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• .... Nei¥ Ca" outside lines, just waiting for HoDand and his Suzuki to make a mistake. At the end of the first moto HoDand held firm in the lead, Kehoe took second. Franco was third witlr Galan holding off McGill for fourth. The second time around, Johner Kight, aboard a Kawasaki from Las Vegas, NV, puDed a holeshot with Kehoe and HoDand in hot pursuit. Making a wide sweeping turn, Kehoe took command, HoDand followed suit in second and they pursued each other down to the finish line. Franco fought Kight for third a'!d left Kight to hold off Galan on his R&D machine to fifth. When t'he checkered flag brought the racers home, Kehoe emerged the overaD winner, Holland took down second overall and third went to Franco. . The Junior Cycle gang was not to be taken lightly. For starters, they insisted on taking on the entire course. What proceeded to go down brought cheers of encouragement all around the track. One six-year-old, Justin Saragueta from Fresno, CA, aboard a Suzuki, was having problems ta.ckling the jumps on the back side of the course. Mter studying the lines of his opponents he decided the only way to go was leg power. Scuffling along with throttle wide open he'd crest a jump, zoom down, etc. until all three jumps had be.en cleared. His endurance paid off with a class win for his division. Meanwhile, a battle royale was being waged in the Intermediate Division between Mike Healey and Scott Brown who fought wheel to wheel throughout both motos for a first and second overall respectively with Brandon Reyes nudging both of them throughout for third. In the 125cc Junior Division Two race, Chris Hernia, aboard a Yamaha fought tooth and nail, down to the wire with Suzuki-mounted Don Blain. Rina \'Iavera challenged them constantly but was held back in third. The second time off the line, Navera was primed and ready. He jumped into the lead and found heaVy traffic from behind with Jim Connolly, Richard Barron and Blain in fourth. Blain went to the outside for a passing attempt but didn't' make it. It was super tight between the top five riders with mere seconds separating them. Navera and ConnoDy were attacking berms side by side. On the last lap, Connolly finally took command. Peter Lepp, who had been inching his way up throughout the moto was now in fourth and had put Blain behind him. By now it was anyone's game and when the finish line came into view, Connolly crossed over for the overall win, Navera claimed second overall and third went to Blain. When the 250cc Intermediates Division Two made their charge up the hill at the start of their race .absolute bedlam erupted. With riders dropping all over the track, the red flag was whipped out and a fe-start called for. On their second charge, Richard Marsh aboard a Honda puDed ahead for a beautiful lead. A Honda/Suzuki battle for second was shaping up between Mike Langley and Ken Hamilton. Langley held Hamilton to third down to the end as they both watched Marsh cross over for the moto win. The start of the second moto saW" Marsh on his way to victory lane with yet another beautiful lead. Langley, once more in second, found a tough adversary in the. likes of Hondamounted Fernando Valencia. While Langley and Valencia fought wheel to wheel for second, Beaver Ellis had his --~ ...- - - -...............- - -........- -.......-.-.....- - - HI-POINT ••• THE NO. 1 BOOT IN THE DESERT! .. IHI-POINT) *. RACING * I e o 00 0") ..... photo by Joyce Mey BRUCE OGILVIE ••• No.1 OPEN DESERT RACER FOLLOWED BY THESE DESERT STARS WHO WIN WITH HI-POINT ••• OPEN CLASS #1 BRUCE OGILVIE #2 BOB BALLENTINE 2S0cc CLASS #1 KEM PARK #2 CHUCK MILLER LT. WT. CLASS 11 CHARILIE HAMILL The No.1 desert plate holders for 1980 will all be on Hi-Point M-X boots "The Choice of Champions:' Champions like Bruce. Kem and Charlie rely on the best in equipment and accessories to get them to the finish line first. that's why these champions choose the protection and qomfort Hi·Point boots deliver in the desert. Don't be-caught .: without a : Cycle News HAT! HI-Point has an entire Dna of M-X and Enduro boots in mini M-X siz. . 1 thru 7 and adult size. & thru 13 includIng %.ize•. Top grtlin leather. smooth M-X or cleated Enduro sol... quick faaten buckles. ankle and shin padding. stainleaa stael shin plate and the finest in craftsman.hip. See your Hi-Point RacIng Products dealer and get the perfect fit. Hi-Point Boots "Tha Choice of Champions". HI-POINT RACING PRODUCTS H04 Oates Dr.,, CA .1127 P.O. Boll 2327,~, TX. 7.105 Mail to: Cycle News Products P.O:Box498 Dept.10W2 Long Beach. Ca. 90801 Name _ ~ Address Citv _ State Please send me Zip· h8tlslet $6.95 each (Red and White) Order yours' today! . i.' ~.~ 1 each large & small Cycle News stickie with order _ Please fill in your complete account number and expiration date. Signature Now _iIabl. lit your eye!. O....r n.. inoo 'ot _ ......"".... orolhl ;. ...tho

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