Terry Cunningham, Suzuki mounted Bill Glenn and Kawasaki's JdfHill. All dropped 10 points. Hill finished the run with stra. sounds coming from the engine. Actually, the engine was screaming for oil. Ted Leimbach's engine also had the same malady, but he stopped. "Mark (Dodd - a mechanic for Team Kawaski) and I rebuilt the 2:'0cc engines," said Leimbach afterwards. "He thought I put oil in and I thought he did. Unfonunately, neither of us did." John Morgan of Team Suzuki joked that, "Due to President Caner's edict on conser· vation of oil, Team Kawasaki is trying to run without any." Dane Leimbach, who also works for Team Kawasaki, looked at things from a different viewpoint. "That's the difference in a mechanic," said Leimbach. "Teddy stopped when the engine began to make funny noises. Jeff just kept on going regardless of the noise." Husqvama rider Michael Keen rolled right to the top of the Open A class with ease. He out· pointed Maico rider Bill Harris by one point, eight to nine. Kevin Lavoie put his Kawasaki into third at 10 points lost over Suzuki's Randy Martin, counesy of the tie· breaker. John Cooper hustled his way through the 100 miles to top the Senior A class with an outstanding score of only 12 points dropped. Cooper was Maico mounted. There was plenty of action in the B class with Sam Chal1t outdistancing everyone for the High Point title. "It was an excellent run," said Jack Penton."The club has a small problem , with connecting sections because you could come out of the woods and onto a road and make up what time you had lost. However, something like that is hard on a rider like Burleson who comes out of the woods on time and then has to cool it so he doesn't get ahead of schedule. Apparently, nothing seemed to bother Burleson." • ri~t o 00 C') It was the second 1980 National Enduro win In a row for Dick Burleson. a good lI1art towarda a seventh title, AMA National Championship Enduro Series: Round three Burleson makes tracks at Turkey Track Creek Nat'l By Boyd Reynolds Photos by Boyd and Todd Reynolds BOWLING GREEN, VA, MAR. 16 Dick Burleson, for the second year in a row, took the overall win in the IOO-mile Turkey Track Creek National Championship Enduro, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Trail Riders. Burleson rode his Hus· qvarna to a loss of only four . d r 11 d b pomts an . was ~o o~e y a quartet of nders SIX pomts down 16 including Honda's Ted Worrell. Yamaha's John Fero, Suzuki's Drew Smith and KTM's Frank Gallo. After the tie·breaker checks were audited, it was Worrell taking the AA class title ahead of Fero and Smith. Gallo grabbed High Point A class honors. ~am C~elk, aboar~ a KTM, fimshed with a 22,polnt loss and topped the B division. Relaxing afterwards Burleson noted, "The sections were a little short, but the trails were nice. You didn't really worry about getting real late. I think last year's event was tougher." Burleson lost his four points from being late. Of the :'00 entries, about 480 started with a finishing rate of about 70 percent. The event was run within the confines of Fort A.P. Hill, a mili· tary reservation. Last ~ar, rain before the event marred the top notch or· ganization, this ~ar everything was smooth going. It appeared that the AA class was decided on tie· breakers for outside the top three spots, Mike Hannon and Rick Munyon - Yamaha teamates deadlocked at nine points lost with the decision going to Hannon. Similarly, Suzuki rider Kevin Snapp got the nod over Yamaha's Ron Ribolzi after each had dropped II points. Competition in the A classes was tight also with only one point separating many positions when the tie·bn'aker wasn't put into use. Fred McGlen, aboard a Can·Am, went one up on Husky rider Peter Wetzel for the Results OIIERALL: 1. Dick aun.on !Hull 4. HIGH POINT A: 1. _ GoIIo lKTMl6. HIGH POINT B: 1. s.m ChIIk (KTMI22. AA: 1. Ted Womoll (Han) 8; 2. John Fero (Vom) 8; 3. Drew Smith ISuzl 8; 4. - . Hor.- (Yom) 9; 5. Rid< Munyon (Yom) 9. W_ 125cc A: 1. "'-I McGIon (CoAl 29; 2. _ (Hull 30; 3. Pwrry Hodgeo (Hull 42; 4. David leoctl 1Huol44. 2lJOcc A: 1. Scott Ely (KTMI 9; 2. JKIt _ lK-t 10; 3.lArTy _ (Yom) 11; 4. Torry Trice lKMl 11; 5. Mb _1Suzl 12. 250cc A: 1. VIC Ely (KTMI9; 2. !l-.'/I K _ lKTMI 10: 3. Torry Cunninghom (HuoI 10; 4. IliII GIonn ISuzl 10; 5. Jeff HiIlI!CMl 10. OPEN A: 1. Mic:NoI ~ (Hull 8; 2. Bill Horrio (Moil 9; 3. Kevin ....... (!CMl 10: 4. R8ndy _ (Suzi 10; 5. John SchuIor (Hull 11. SA A: 1. John Cooper (~ 12; 2. Joe Morel (Hull 27; 3. BMI_ (_131; 4. Wollgong Kr.-lSuzI33. 125cc B: 1. Don _ _ (HuoI 211; 2. ~ lK-t 39; 3. SMphen - . . (HuoI48; 4. IlII ShImrock (HuoI51. 2lJOcc B: 1. Joe K _ lSuzI 31; 2. AIe>c . . . IHonl 33: 3. C _ Rolli..., (KTMI33; 4. Phil Storm (~I35; 5. IliI Pont< (PenI40. 250cc B: 1. David M~ (KTMl24; 2. (HUll 211; 3. Poul (KTMI 26; 4. _ SchiUinger lHull3O; 5. Vincontllorelll UCTMl30. OPEN B: 1. DuncIn 1lroIIch ICoAl 29; 2. ChorteI Gon~ Jr. (KTMI31; 3. R8ndy McCary (Yoml33; 4. _ e-.r S"."',..._ R_R_ _lKTMI33. SR B: 1. Dominick Spom_o IVoml 86; 2. Poul Schnepp (KTMI 88; 3. George R _ (M.i194; 4. S_ Norris (Suz) 104. SUPER SA: 1. Sox IlrootIleId lHull 51; 2. Richlnl lM...-1Suzl51; 3. R.Q. Old (Hull 56. WOMEN: 1. EriIce _ (Yom)5B; 2. Suzy I1Irr ISuzi 70. 2lJOcc C: 1. M (Yoml n. 250cc C: 1. _1luIIord (Hull 80. OPEN C: 1. L_ E. . lMeilll6.

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