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Desert Hotline o 00 0') IAboveI Winner Scot Harden . . . . Kevin Davis early in the race. IBeiowI Action in the pits was often hairy. Harden hammers SNDR/MRAN hare scrambles By Dr. Gonzo BOULDER CITY, NV, DEC. 16 "Scootin' Scot" Harden, on a Team Husky/Sportsman Cycle Husqvama S90CR, blitzed to victory in the last Motorcycle 14 Racing Association of Nevada points run of the decade. The win was especially sweet for Harden, recently elevated to Husky's number one desert tream rider with the defection of super-team Jack Johnson and Larry Roeseler to the newly-formed Yamaha off-road squad. Scot was very pumped for this race. anxious to tum back the red threa t of arch·rival and Team Maico supertalent, Kevin Davis. The Southern Nevada Desert Riders utilized old courses in the Eldorado Canyon/Nelson area east of Las Vegas and constructed a well-marlled, welllilled circuit that, typical of the region, proved to be rough and extremely fast. Due to a lack of rain in the Las Vegas area, the dust was of a blinding/choking nature that, when combined with a non-existent breeze, made passing difficult and dangerous to say the least. The start was everything, and the savvy riders knew it. One of the less fortunate remarked, "I lined up next to Scot Harden and Kevin Davis. When the banner dropped, they pulled me and I got totally dusted out. Riders were crashing everywhere and out of thin air, 125cc shoe Benny Brown passed me WFO, off the course, blind. I rode in a monstrous dust cloud for a mile before 1 found the course markings." After a killer holeshot, Harden commanded a healthy five minute lead at the completion of lap one. Scot toured the 35-mile circuit in 45 minutes, attesting that the course was definitely a fast, big·bore track. Kevin Davis, on the Maico Distributing/Vegas Cycle Maico 400cc Magnum, was the second rider through. The next bille to come around was the Sportsman Cycle/Huslr.y 390CR of Chucll Rush. Mailing the tum fourth overall, Salt Lake City, UT super-shoe Kris Morgan was Ileeping the Las Vegas boys honest on the Wrench House Husky 390. Running fifth overall was co-promoter of the Las Vegas 400 and co-owner of the state of Wyoming with the Guio racing family, Sam Bass on yet another big-bore Husky. Bass, a Colorado resident and the Guios of Big Piney, WY, are unique MRAN members. They Ileep their vans, bikes and spares stashed at friends' houses in the area and whenever there is a race they commute to Las Vegas from their far· away homes. Bass, at 54 years old, is a double for Rolf Tibblin in appearance and riding ability. Ken Guio's antics are as famous in District 37 as they are in MRAN. Riding in a tuxedo or brightly colored, flowery riding pants, this elder statesman of cross-country riding is always in the thick of the race and habitually puts it on riders many ye.ars his junior, including his fi!'.e riding sons, Cotton and TaR. The first' 250cc through was the Vegas Cycle Maico of Danny Winebarger, a stellar 125cc rider, making his mark in the quarter-litre class. Glen Wischemeyer, the Boulder City sensation who has been ripping up the 250cc Expert class lately, brought his Suzuki RM250C around second place. Mystery rider 54X made the tum in the third 250cc Expert spot on a Yamaha while Benny "Berserko" Brown rounded out the top 10 on his Nevada Yamaha-backed YZ125, running first 125cc Expert. Benny acquired the name "Berserko" earlier in the year when he changed from a top 125cc finisher to a top 250cc crasher. After numerous bail·offs, Brown got another 125cc, is still berserk, but he seems more apt to keep his tiddler on two wheels long enough to make the checkers. On the second lap of the scheduled three 35-mile loop race, Harden still commanded a four-and-a·half minute lead over second place Davis. Rush remained a distant third. Fourth·place Morgan pitted with a flat tire, his crew quickly changed it out, and he resumed the race without losing his position to fifth-place holder Bass. Winebarger was still running sixth overall, first 250cc Expert. Brown turned up the burner and moved his YZ125 up three places