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Fasl Facls TonyWanket Motocrosser Name/nickname: Anthony Joseph WanketlTony. Date/place of birth: March 22. 1958/ Encinitas, CA. Heightlweighr.6'2"/165lba. Girlfriend or wife's name: None at the moment. Current residence: Encinitas, CA. Occupation: Carpenter. Hobbies/relaxastion: Body water ski, snow ski. surf, Van/car: Chevy pick-up. Favorite food: I like Mexican food the best. First interest in bikes: My dad got me into it in 1974. First bike: Honda SL70 minibike. First race: Motocross, on my SL70. Outcome of that race: I passed my little brother for the win. Most recent win: Carlsbad. Sizeslmake of current race bikes: VZ400F .Yamaha, VZ2!!OF Yamaha. SpoIlSOI'S: Yamaha International (support program I, Moto-X Fox. Tuner: My dad is my tuner; he's learned a lot since 1974. Biggest gripes about racing: The money is bed; guys using "works" bikes at local races. Most respected rivals: My brother is tough, and I have yet to beat or even stay with Jim Gibson at local races. Future racing ambitions: I would like to get the'1 plate in CMC's 250cc class. Reasons for racing: I like racing because it's very rewarding when you do well. especially in SoCaI because there is so much competition. Plus, it's about the most exciting thing you could do in a lifetime. I've met the nicest people at the races; there are really some super people out there. • BEL·RAY ~ANY, IIC., IN1EANATIONAL CORP. HDOTR$. P.O. Box 526, Dept. BR-13, Farmingdale, NJ 07727, (201) 938-2421, T_ 132476 ~j~ ********************************** ~ ~ IlATlClNAL SALES Ol'FICE 561 5.518'. College !!MI., Oepl BR-13, F _ , CA 92631, (714) 738-8474 YAMAHA LABOR DAY CLASSIC 1STANNUAL$~200MOTOCROSS SADDLEBACK PARK SEPT. 2nd & 3rd 1iL = FEATURING TOP RIDERS LIKE MAGOO CHANDLER and SCOTT GILMAN 'reless".ls ,13 .UIl·, 15 POST ClASS'PAY orF Sunday 5180 $1200 H DOUBLE POINTS RACE MINI MUST BE C·MC $5 PRO AND ENTERED ENTR Y -100":' PAYBACK Senctioned by Comi. ."... Moto·Spon Club (IlOC ltCU.Sf II(QUtll,.U_ ....., lit. ... woe'hOMD liT ,.....-. J ior And Intermdiate •• Two Day Series $ ~~ 2000. D.G. GlFTCEmIFICAn S10 MAIL S 13 POST 125·250·500 JUN• INT. & • 1st 150.00 2nd 100.00 CLASSES 3rd 50.00 4th 33.00 p rolessio_ Is Monday !~9~Q IRC Bonu8 for Proa U8ing lAC n,.., .... CInII:lot.1l5;2ndMiO:3nU25. SIGNi~~;~OSES 125-2IiIJ.liOO .25 MAIL t3Ii POST Camplnginformation Can CMC office MAU INlIllS '0 INFORMATION CMC P.O. Bo. 1402 COloll. M.s." CA 92626 (714) 557-3323 GATES OPEN P~~E ~= "_AM ************************************************************************* 15

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