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o 00 C') ..... IAbove) Fourth place Joel seels IX95) leads runner-up Keith Caruso (126) past e downed rid. at stIIrt of 260cc Jr. Dlv. 2. IBelow) Jim Wily romps to second overall 12-16 Stock Jr. while someone beDs behind him. IAbove) George Holland: In front. alone and lseml-) clean.IBelow) Tracy Knight finds the going a little slick.· Holland looks sharp at Golden State round By Paul Castoro Photos by Reginald Caselli MADERA, CA,jAN. 12 The second race of the CMC/ Can-Am $75,000 Golden State Series held at Madera Lakes Mo, tosport Park was definitely the 18 place to race as 400 sportsmen riders from throughout the west coast covered at the barren, rain-swept lakeside circuit with hopes of claiming a state championship. Wilh the temperatures hitting the low 60's and a steady rain falling, the Pee Wee's got underway as Aaron Gustafson (Hon) and Rene Valles traded malO wins, the Honda rider coming out on top overall, . Matt Roussell (Yam) from nearby Firebaugh showed his consistency in the mushy muck, his steady 3-3 tally garnering him the junior Cycle cla~ victory with Saddleback winner Chns Neal (SUI) hanging on to second place behind him. Mike Healey aboard his SUluki scooter held off the constant threat of NorCal's Brandon Reyes (SUI) as !he two Intermediate riders actually tied on points with Costa Mesa's Healey taking the tie breaker. The day's only Expert action consisted of the multi-classed minicycle divisions. With the CMC State Cham· pionship on the line, 'factory support abounded with teams from SUluki, Yamaha, Honda and Crotch Rocket in attendance, As the stylish pack slid out of their starting berths it was immediately a George Holland affair as the lanky R&D SUluki veteran dialed in a quick yet controlled ride through the now flooded race circui-t. The "stock" Dean Dickinson-prepared SUluki didn't miss a beat as "King Holland Ill" easily worked up a 20 second lead over new team Honda rider Scott Hewatt and CRF hot shoe Louie Franco (Yam). NMA Champion Erik Kehoe (Yam) had a dismal day in the rain, eventually snagging a fourth overall placing. The 80cc Modified class was anot~er Holland benefit as he scored his second double moto victory for the day. Moto scores were Holland (I-I), Hewatt (4-3) and Louie Franco (3-4). Vince Pirlo (SUI) continued his winning ways in the 100cc junior class after roosting his fellow racers out of the picture at Saddleback. It wasn't easy, though, as he had a fairly tough time (ending off a heavy attack from Los Banos rider Pat Imperatrice (Yam). Imperatrice really shined .during the opening moto as he held off a trio of riders including Pirlo, Kev Biskenhauer (SUI) and jeff Rouff (SUI). However. Pirlo captured the second moto and the gold and points were his to keep . .The 100cc Intermediate segment of the combined program saw Mark Rouff (Yam) scoring a hot 1-1 victory, holding off Chris Lewis (SUI) and Fresno's Eddie Roberto (Suz). The Bay area's Scott Yarbough (SUI) pulled off a potent 2-2 as the 125cc Intermediate ,Division Three stormer found the soupy monsoon conditions to his liking. Ed Minton (Yam) saw his opening mota victory and second moto finish only good enough to place second overall. "Rowdy" Rick Ryan, riding on the Wosick support program, turned a few heads as he