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Guest Editorial (Continuedfrom page 7) mediately, I suggest you cbeck witb your local dealer and see what he can do for you. If you are on your way across the country now and have already discovered the lack of premium fuel. go to your nearest dealer and have him retard yOUT bike's spark about 5 degrees. For now, stay away from gasahol, the alochol gasoline mixture. The engineers tell me there aren't enough BTUs' available from alcohol to work effectively in a high compression motorcycle engine without making some carbo adjustments as well as timing changes. ...If you must use one of tbe high test un-leaded fuels, it would be a good idea to fill up with about ~ high test un-leaded and finish off. with ~ leaded regular. It won't make you the most popular man at the gas pump, but it's your motorcycle and your vacation. • loStreet '~isNeat The Dirt Curtain Motorcycledom, like Caesar's Gaul, is divided in three parts. There ·is sport, there is street, and there is street/sport, or party_ For many years motorcycledom was undivided. Every biker, in the beginning, rode tbe street, witnessed the races, and enjoyed the party before or afterward. First the sports riders separated from the mileiu. Their motorcycles were so specialized that tbey couldn't be ridden anywhere but in races. Still, the street bikers came to the races, and everybody joined in for the parties. Then the parties started getting more attention, more publicity, than the races. Bad publicity. Separating the parties from the races helped the racers, perhaps, but it deprived the non-racers from a vital connection with the sport. Animosity developed until now there is a "dirt curtain" between the sportsman-athlete motorcycle racer and the biker on the street. So the street bikers invented their own occasions to ride, mingle, show off, party and do all the things that bikers love to do. Without any racing to climax the show, these weekends end just short of satisfaction for me and, I suspect, for others. Something ~ missing but they don't know what it Featurrng: Jone~ Produc d by. Allan F. Bodoh and John Patrick Graham. Production Executive: Jean Higgin. ASSOCiate Producer Skeeter McKitterick • Executive Producers: Michael F. Leone and Roger Riddell Duect d by' Eric Karson and Cal Naylor. Wrrtt n by: 5.5. Schweitzer and Bud Freidgen/Tom Madigan/R.R. Young MUSIC Composed and Conducted by: Dick Halligan A Pa ItlC Films/Sports VIP Presentation from AMERICAN CINEMA RELEASING, INC. Cinema ACQUISition ASSOCiates, Ltd PG NlUTM._SUI&mD <0 ..:.:_~ii"i.iJ ... "O'I- STOP IS. What is missing comes very clear when the sport/stTeet/pany connection comes together all at once, like at Daytona this year. Here were bikers who had risked' all the hazards to arrive, safe and sound, in a place where bikes and bikers were the rule, not the exception. In a few days they would all depart like spilled ball bearings to the four comers of the country. But not before some of the boasts and lies and B.S. and myths were put to the test of truth in fair contests of men and metal. Races of every sort were running in Daytona, from the beer-burnout drag chal1enges at the Cabbage Patch to the National Championship 200 miler. Old myths were destroyed and new ones erected. The parties and the ride back home weren't bad either. cc Parnelli Red Cycle' News Jacket --C~;Ne-:;-P~du';'---' P.O. Box 498 Long Beach. Ca. 90801 : Addr.s. _ State Satin quilt-lined jacket with Cycle News patch. Knit collar. cuffs and waist in red. white and blue. P1eese send fREE 1 each large & small Cycle News stickie with order - - - - - - -- Zip _ m8_ _Jackedsl in size_ _. Please send m8_ _ Hads). Pi.... fill in your complete account number and expiration date. Credit card limit minimum $5.00 $5.95 Red and white with a Cycle News patch. I _ City Sizes S. M. L XL $25.95 Hat I I I I t Name W_J.l LLUULl. UJ J Card expires _ Signature !!!!!!!I!I'= --=- ....IL- _ ,""' _ _ 01 _ ....."' .-.d .." -..'Ilt,_ atfd _ " , _ ~ 'hoo , ·_' I "', ~ " ....... IOIAI ,,~ II. p.o. _ " ' '_ 11_"' ...... , 001' 'WIItO", _.., _ _" 11,.",""' _ . _..... _ ' -------------- . 17 Calif. Tesidentsadd 6% .sales tax. ..J

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