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;. .t -C.. II ' An.... t -'n oCaI Ne t c Ar ... Western hotline ... o 00 C7) Scott Keyes leads Mark Leckman and Robert Mason at Saguaro Raceway. out the action, call Thor Motors at 808/621-8660 for month to month schedule. Tom Geist leads Rolando San Pedro in HRRA's 1~i1e road race. Sublett wins JOG-mile RR in HawaII By Turkey L Sims Photo by Colin Mciver OAHU, HI, DEC. 16 The Hawaii Road Race Associa· tion held their second annual 100-mile road race on the 1.5 mile track at Hawaii Raceway 16 Park. While you folks were trying to figure out how to keep warm on short rides, we were trying to fmd an air conditioner to fit a TZ!l50. One hundred miles, even on December's "cool" days, is quite an undertaking. In the beginning it seemed certain that Gary Sublett (TZ!l50) would have his hands full battling Dave Webster on his Seeley-Suzuki TR750. On the warm-up lap, the Suzuki decided to disengage primary electrical power, leaving Webster stranded on the track. The grid shut down and waited, until the track was clear. It appeared Webster was out. The riders started their engines and were flagged away. Thirty seconds later, here came Webster. Thirty seconds on a 1.5 mile track is a long head start. but Dave had the power, handling, and skill to catch the pack, and by the 10th lap he was in second place, still well behind Sublett's TZ. Unfortunately Dave's front brake 'SOOn developed a small steam bubble and wouldn't completely release. With Webster out of the race. all the starter had to do was count the number of times Sublett passed to monitor the length of the race. Far behind Sublett was number two man Gary Kuesel on his BMW RSIOO just cruising and yawning, while scraping his crash bars in the corners. Not enough bike to catch the TZ and too much talent to be challenged. With first and second places dependent solely on no crashes or breakdowns, the other 22 riders were doing some hard racing. In Hawaii, all seven classes are usually run on the track at the same time, making for some interesting competition. Dr. Denny Gorlick's !l50cc Ducati wouldn't outrun' a mongoose in a straight line, but it dusted off many a big bike in the corners until the front brake overheated to the point where even four stroke compression couldn't help slow the bike enough, so he parked it to cool off awhile. Rolando San Pedro was having fun with the big bikes on his hand-made (well, he didn't actually build the spark plugs or tires) fast 180cc Yamaha twin until nagging engine problems forced him out. Tom Geist crashed his GS550, rebuilt it in the pits, and was a strong third in Open Cafe until Nick Rudisill retired with a flat rear tire, moving him up to second behind cruising Tom Leighton. Dr. Dick Williams flew in from Hilo Sunday 'morning to ride his XSII (despite a broken ankle) against Gipe on a CBX and Red Proctor on an RD400. Dr. Dick was doing quite well in his first road race, until he fell while battling the CBX in a high speed sweeper. Once the bike was righted (holy hernia) he took off in hot pursuit until his foot clipped a pylon causing a gradual, but defeating. loss of feeling in his broken ankle. He parked the bike and watched as the CBX later spent several minutes in the pits replacing a foot peg bolt that "vibrated" out. Red Proctor just kept circling the track on his stock RD400 to take the win. The 410cc Cafe class was on by Jensen Leong on his slide-around-thesweeper RD400 with Jeff Nooney (RD!l50) in second. Brian Kam dropped his final exam cramming just long enough to ride to a smooth victory in 410cc Production. Brian is the quiet. shy type of racer you never notice - until he smokes you on his Box Stock CB400T. When the racing ended, talk started about how much fun the 100-miler was, and no one wanted to wait until the four hour race in June or July for some