to malle the second tour seventh overall, first 125cc Expert. Mystery rider 54X moved his Yamaha into eighth overall. second 250cc Expert trailed by hard· charging, veteran 250cc Expert, Eric Elizondo on a Maico. "Moving" Marv Chapman rounded out the top 10, running second 125cc Expert on his Suzuki. Glen Wischemeyer, an early 250cc Expert contender, saw his hopes for victory dashed as he completed the second lap on a flat rear tire, lying 14th. At the checkers, it was Harden by a comfortable margin of four minutes over Davis. Chucll Rush finished third overall followed by Morgan and Bass. The top five positions remained the same throughout the race as did most of the positions due to the fast, dusty nature of the course. Mystery rider 54X moved into sixth overall, first 250cc Expert after overhauling Benny Brown who finished close behind at seventh overall, first 125cc Expert. However, 54X was placed last for pre-riding the course. Eric Elizondo finished eighth overall, second 250cc Expert followed by fellow Maico rider Mike Miller on an Open class bike. Rounding out the top 10 was early 250cc Expert leader Winebarger who finished third 250cc Expert after taking soil samples, wrong turns and wearing himself out in the process. The comeback ride of the day goes jointly to Jeff Harper and "Bultaco" Bob Gabriel. Harper, on the Wayne Gales-prepped, Kawasaki/Honda of Las Vegas/Cameiot Health Spas KX250A·5 finished 11 th overall, fourth 250cc Expert in his first 100miler since February and about his third ride since injuring his knee at a local MX in June. Gabriel, out of action since the July 4th Gran Prix in Caliente where he almost burned up the town with an over·exuberant fireworks spree, spent part of the night in jail and proceeded to totally trash his arm and collarbone in a horrendous pile-up on race day, piloted the Gabriel Builders/Bultaco 360 to a very nifty 12th overall, seventh Open Expert. Jon "Frog" Ogren on a 1980 Nevada Yamaha YZ250, finished fim Amateur, 18th overall ana led all three laps. Danny Anderson, on a 250cc Huslly finished first overall Novice, 2!lrd overall. The Southern Nevada Desen Riders brought to a close a decade of fine racing in the southern Nevada area that has seen MRAN elevate to a botbed of desert racing. The passing of the 70s saw Jack Johnson assume Max Switzer's crown as king of the southern Nevada desen and also the emergence of Scot Harden and lately Kevin Davis as challengers to Johnson's dominance_ There were tragedies also. Bill and Freddie Johnson's lives w:ere cut shon in an automobile crash on the way to the races. Likable Pat Friel, a successful businessman, motorcycle shop' owner, and co·founder of MRAN had his' riding days come to an end after a broken neck left him paralyzed. George Gabriel, father of long-time MRAN member "Bultaco" Bob Gabriel, also perished in a car crash. The MRAN members who knew these guys acknowledge and thank them for their contribution to the spon. Casey Folks evolved from a number one 125cc plate holder to coach of his son Darryl's successful campaign for the 1979 125cc number one plate. Casey was also heavily involved in the political workings of land UJe in the Las Vegas area and helped to organize the old Mint 400 for bikes. as well as his new race, the Las Vegas 400, and the countless local desert races that his club, the Groundshaken M.C. put on. Results OPEN EX: 1. Scot Hlrdon (HUll; 2. Kevin DIIIio lMoil; 3. Chuck Ruoh lHUIl. 2SO EX: 1. Eric: Elizondo IMoil; 2. Don W~ lMoiI; 3. Jell HIrpor CKowI. 125 EX: 1. Benny Ilfown (Yoml; 2. Bil McOonieI lVoml; 3. Mike Welch (C-Al. 2SO AM: 1. Jon Ogren lVom!; 2. Reb Wellece lVoml; 3. Grt Zupenic lVoml. 125 AM: 1. Todd Timmono IYoml; 2. Floyd Ilf~ lHusI; 3. Deniel Ozuna (HUll. OPEN NOV: 1. Mike Tucker IMoi'; 2. Mike _ _ (Suz); 3. Grt Wright (Hus!. 2SO NOV: 1. Denny _ _ (HUll; 2. Jim W~ lSuzl; 1 Mike Hlrdy IYom!. 125 NOV: 1. Scon _ IYoml; 2. Robert CIert lVoml; 3. John BUlturff IYom'. OVER 3B-A: 1. Ron Tommons (Moil; 2. Ken Guio IHUIl. OVER 311-8: ,. Don S _ ISuzI; 2. Dennis Roberts IHus!; 3. Ken Hammann IYI"".

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