pulled his SUluki, from a mudhole (and in last place) to eventually picked up the sec~nd moto win! Yamaha ace jack George waded his machine through the quagmire to best the 250cc Intermediate Division Two troops with his easy going 3-2 score. George Knitt, also YZ mounted, ran into a few problems trying to get by Team Radical's Pete Yoho (Han) during the final moto after winning the first moto. Knitt wound up placing second behind George with Yoho securing a fine third overall with his 4-3 score. The Division One race saw a North vs. South clash with Whittier's David Behlings (Yam) riding like a mud man possessed. Behlings snatched both motos away from Husky campaigner Rick Wallace from nearby Clovis. jose GOnzales (Yam) and Larry Colemans (Hus) mixed it up in the mud as they trailed Behlings and Wallace. With a constant downpour showering the Madera Lake's track, the 250cc junior Division Two riders saw Scott Bock (Hon) out of 'Granada Hills outdistance the entire group during the second moto. Keith Caruso (Mai) faded to fifth after winning the opening bash but claimed second overall with Mark Folden (SUI) third. After the trip up north to Fremont Raceway, the series will again be at Madera Lakes which, hopefully, will have dried out from the constant rain which has hit our state. The action should be WFO in any case. Results 125 JR 1: 1. J. Connolly (Suz): 2. S. Denny (Yam); 3. R. Engel (Yam). 125cc JR 2: 1. R. Torres IYaml; 2. G. Davis ISuz); 3. R. N""",a ITrt). 2!iOcc JR 1: 1. B. Howard (Hon); 2. G. McE~oy fYam); 3. C. HuH (Hon). 250cc JR 2: 1. S. Boek (Han); 2. K. Caruso fMaiI; 3. M. Folden ISuz), OPEN JR: 1. D. Hoover fYam); 2. D. Vick fHusl; 3, B. HuHer ISuzl. VETS & OLD TIMERS: 1. K. Clayton (Yaml; 2, R. Knight IHanI; 3. J, Holmes lVaml. 125ec INT 1: 1. H. Armendariz IYaml; 2. P. Cano (Suzl; 3. C. Cantaloupi IYaml. 125ec INT 2: 1. B. Ueki IHan); 2. S. Vlahos (Suz); 3. E. Mashbir IHan). . 125ec tNT 3: 1. S. Yarbough ISuzl; 2. E. Minton (Yam); 3, R. Brown (Suz). 2!iOcc INT 1: 1. D. lleI1lings lVam); 2. R. Wallace IHus!; 3. J. GonzlIIes lVaml. 250cc INT 2: 1. J. George IYam); 2. G. Knott lVaml; 3. P. Yoho (Han). OPEN INT: 1. E. Cummins (Mai); 2. C, N_ _ (KTM); 3. G. Willon ISuzl. 100cc JR: 1. V. PirIo (Suzl; 2. P.lmperatrice lVaml; 3. M. MaurarISuzl. 100cc INT: 1. M. Rouff (Yam); 2. C. Lawi. (Suzl; 3. E. (Suz). _0 PEE WEE: 1, A. G u _ (Han); 2. R. V_. JR CYCLE: 1. M. _llVam); 2. C. _ISull; 3. J.C...-(Suz). JR CYCLE INT: 1. M. Healey (Suz); 2. B. Raves (Suz). 9-11 STOCK MINI JR: 1. E. Cavaliera lVam); 2. J. Azenedo lVam); 3. J. Slephens (Han), 9-11 STOCK MINI tNT: 1. T. VohIand IYaml; 2. L. Ward (Kawl; 3. M. Healey (Suzl. 12-16 STOCK MINI JR: 1. J. Owen (Sull; 2. J. Willey (Yam); 3. M. Brown (Suzl. 12·16 STOCK MINIINT: 1. B. Moore; 2. T. Campbell (Kavl; 3. E. Gold (Kawl. 12-16 STOCK MINI EX: 1. G. Holland ISuz); 2. S. _IHan); 3. L. Franco IYam). 9-1 1 MOO MINI JR: 1. M. Lewis (Suz); 2. E. Cavaliar lVam); 3. S. Riley ISuzI. 9-11 MOO MINI !NT: 1. T. Vohland IYaml; 2. M. HaoIey ISuzI; 3. L. Word (Kaw). 12·16 MOD MINI JR: 1. J. Owen (Suzl; 2. B . _ (Suz); 3, J. Pr_ (Yam), 12·16 MOD MINIINT; 1. B. BuncllIKawI;-i. J. Cook; 3. E. Gold (Kawl. 12-16 MOD MINI EX: 1, G. Holland (Suz); 2. S. HewItt (Han); 3. L. Franco (Yaml.

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