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think 1 was a good rider. However, having learned quite a bit about how things work 1 don't believe that 1 could have ever gotten anything like a factory contract. Now, if 1 had lived in southern California and been a hotshoe at some local track things might have been different." Strangely, Domokos does not believe that he has good balance. The tnck to doing a good wheelie is practice, practice and more practice. "I didn't learn overnight," he says. "I was fascinated from the first time I got on a motorcycle by people who could wheelie. Eventually, 1 learned how and actually got more of a buzz from people getting turned on by my wheelies than by a little hot dogging on the track. Some people get their satisfaction from amassing as much money as they can, some from gathering awards and accolades from their peers. For Domokos, the satisfaction comes from his acceptance by the crowd - the feeling that everyone who is watching is pulling for hi m. "There are only two people at a Supercross who can appear and immediately get the crowd cheering for them. Bob Hannah is one and I'm the other," he says immodestly. Humbleness is not his strong suit, but then to be a performer you must believe completely in yourself and your ability to do almost anything. "The crowd makes the show. There are times at an MX when somebody will hold out a drink or just their hand and 1 go over and take the can or give 'ern five and it becomes contagious. Suddenly, the whole crowd is with you. Personal contact means more than anything else in developing a one on one feeling with the crowd. 1 don't watch the track anymore than 1 have to, 1 look at the crowd and keep eye contact. "My crowd is not the usual race goer. The act appeals to all ages, but the nine to l2-year-olds are really my supporters. 1 love the kids. One thing that 1 would like to do is more charity work. You know, get people to pledge sums of money on the distance 1 could cover. Doing things like that really makes me feel good." It's been a long and sometimes trying trip for Domokos to get to where he is today. Along the way he lost a very close friend in an accident and some believe it is because of this that Domokos seems to have a dedicated death wish. Others feel he believes he is invincible. It was just over a year ago that Kawasaki signed him to a contract which he considers his first real break. "I was being interviewed at the 1978 l25cc USGP in Ohio and was asked about my sponsors. I said that outside Red Bud Cycle 1 really didn't have any. Steve Johnson, of Kawasaki, took the ball from there witl) a little prodding from Jimmy Weinert and pretty soon I was working for them." Domokos hopes his next big break will be when the movie "On Any Sunday II" in which he is a featured performe,r hits the theaters in early 1980. "Once people see me on the. screen and the things 1 do, 1 feel that a whole new world will open up. 1 want to get into the movies and do stunts, but really only wheelies because 1 perfected them and that's what I'm known for. "I'd also like to write a book about my experiences, one that really tells the inside about a lot of things. I'd tell you more about it, but that would be giving things away." Domokos will probably keep on living life one day at a time, doing what he wants to do, seeking thrills wherever and whenever they pop up and waiting for that one day when all systems are perfect and he wheelies out of sight and over the horizon. Just like in the movies. • wes ern esupp 0") ..... If you're making a list and checking it twice, check our price. 1-0 Q,) ..0 8 Q,) u Q,) ~. List Gloves List Vener Tail Trunk C 7240 Super Cold Weather Hi Gauntlet C 4000 Super Cold Weather La Gauntlet 27.95 22.00 25.95 20.75 MXL Street & Touring Butter Soh leather Shoei Saddleba~s SB3, White/Blac 160.00 225.00 190.00 Leather Jackets Excelled Leather With Liner 34.95 1111 Brown Black Bates 4970 Winter Gloves. Black. Brown 4960 Road Race 27.95 A-22. Bomber Zip-out Liner & Collar. Black or Brown 30.95 27.50 30.95 27.50 '14 Cale Fairing Piranha Gloss Black. Smoke or Clear Screen 89.95 145.00 120.00 999, Harley Jacket, Black Only Fairings 140.00 120.00 1169. Honda Style. Black or Brown. WIZJp-out Liner & Collar 135.00 115.00 Sizes 38-44 46-52 