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16 sioner was still doing its job holdmg powerplant. More bumps than things taut. The drive assembly had necessary are felt because the KLX seen its share of branches and mud, drops its rear tire into every hole it finyet still was ready for more--a necessity ds because of lack of motor to skim for serious woods riding. across the top. It didn't take but a few seconds on In the woods the KLX uses its four· the KLX to see Kawasili had put stroke motor to do the job. The together a four·stroke machine com· pulling p'ower is available when pletely different from that of the Hon· needed, as was witnessed when the da. The KLX sat MX high with a much KLX chugged up a long uphill in first. narrower feeling. In fact, the bike felt No clutch was needed, and the throttle as if there was just less there. Panly was turned on and off on the way up. due to the lack of a speedometer and The cycle would start from zero revs headlight/number plate and taillight, and stan pulling on any grade. it. felt as if the KLX should be waiting The bike was gone over and readied for the gate to drop at a motocross· at for an enduro,. with a lighting kit in· least until the engine is used. stalled for the run. The kit matches The initial ride on the KLX was a the bike and looks like a production bit frightening. The rear end of the item that came with it.. bike makes such a clattering sound it The MX nature of the KLX .comes seems something in back is about to go out when it is being serviced. Almost away. Observation in the form of every bolt on the machine uses a nut to quick glances behind indicated the' tighten against, requiring two tools to noise was coming from the springs hit· get the job .done. The gas petcock is ting on the shocks and the chain slap' on/ off with no reserve. Ignition wires ping on its guides. running into the left side of the engine Taken out to the trails, the KLX are vulnerable to trees and rocks, and soon let it's riding position be known· the front brake arm extends to the up tight against'the tank. The position front instead of the back, which also worked for a lighter rider, but it was leaves it wide open to hitting found that a heavier person (185 something hard. A chain tensioner is pounds and up) might try to keep their missing and the plastic chain guide weight back on the seat. The steering over the swingarm was almost gone, seemed more precise in tliis fashion. with m~rks already on the swingarm. For a rider around six feet the bike Gassing the KLX up at an enduro is negotiable in the woods, but for a became quite a problem, considering shoner person getting one's feet down the gas cap tightens itself to toe point in time might be a probletn. The KLX of being a probletn to remove. A quick sports 9.8 inches of travel front and pitstop could tum into one longer than rear, and 36.7 inches for a leat heigitt expected if your pit crew doesn't con· spec is bad news to a shoner person tain a muscular type who can take care who needs a quick dab now and then. of the cap. Whoe\fer you are or what~ver your Once underway the KLX did an a-::size, once the KLX hits a fast paced ceptable job in the enduro. In comers area and your feet are on the pegs the the high sitting mount was a bit dif· bike finds itself at home. The KYB ficult to pitch low and get back up reservoir shocks and air forks stan to quickly, and if tight enduro runs are in suck up rough stuff and the bike's order the bars should be trimmed geometry keeps things stable. All that from two to four inches. is. n~~ .~ '';D.o~''P?':''et: from .~~ K~. . ". ~~~ w~.terproo~n~:~as. e~ellent, , .,. • • ~ , , • , •• t • to '. _ •.•• ~ ',' '., •.•.• , •• with stream crossings taken at speed and not a beat missed. The brakes were used hard ind had to be reset a few times, yet never went away. Tires expelled mud and stuck well if even power was applied. The KLX picked up a new noise at road sections of the course, that of a rattling in the top end. At first it was thought a ring was less than set in the cylinder, but o~ce the engine got hot the sound went away. Once the bike was dropped into a few mud holes its light weight became a distinct advantage. The grab loop on the back provided ample leverage, and lifting the cycle clear of the goo was easily done. The biggest flaw of the KU': i i~s inability to stan. The bike WOI. ' '-., cooking through a section when the wrong gear or some bad timing would cause the KLX to stall. It wouldn't have to be tipped over to take 25·50 kicks to stan· -opening or closing the throttle would have no effect. sud· denly the machine would fire as Specifications Engine: E*placement Borex_oke: Compreulon rIItio: c.rtJwetIon: Ignition: T,.,..,...lon: Front tire: Aeertire: Front 8USp8n.lon: Rear _penllion: Wheelbe. .: Fuel Capacity: Dry Weight: KLX XR OHC 4-RrOkellingle. fO'J' vetv. 249cc 5..-c1 3.00x21 tr.vel Gu-oilley-down Mocks. 9...·tr.vel 56.9" 2.5 gel. Height: 12" Sugguted retail price: .1649 74x57.8mm 9.8:1 3O.5mm pmon valve CDI • 5..-c1 3.00x23 4.00x18 Air..prIng fork. 9...• Ground cleer.nce: Length: The 250cc din duel ends in a draw, with both machines hitting the mark . yet the duel did not leave either op' ponent dead, as advantages and flaws surfaced in both cases. Both of the bikes are slow, a situation that a serious thumper rider can cure through the options already offered. Any and all other problems will have to be coped with, as with any other panicular brand of machine. What has to be realized is that both the XR and the KLX are a returning breed of racers, and that a first off ef· fon can and will take you to the win· ners circle,· in stock form. Take into account the competitive suggested retail prices. $1548 for the XR and $1649 for the KLX, and matching one's riding ability against a four· stroke woods bike might become a temptation. • 1 c:ylinder. SOHC 4-tnrolce 248cc: 7OldI4mm 8.9:1 32mmMikuni COl 233 11M. 83.2" 34.6" 46.3" Width: quickly as it stalled and once again be running strong. When seconds are precious, .a rider isn't able to contend with this problem and still be competitive. UOX18 LeedIng exle hydreulic fork. ..... trlIvel InV8l1lld Iey-down ga-dterged Mock.. 7...• trevel 66.1" 2.6 gel. 252.5 11M. 87" 34.4" 47.6" 11" . .1548 , ""

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