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International Speedway (Above) Heavy first turn action featuring (I..r.) Mike lee (England), Kelly Moran (USA), Finn Thomsen (Denmark) and Ivan Mauger (New Zealand). (Below left) . Mike lee leads World Champ Ole Olsen and USA's Bobby Schwartz. (Below right! Mike lee (right! won and Kelly Moran placed. M~ran qualifies for Speedway World Final By John Hipkiss LONDON, ENGLAND, AUG. 5 While California's sensational IS-year-old Kelly Moran was assuring himself of his first-ever appearance in a World Final, Bobby Schwartz finished amongst the non-qualifiers at the InterCominental final of the Speed· way World Championship, Moran totalled eight points from rides and finished in 16 seventh position· out of the nine qualifiers who go through to the World Final in Kotowice, Poland on September 2. Overall winner was England's Michael Lee who beat fellow English· man Peter Collins in a run-off after both had finished on 14 points. Moran who qualified only because of the aMence of Mike Bast figured in an opening race drama when the C\:Irrent World No. One Ole Olsen rode aC,ross Australian Billy Sanders and Moran. resulting in both thes.. riders falling h..avily. How..v..r, in th.. re·run, Moran finish..d third behind Olsen and Sanders. As MO'ran battl..-d his way to Poland scoring a win, two seconds, a third and a last place to give eight points,. Schwartz found th.. points a litll,' harder to com.. by with two lasts, two third.places and a fall "aming him a total of two poi,nts. Bobby. was excluded in his firsl race for falling on lap two. resulting in Australian John Titman quickly laying down his machin!' to avoid whal eoukl have been a nasty looking accident. "Boogaloo" however, walked away with just a swollen jaw. Highlight of the m..Ning cam.. in heat sev.. n which saw the two Americans meet each olh..r. Off track thry are th.. best of buddies, bUI on the track it's ..ach for himself as both rode their hearts out. The winn<'r of th<' rac<' was England's P<,t..r Collins, followed hom.. by Moran with Schwartz third, who look..-d a Iittl.. dejected after I..ading K..lly for thrN' and a half laps and now r..alizing, on a v..ry slick and dusty cireuil, Ihal th.. points nl't'd..d to qualify going III b.. ha rd to come by. Surprisingly, World Champion 01<, Olsen was not among th.. IIlp t hn"', finishing sixth wil h nint, points whil,' Ivan Mau!:,'r who now qualifi,'S for his 14th l'llllSl'cutivl' World Final appt'ar· ane" "'on'd to points finish ..d fifth aft ..r a run-off for third pIa,',' b"inK won hy n,'nmark's Finn Thom,,'n follow('d hy England's DaY(' J"ssup, fourt h. . Th.. AMA should' now b..gin to n'aliz.. whal a formidabl.. th.. American rid"rs bas..d in Europe could make. Th,'y haY<" th.. quality and Ih.. gulS in rid,'" such as Penhall, Moran, Schwartz, Preston, Sigalos, Gresham and th.. "OUI of favor" American No.1 Scott AUIH'y 10 form a leam who could lake on any spl't"dway nalion and win! It's a pity Ih..r.. has bt'('n a running battl.. bl'lw("f'n Ih.. AMA and AUlrt'y, for wilh th.. indusion of AUlr..y in th,· World T CUI' quali· fying rounds and Ihe World B''SI Pairs Final. (wht'rl' California's Bru,'" P('nhall rotk a Ion.. battlt,) Ihl' n'sults would surely hav,' gone in Am..rica's favor. • Results OUAlIFlERS FOR 1979 WORLD FINAl: M. I"" (Eng! 14 Pts.; P. Collins IEng) 14 Pts.; F. Thomsen IDen! 10 Pts.; D. Jessup (Engl) 10 Pts.; I. Mauger IN.Z.I 10 Pts.; O. Olsen !0<",1 9 Pts.; K. Moran (USA! 8 Pts.; 8. &Inders lAos) 8 PIs.; J. Titman (Ausl8 Pts.; RescfV(! L. Ross (N.Z.ll Pts. NON-QUALIFIERS: K. Nlt:rni (Fin) 6 Pts.; G. Kennett (Engt 5 Pts.; J. Davis IEngl 3 Pts.; H. Nielson (Dcn) 2 PIs.; 8. Schwart.. (USAI 2 Phi.; M. Snnmons (En$11) 2 PIs; IR(~~v,~) J. AnOC"fsson lSWt:ll PI.

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