long races, so HRRA will Iry to incorporate some 50·mile events into their monthly schedule. Any of you mainland types who want to check Saguaro MX starts new year with AMA By Nancy Keyes Photo by Vicki Keyes TUCSON, AZ,JAN. 6 Saguaro Raceway, by going AMA and changing to three motos brought quite a bit of excitement for the first race of the new year. The rid~rs and spectators felt more excitement over the whole race. There was no time for the riders to waste getting their bikes ready for the next moto, which came around quickly. The 125cc Junior class saw Rick Collins and Mike Rehm fight it out with Collins taking the first two motos and Rehm taking the other. John Janssen pulled the jump on Pat Eggman in two out of three motos, but Eggrnan took two wins out of three giving him the overall in the 125cc Novice class. The turnout in the Mini Class was better this race_ Maybe it's because we're now giving trophies to all of the Beginner and Novice Minis. Bryan Bruner pulled the holeshots with Scott Keyes and Joey Rachwalk in hot pursuit in the Experts. Rachwalk worked his way to a first overall for the Experts, Bryan Bruner was flTSt in the Junior class, Tim Livingston was top Mini Novice and Scott Dumm won the Beginner class with Brad Wachs second and Larry Moore third. Timbo Richardson was first out in all three motos of the 250cc and Open Pros with Rick Watmore and Dave Anderson behind him in moto one. Jay Perkins quickly got around Anderson and passed Watmore coming out of a tum in the valley to take over second place. Scott Wooks came in second in the second moto followed by Watmore. The third molO gave Watmore a second and Perkins a third with Richardson first in all three motos. Results MINI MINI: 1. K....n Carpenter (5UlI. MINI BEG: 1. Scott Oumm (5UlI: 2. Bred Wechs (Yaml: 3. L.a«y Moor. (5uzl. MINI NOV: 1. Tim Livingston ('(am). MINI JR: 1. Bryon Bruner (Yaml: 2. Robert Meson (Yaml. MINI EX: 1. Joe Rachwalk (Yaml: 2. Scott Keyes (Yaml. 100: 1. Scott Guerin (Yaml: 2. Mike Carpenter (Yaml. 125 BEG: 1. Mike Lafferty (Yam): 2. Jim Seeger (Yaml; 3. Ned Moreno (Suzl. 125 NOV: 1. Pat Eggman !Yaml: 2. John Janssen (5uz); 3. Don Adams (Yaml. 125 JR: 1. Riel< Collins (5uz): 2. Mike Rehm !Yaml; 3. Bryan OBin (Yaml. 250 BEG: 1. Pat. Thompson (Yam): 2. Sherman Mendez (Yaml. 250 NOV: 1. Hugh GogIin (Mail. 250 JR: 1. Wes Blair (Yaml: 2. James Geore !Yaml: 4. Dove Andenon (Yarnl. Three for Kehoe at CMC Golden State Sportsman MX By Lee Taylor Photo by Thundermountain Photography ORANGE, CA,JAN. 5 The Continental Moto·sports Club launched the 1980 racing season with its fourth annual Golden State Series. The opening sportsman race had all the razzle dazzle of New Year's Eve on Time Square, the thrills of a Coliseum race and enough guts and glory 10 satisfy any racer and his family. Manufacturers backing Ihis Series went all the way with Can-Am offering their 125cc machine as a Grand Prize and Pro-Track contributing several trailers. Robert Bosch Corporation and Scott USA will be on hand throughout the series with a jackets and goggles to class winners. Over 450 riders throughout California and parts of Washington, Nevada and Arizona converged on Saddleback Park for the inaugural race. Erik Kehoe raced his own Triple Crown for the day. He took overall wins in the 80cc Stock Experts over 12 years, the 80cc Modified Experts and capped off the day with the 125cc Intermediate, Division Two win. When the 80cc Modified Expert race took off, George Holland II I grabbed the lead and found himself hounded relentlessly by Kehoe. Louie Franco, in third and Yamahamounted, was keeping heavy pressure on Kehoe. A close battle was shaping up in fourth with Pal Galan holding off Jack McGill. down from Olympia, WA.·Trying 10 pilot his Yamaha into the lead, Kehoe was taking radical

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