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Lay away a little. Guest Think ahead. Wouldn't a Kawasaki mini bike make somebody you know pretty happy this Christmas? Well help you put one away until then with a little money down. You11 find many minis to choose from, including this KD80M dirt model featured now at $499~ __---.,-1.. You can lay away a full-size Kawasaki motorcycl~, too. Or even some of our genuine Kawasaki accessories. And if you don't know what to layaway, don't give up. Give a Kawasaki gift certificate instead So stop by and see us today. If you want to give a little this Christmas, we11 give you a big head start. Editorial Restrictor equals SOOcc The time is now. Something must be done. In 1969. just ten years ago. the 750cc rule was introduced, with Harley. Triumph and BSA alI fielding teams of riders. It was a time of high competition between riders, manufacturers, dealers and fans. Today there is a problem getting enough riders to fill a National program, not to mention a Regional or local event. There is the perpetually spiraling cost of racing which is found in any 'motorized competition. However, the _proposed restrictor program, with the end result making the 500's com· petitive with the 750's would open the 'door to many more avenues of rider support. More riders and promoters would be encouraged to continue racing, giving the sport what it needs most, growth, not declining numbers of riders, as we now have. Having raced Nationally as an Expert flat tracker for five years and personalIy experiencing the high cost involved in maintaining a competitive machine, realistically, sponsorship is 'the only way the privateer can offset some of these expenses. During the past several years 1 have been involved .-with the Winston Pro Series as a promoter, as an individual and as a member of the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association, a club that sponsors ten Semi- Pro flat track event~ annually in Maryland. Today's riders, tomorrow'! professionals, are greatly concerned as they face the consequences of the AMA Board of Trustees' ruling. As they progress they are faced with losing their present sponsorship. This combined with the limited number of CHarley-Davidson sponsorsh;ps, in most cases will preclude their continuation in the sport. Let's not forget the fans and spectators on which this sport depends. The motorcycling public is enthusiastic and loyal to the manufacturer of the machines they ride and would like to see them represented and 'successful in comPC(.lition. The time for act10n is now. We can not keep going with our heads in the sand, hoping the problem will go away. It's high time that the Board of Trustees come down from their ivory tower and listen to those qualified to guide the sport. Mike DiPrete and Bill Boyce, along with the Dirt Track Rules Committee, proposed the restrictor rule after careful consideration of all aspects of dirt track racing. Perhaps if more AMA members, dealers and potential sponsors made their feelings known, the Board of Trustees would realize the mistake 'they have made .and act to correct it, before it is too late. Denny Palmgren Kawasaki Don't let the good times pass you by. ~:~~~~ SUPERCROSS (415) 969-1682 AMA FEB. 15-18, 1980 (415) 961-5807 0-36 AMATEUR RACERS FROM THROUGHOUT THE WESTERN REGION ARE INVITED TO RIDE A SERIES OF QUALIFYING RACES LEADING TO THE AMATEUR SUPERCROSS AT THE OAKLAND COLISEUM MONDAY FEB. 18, 1980 DECEMBER 9 . DECEMBER 16 SEARS POINT RACEWAY HANGTOWN AT PLYMOUTH QUALIFIER #4 QUALIFIER #5 Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope For Info: ALL AMERICAN MC 2570 LEGHORN UNIT A MT. VIEW, CA94043 ~&,~L.: KNOBBY ~ SALE!! '. J:.,J ...~ 500X17 GY MX II $43.95 OUNLOP300x21 K190 OUNLOP300x21 SPT. SR YOKOHAMA 300x23 PIRELLl300x21.. MI C TIRE WORIS INC. CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE lRAIl.EJIS 6023 S. WESTERN AVE. LOMITA (213) 539-4150 8nl.ds_CH~_Wanladbl.-nk. I ~------ S21.95 $21.95 $ 21 .95 $14.95 ADVAN KNOBBYS 360x18 $22,95 400 x 18 , $24,95 460 x 18 $26.95 GOODYEAR EAGLE D / T 350 x 19 $24.95 400 x 19 $31.95 400 x 18 · $30.95 • I Cyc"Ne_ _ Z CE ETSeafCovers AIIZ Tone $20.95 All Black $17.95 2 Tone or Black with Factory Side Markings Available For • Ail YZ's & IT's • All KX's • All RM's & PE's • All CR's • All Meico's • All Cen-Am's • Husky • Buheco • KTM Seet Covers Are: Double Stitched • Dureble • Eesy to Install SEAT R E P A ' R - - - - - - - - - • Instail Cover • Complete Rebuild • Repair Foem • Chenge Height We Cen Recover Any Seet • UPS Deily MASSCO CEET WORKS, INC. 7231"A"~""Bhd. 0 . . - . . . . . CA 12041 (7141 n3-7070 17

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