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Pearson, Scott, EIt1und, Hank Scott, Springsteen, Hurst, Hocking and Graham were one long snake followed by the rest of the field on lap one. Wincewicz was already experiencing bike problems, and would complete only 21 laps. By lap six Springsteen had agressively moved past Hank Scott, Eklund and then Gary Scott, and letded in to wait for Pearson to male a mistake. Scott Parker, running mid· pack, had his mag go away and with it a chance for a few more National points toward Rookie of the Year. Kidd's and Lewis' luck wasn't much better - both encountred mechanical prob1erns, like Wincewicz, and were lapped, although they went the full distance. Lap 10 found Springer breathing on Pearson while Gary Scott found life miserable at the front of a group containing Eklund, Hank Scott, Graham, Hurst and Hocking. Lap 16 signaled a big change in the action as Pearson slipped wide in tum one and Springsteen saw the opening he needed. "I was skating the bike into the first turn while Springer was motoring in. He got underneath me and got a good drive. 1 decided 1 wouldn't let it bother me," said Pearson. On the same lap Eklund and Graham dropped Gary back to fifth right in front of his brother, Hank. Two laps later, Pearson nipped Springsteen in the same corner and regained the lead. For five laps Pea1"'K!n held up under the constant pressure of a probing, challenging Springsteen. Then, in the comer where it had happened before, Springsteen took over for good. Pearson wasn't going to let him get away, but a bobble on the final lap handed Springsteen plenty of breathing room. Graham had gotten by Eklund while the fans were watching the battle up front with Hank dropping Gary a notch to sixth on lap ~ 9. The battle between Graham and Eklund was tight. Eklund later lamented having "not quite enough power to get the job done." Gary Scott found out that the heat - not only the temperature - was getting to him and lost sixth to Rick Hocking in the final three laps. . After spraying everyone in sight with champagne and then dousing both Pearson and Graham, Spring· steen said, "Hey. 1 am ready, ready, ready! It's going to be a knock-down, drag-out battle to the end." • Our curves make it easy for you to handle yours! Announcing the anatomically designed Castre™ Exclusive break-oway"Whip-Stitch." Cross Country Glove. designed to pad and redlKe stress on critical separate inner stitching by puf7JOSely tearing away during heavy abuse, offering nearly twice the seam life of competitive gloves. A lot of gloves may look like the Castre Cross Country Glove, but they're notbuilt like them. This is the first and finest anatomically designed glove line on the market today. . Just check out Castre's TRI-CURVE'features. which are built-in, to eliminate blisters caused by bunching. A feature no other higher priced glove has mode available until now. AYaiiable Navy/Red Count the curves. One. Curved across your knuckles. Two. Curved laterally from your wrist to little finger. Three. Curved the length of your hand. With extra palm padding, plus reinforced protection on both the thumb and little finger to help minimize seam tears. Made of the finest cowhide with triple braided double-stitched seams to help reduce tear-outs.. Competitively priced and available in men's sizes, smail medium, large and extra-large. ' Castre gloves give you the comfort and control you need to handle the most difficult ride. Gloves for all seasons, and all reasons! C.3000 Cross Country Glove 'Available Navy/Yellow Results SANTA FE AUG. 3, 1979 NATIONAL: 1. Rick Hocking (Vam); 2. Jay Sll'ingstMn (H-D); 3. Stew GuIIedgo (Bull;. 4. S _ Eklund 1Vam); 5. Tarry " - ~k 8. Midley Fay (Han); 7. Rob B-v (Suz); 8. Ramie Jere lVamk 9. Tom .JoaopI-.lVamk 10. S _ ~ (H-Q); 11. Hank Scan lVaml; 12. Scott "-aon (H-l)); 13. Randy Gosa lVam); 14. Garth Brow (H-D). TROPHY RACE: I. Wayne Rainey (~I; 2. - . (Bull; 3. Ron Edgens lVam); 4. Bubbe Ruoh IBull; 5. S _ F r _ (H-D); 8. CorIly K _ (H-Dk 7. S_ _ gnm lVaml; 8. Mb ICidd (H-D); 9; Caves (Han); 10. S _ Elo (Vaml. PEORIA AUG. 5, 1979 NATIONAL: 1. Jay SIl'~-lH-Ol; 2. Scan "-aon (H-Q); 3. Rick GIlham ITnl; 4. S _ Eklund (Vam); 5. Honk Scott ITri); 8. Rd Hoc:aing (Hon); 7. Gory Scon IT,i); 8. Mic:tay Fay CHonl; 9. Brad" Hurst IT,il; 10. SI.... Mot_ (H-D); 11. Billy SchM!I8' IH01; 12. Randy Goos (Vam); 13. S _ lewia ITri); 14. - . Kidd (H-DI; 15. John Winc:ewlcz (Hon); 18. Scott Portt.. (H-Q). TROPHV RACE: 1. Joe Pel....", IH-QI; 2. Buddy e- _a !lobino<>n IT';); 3. Bubba fluIh IV..,); 4. S_ _grail IT~); 5. Wayne Rainey lVam); 8. Cart Mulftay ITri!; 7. Mike Caves (Hon); 8. Kenny McOonllId (Vam); 9. CIla Roberts IVam); 10. Don Brown (Han). AMA GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPI WINSTON PRO SERIES POINT STANDINGS: 1. S _ Eklund (192); 2. Jay Spring_ (184); 3. Randy Go.. 11411; 4. Gory Scon 11071; 5. Rd Hocking (1031; 6. Hank Scon 1B3l; 7. Mika Kidd !76t; 8. S _ Motahoad 03l; 9. Skip Aksiand (nl; 10. Garth Brow 167); 11. Scan Pearson (88); 12. Cortty K _ 165); 13. Rick Gnlham 1611: 14. Scan Porker lBOl; 15. Mickay Fay 1591; 18. Ted Boody (47); 17. Bred Hum (35); 18. Gena Romero (321; 19. Dale Singleton (311; 20. TIITY Poovay (0), MANUFACTURER POINT STANDINGS: I. Harley· Devidoon l28Ol; 2. VIlnlIIhe 11m 3. Honda (18k 4. Triumoh 1731; 5. Suzuki 1211; 8. ~i 111); 7. Oae 18); 8. BSA 18); 9. Nonon 131. CASTRE INCORPORATED 429 TRENA AVENUE All Castre Motoreycle Products available at partlclpa~ng LANCASTER, PA 17601 Castre dealers or through Castre Inc. Lancaster. Pa BUY DIRECT from IIanuf8cbnr ..... SAVE Free Engreving & Delivery • RM PARTS:'Genulne SUZUKI factory proven parts in stock. pisto..... rings. nuts, bolta any RM part you Med. • FACTORY PORTING: IRM's onlyl To factory provan spec·s. Use the facilities the • CYUNDER BORING "Factory Teams" turn to Set up like the PRO·s. SucIc*I ServiCe . while in the Midwest! . . • CRANK REBUILDING UPS or Feeler.. MidwllS1 Action Cycle offers • We do it right. Expreu to you the finllS1 available "".""'1 Youl Machine servicesI MIDWEST ACTION CYCLE Rt. 12 • BOX 163· LAKE ZURICH,IL 60047·312,438-6300 LDP No. J Does it again 3 J 2/336-0032 SPEEDWAY 2/4 valve & Junio, 5pMdway repair and lII·up. Expert fabric8lion and machine work. PRECISION CYCLE 3778 Mill SL, Reno. NV 89502 l7OZI322-_ 15

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