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behind, never droppiDg back further than 50 feet the entire way but never getting his RN ·420 Suzuki in a position to challenge, either. The onJy change occurred suddenly just before the finish when Mike Bell used his new monster 490cc Yamaha to whip by a tiring Danny LaPorte and closed to within 20 feet of teammate Staten. Positions behind remained fairly steady except for Gaylon Mosier who tangled with a whoop the wrong way and bounced his Uni·Trak Kawasaki into a tree. Gaylon's lower leg was caught between Mean Green and a Ilard place which resulted in what was RpOrted to be a broken leg. He was rlIIbed to tbe hospital and will pouibly be out of action for the rest of the year after a strong showing in this year's 500cc series. Reigning champ Rick Burgett seemed to suffer numerous problems throughout the day. Stackable 'was running storng, but pulled out of the race when he stalled his engine and couldri't get it restarted because of a mud jammed kick starter. Suzuki's Darrell Shultz never even made the race after a broken swingarm pivot bolt was found on his bike after a false start had returned everyone back to the line for a restart. Once again Staten pulled the boleshot for moto two with LaPorte p1oppin~ his Suzuki in behind., It looked like a re·run of the first race as BeU zipped his way past Semics to claim third, but still a good distance ~nd the two front runners. Three laps into the race Staten was balked by a slower lapped rider in a tum. LaPorte saw a clean opening on an inside line and took the lead. Rex charged back at Danny with everything he had, but it was no use. Danny kept track of signboard signals from mechanic Pat Alexander to keep Rex at bay with a not so safe two to five second margin. "1. started to make a move on Danny at one point," Rex later recalled, "but 1. didn't want to take any chances eilher. 1. knew if 1. just held on 10 my second place 1. would take the overall win." Which was jusl whal happened. Rex followed Danny across lhe finish line by jusl a matter of feel afler waiting for a mislake from LaPorte which never came. Ten seconds behind lhem came Bell, then Short Stack Slackable with his LOP Yamaha in the top privateer spot, Semics, Moales and Arlo Englund on his Vickery sponsored Yamaha. • IAbove) Danny laPorte edged Rex Staten in the second 500cc moto, but the "Rocket" took the overall when his 1-2 score was compared to laPorte's 3-1.IRightl LOP's Marty Moates was top privateer in the 500cc cIass.lBelow) Broc Glover and Penthouse Pet Debbie Zullo. Results 125cc NATIONAl: 1.lkoc G _ IVomll-1; 2. Mark lSuz) 3-2; 3. Jeff W.d lKawI 4-3; 4. Reid (Han) M; 5. Donnie Cantaloupi IV.,,, 5-5; 6Stew M8r1in (Vim) 7-6; 7. _ Myerscough lSuzl 2· 17; 8. Jim Giboon fHonI8-9; 9. Pot Moroney lSuz) 12·7 ; _ w.,,,,, • 10. Dovid Toylor (Vlmllo-l0; 11. Daniel Conwll'( lSuzl 14-5; 12. Dovid McCloin lSuz) 15-11; 13. Kirtt Bigelow (Vlml 17-13; 14. CJifIon len 13-16; 15. Tad Pert

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