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The Dirt Diggers decided to try again. This decision was based on several factors: I. The appeal by the riders. most of whom do not belong to organized clubs, not to let another event be taken from them. 2. The appeal from the riders who use the Ballinger Canyon area for weekend trail riding. Their cry was "if the Sierra Club can stop organized riding in this area, unorganized weekend users don't have a chancel" 3. The appeal from many of t'he local property owners in the Cuyama Valley who have had restrictions put on them by the Forest Service which 'they felt were Sierra Club 'initiated. 4, The Dirt Diggers don't like what is happening, not just in Ballinger Canyon, but all over everytime the Sierra CI!Jb gets involved. On March 28, 1979 a letter was sent to John McGuire, Chief of the Forest Service in Washington, D.C., with copies to several senators, representatives, Forest Service personnel and newspapers. The history of facts was stated and questions were asked regarding Forest Service practices and fair treatment policies. On June 8, Mr, Smith, Regional Forester, issued a decision to lift the stay on the permit and further stated that the Forest Service Supervisor may proceed with implementation of his decision of Feb. 20, to issue a permit for the Red Garter Enduro. He went on to state, "Any such permit shall be issued at least 90 days prior to this fall's scheduled date for the Red Garter Enduro." The Dirt Diggers got to work again. Property owners were again contacted, and written permissions for a new date obtained. On July U, a new application, along with property owner permissions and a new course map were submitted to the District Ranger to hold the event on Oct. 21. OnJuly 24, District Manager Alexander sent a letter to the Dirt Diggers stating that since he must issue a at least 90 days prior to the event date, he was not given sufficient time to react to the application, He said that a new Environmental Analysis Report had to be made and since the Red Garter is a sensitive issue, the EAR should be distributed to the public for comment before it is finalized. This action takes at least 30 days after the report is finalized. Thus the application was denied, The Dirt Diggers asked Alexander why a new analysis had to be performed. Mr. Alexander said that the analysis on record at that time was the same analysis used for the original '73 Red Garter and had only been amended each year to allow for minor course changes. He further said that this analysis was inadequate and would not hold up under appeal. He said that a new analysis had to be performed using new methods of study. He also said that since the event was requested for a fall date rather than the normal March date, different factors would have to be considered in an analysis, such as the conflict of use between ORVs anc;l hunters. Thus the application for the October date was denied. The Dirt Diggers then submitted an application for a permit to hold the Red Garter Enduro on March 16, 1980. The District Ranger said that he would work as fast as possible to get a new EAR completed

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