available at additional charge of 525.00 (special order) '12 Cafe Fairing Gloss Seats Black. Smoke. or Clear Screen Hang 2. A Double Saddle 99.95 Vetter Windjammer IV. Black/WMe 350.00 Vetter Vindicator II. BlacklWhite 249.00 304.95 39.95 29.95 XSOO) Exhaust Systems RC. 4 into 1 Chrome 180.00 163.90 D,G. 4 inlo 1 Chrome 180.00 163.90 Kerker 4 into 1 Chrome Specify Make. Model & Year IBlack is Availablel WC Racing's P~ Works, RD 350 400 Specify Year 130.00 120.00 99.00 115.00 92.50 107.00 92.00 74.00 116.00 Cycle Saats g~H~ ETwin~ Bike & Year] Laguna Seca Cafe Seat. RD 350/400. Fibe~lass Cafe Seat Solo "Wide 10·3/4 Mid. 28" L~ Dual. Same but 6" onger Solo Upholstered ISpecify Fairings Hardware IMountin~1 (Except 156.95 B Single Saddle 225.00' ICBX Fairing-Write ,for Oootel 574.95 168.35 Sale 60.00 59.50 58.50 57.50 46.75 59.50 48.00 47.60 46.80 46.00 37.40 47.60 53.00 50.40 45.40 77.25 50.65 42.40 40.32 36.32 61.80 40.52 54.90 42.00 70.50 52.00 80.50 65.75 43.92 33.60 56.40 41.60 64.40 52.60 48.50 47.50 41.30 44.50 38.75 38.80 38.00 33.04 35.60 31.00 Conti Twins 510·16 450-17 510-18 425·18 325-19 350-19 Kl 12 K112 K112 Kl12 RB2 RB2 Dunlop's 425·18 K81 410-19 K81 360-19 K81 450-17V K100 350-19 FII RIB Goodyears 510-16 AfT 325-19 AfT 510-17 GTiI 350-19 GTII 425-18 HST 375-19 HST IRC 510·18 510·17 350-19 400-18 325-19 AW AW AW AW AW Helmets Bell Helmets Star II Motestar III Magnum II RT 109.95 104.95 85.95 58.95 Solo Pad Only 44.95 J & M Safety Bar W/Pegs. 1V. Inch Chrome 87.95 78.75 64.50 47.25 41.95 32.95 List Sale Ancra Red Pro Tie Downs, 6" 13.95 11.25 Richcrah (Bumper) Cycle Carriers. Under 250 lb. Motorcycle 21.95 17.50 42.95 35.50 Mercury Carb Stick GT Mfg, Brand Syn 4 Carb Triple A Floorboards 4041 GL1 000 75-79 4043 KZl 000 78 145.00 145.00 4044 XSll. XS11F 145.00 4045 GS1000 145.00 Clymer Repair Manual 8.50 6.95 Large Speakers 69.95 61.95 Cycle Sound. Radio Hiousing. Small Speakers 59.95 53.95 44.50 39.95 Sound Systems Vetter Cycle Sound Radio Housing. Locks Sacurity Chain & Lock Campbell 6 h. x 3/8" Vinyl Coated Chain American HT-16 Round Key. 7 Pin. 2" Shank with Carrying Bag ---------- 13053 -----------Rosecrans Ave. Norwalk. CA 90650 79.95 Dual Pad Oniy 185.00 List Tires Miscellaneous Dual Upholstered 49.95 Western Cycle Supply Name Address City Oil Coolers (213) 802-1911 Phone Bags 51.95 37.50 51.95 37.50 Suz GS750. 1000. 850.550.44115 153.79 Derale Honda 750K. 550. 4411H Kaw ZIR, KZ1ooo. 9OO.4711K 169.00 59.95 45.00 YamXS1100.441141 56.95 42.75 44.50 33.35 ~ 12.50 14.50 Charge: c Mastercharge C Check encl.(aJlow 3 wks. tor c M.O. encl. ched< 10 clear.) Exp. Date S5 Minimum on charge orders. CredIt Card Number J & M Wrap Around Saddlebag. Chrome Rails. GL1 OOOx XS1100. K21000, 1300. GS1000 170.00 130.00 WC Travel Trunk W/RacklPad/Rails 139.00 100.00 Harley-Triumph. 44110 BSA-Norton 309.00 271.00 Scott Goggles 11'53 11'59 BlacklWh~e CYCLE TROPHIES Special Program for all Clubs & Promoters Buy Direct and Savel Free Engraving & Delivery Yes, we can solve your awards problems. Lowest Prices Prompt Delivery Call· Cherlie Kight· 30117»6811 For the Best Deel on Tro~.lnthe Eat OLYMPIC TROPHY CO. 701 Park Lane; Hag8rstown, MD 21740 DESIGNERS ENGRAVERS' MANUFACTURERS 15.95 17.95 State Mocei # Year Quan Goggles Vetter Saddlebags W/Hardware Specific Model & Year \ Sale 180.00 Sale Castre Street Item and # ~ Zip Color Size Ca. Slate ReSlden1s add 6~.. sales tax. : $ 1.50 Special Insurance lor Items over $100.00. Pnces subfect 10 change. Price I Add 6'" Shipping Minimum $1 Tolal o Visa #I SUZUKI OF V AN NUYS #I We've Got It All JT Racing Products Hi Point Boots Moto·X Fox Boots U Products Scott Boots U Goggles Vendramini MXL Boots JT Racing Products GriHs Leathers Hallman Leathers U Products O'Neal Products Bell Helmets Electro Helmets Shoei Helmets DG Racing Products JOF A Products Preston Petty Products Carrera Products Monarch Products UNI Products Plus too many more to mention The Valley's Best Selection of Motocross Accessories P.S. Santa does all of his shopping at Suzuki of Van Nuys Ib141 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 9140b 994·2800 213 994-2882 3 Blocks West of the San Diego Free'Way 405 Open Mon.·Sat. 9:30-&:00 Open Sun. 10:00-2:00 until Xmas 15

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