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New generation bike racer err ance By John Germain Photos by Charles Morey and John Nititas Terry Vance could be called a new generation motorcycle racer. At age 25, Terry's amassed a family, two houses, a joint partnership in an industrial building, two 'adequate' salaries, and four #1 Pro Stock Championships. He's accomplished these feats through unparallellied dedication, countless 15-hour days, and personal as well a.s monetary sacrifices. He's not a newcomer to drag racing, either, not by a long shot. Terry's been drag racing for 10 years, and he's been doing it fulltime for the past eight. 16 , What 'was the fint motorcycle that you ever owned? Well it wasn't really a motorcycle. Actually my father took the engine out of a lawnmower and put it into an old minibike frame. 1 believe 1 was 14 at 'the time. What was your fint experience with drag raciJig? The first time 1 ever saw a drag race was when 1 was LO; it didn't leave any lasting impression, though. Tbe first time 1 ever drag raced a motorcycle was when I was a junior in high school. A friend of mine convinced me to take my Honda 550 to the strip to see what it would do. He was going to do the same with his new CB750. The 550 didn't really impress me, so 1 asked if 1 could make a pass on the 750. After that it was pretty much settled. Later 1 bought his bike and set it up for bracket racing. When did you fint become auociated with RUlli Collins and Byron Hines of R.C. Engineering? . When 1 was 17 1 met Byron at a local track, and after watching him for awhile 1 decided 1 wanted to be on a winning team. So I talked Russ in to hiring me to answer the phones at R.C., so his machinist could keep working; my starting pay was $125 a week. Since that time. eight years ago, I've moved up to the pos.ition of general tjIlanager overseemg 50 employees. My salary has increa-sed accordingly with the phenomenal increase in Russ' business. (R.C. Engineering expects to gross three million dollars in fiscal '79.) Why did you make the switch, fint from Honda to Kawasaki, then to Suzuki? . We left Honda because toward the end it was becoming increasingly difficult to beat the Kawasakis with the "little" Honda. ┬ąter staying with the Kawasaki engine for two years, Byron and 1 decided that we should be getting some kind of sponsorship out .

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