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flag up to fifth place. ahead of Noyce. Britain's Rob Hooper pulled off the day after his bike ran out of fud and he pushed it the final 200 yards. The 6,000 crowd applal,lded him wildly. The second leg looked more promising for Britain with Semmens' bike fitted with a new and undented tank. and with all four riders competing. With the best six scores counting out of a possible eight races. Britain still ahd a bit of leeway. Noyce was hemmed in at the stan but within three laps had shot into second palce and looked like' over, hauling the leader, Gerard Rond. Lap four, aDd the British team in the pits panicked when there was no sign of Noyce. He trickled around a few minutes later, indicating that he had hun his leg. He pul1ed into the pits, obviously in pain, and was taken to the hospital. Luclr.ily it was not though the leg was broken. It soon became the Rond and Wolsink show, with the two grca~ sand masters being followed by Neil Hudson, Malherhe, DeCoster, West German Fritz Kobele and Swede Torleif Hal1Rll. By lap seven, despite Noyce's bad luck, Britain's riden were boosted to third overall, with Neil Hudson riding like a demon. By lap 18, Britain was in second place with Wolsink pulling out a bigger gap between himself and RoDd, and Everts trailing a long way behind them. Hudson was signalled to try to take Everts and responded by closing the gap considerably. By the penultimate lap. Wolsinlr. had Rond trailing by 13 seconds with DeCoster pushing Hudson hard. But only a few hundred yards from the checkered flag Rand stopped at the peak of a jump, out of fuel. So at the end of a thrilling 1979 Motocross des Nations, it was a win into the paddock complaining that the heavy landings from the huge jumps were beginning to break his front wheel up, and Dane Frank Svendson stopped with similar trouble. To the disappointment of his fans, Holland's top sandman. dentist Gerrit Wolsink was at the back of the pack, while his teammate Rond was enjoying a great scrap with the diminutive Everts. By a third of the way through the fint leg, Noyce was up into ftfth place behind Carlqvist, Malherbe. Everts and Rond, and tailed, albeit from a distance, by DeCoster, Hudson, Moiscev, Lodal and Russian Valeri Komcev. On lap 15, Rondjust seemed to get faster and pulled out an even bigger advantage over Everts. Lap 18 saw Noyce rocket through to take Everts by surprise when the Belgian was stripping off another layer of his rip,off goggles. This seemed to deflate Everts momentarily and he slipped back slightly. Rond was gettmg a little ragged by this time and the superfit Noyce, narrowed the gap. The fint leg fmished with Rond, Noyce. Everts, Malherbe, DeCoster and Hudson streaking over the line, but Britain's Vaughan Semmens was the hero for Belgium. followed by Britain, West Germany. Russia, Holland and Sweden. • Results 0IIERALl: 1. Ilolgium 132); 2. Gt. _ 1511; 3. w. Gaomony I83l; 4. USSR (72); 5. HoItond (73); 6. _ l78l; 7. Denmorl< fll8l. RRST UG: 1. G. Rand lSuz. HoIondl; 2. G. Noyce (Hon. Gt. 1IrillIinl; 3. H. e-a lSuz. lIelgium~ 4. A _ (Hon. Belgium); 5. R. (Suz. 1IolgIum1; 6. N. _ lMo;. Gt. IIrillIinl 7. A locIoI lHuo, o.nn.t<); 8. H. Schmitz (Mo;. Gaomony); 9. V. I(or.-(ICTM. USSRl. SECOND LEG: 1. Woloink; 2. H. CarlqWt (Huo, DeC__ S~; 3. e-a; 4. Hudoon; 5. o.c-; 6. DutLI men Ger.d Rond l8bcMt1 end Gerrit WoIIInk won the rnotDs. (fie photoJ 1IrillIinl; 8. V. ~ _lMIi.~; 10.~. Sc:hmilz; 7. R. Hoopor ' . .. .c_I:II;Mrict31?e:_~_, The . . _ a .._ - l I ' _ l I I00- c _ " , ~Jf'y V e I'I_IW 1 ".. ·urt_ . -.t_ I v _ u-. •..- _ _ 1 0-,.,, I L In.. NEW COURSE NEVER USED BEFORE All RACES TWO FUU HOURS - GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH ~-..) e-_t,,~ _ 1:00 A.M. All Senion. All Wo_ ~~ I I H"'-OI"«H"",""'-'T~""->"" I c:... c.... I ,_. 0" All Vets f30 __ + I lJ.2llO Am.ot_-Experts ~-------------------,._------.., ENTRY APPI..JCATION I ~_ _1 _ _ Cl........ the ..._1 - . . c _ .-.-.. toOt'. I - . D ' _ _ to c : _ .0_ Send 3 large Self~ Addressed Envelopes to: D, " .. _O'.... _ appl.......... c:luD ~~, _ _ c:_, _ ,_ w""' ,,.. •..-.____ _ _ SO CAL M.C. 7904 Glenoaks Blvd. Sun Valley, CA 91352 15

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