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moves him into fourth plaCf~. one point behind Anton Mang. Thin;! home in the race was Walter Villa (Yamaha) looking as good as ever, with Anton Mang holding off Michel Frutschi (Yamaha) in the closing stages. to stay fourth. Australians Graeme McGregor and Jeff Sayle were next home, and both made a big impact on their fiTSt Dutch IT visit. Opening the day's programme, before a crowd of more than 130.000 fans. was the 50cc race won by Eugenio Lazzarini (Kreidler) but only after lillie Ricardo Tormo had grab· bed too big a handful of front brake on the fourth lap and crashed his Bultaco. But then Tormo had opened up a J2s lead. and looked firmly in command. Lazzarini consolidated his tide lead with his win. but the scrap for second place between Frenchman Patrick Plisson (ABF) and Swiss Rolf ~Latter (Kreidler) which. went in Plisson's favour. was the dice which captivated the crowd. Lazzarini's teammate in the Van Veen squad. German Gerhard Waibel, lost his chance of adding to his score when the crankshaft broke on the third lap, when lying third. Tormo made amends for his mistake in the l25cc event which followed. He couldn't beat fellow countryman Angel Nieto (Minarelli) who won his seventh successive l25cc race to maintain a maximum score. but he tried. At the flag the Bultaco factory rider had cut Nieto's lead to just 2 \-25. but ieto had things under control. Third was Italina Maurizio Massimiani (MBA), after Thierry Espie crashed the Motobecane. Determination. and a slice of good luck saw Clive Honon (Morbidelli) fmish tenth. and claim his first well deserved championship . point of the year. e E • ~ E Results 50cc 19 laps, 43.13-mllest: 1, E. Lauarini U(rel; 2. P." P1tsson tABF1; 3. R. Blatter (Kre); 4. P. Looyesteyn (UFOI; 5. W. Mull.. (Krel; 6. H. Klein (Hess Spociall; 7. J. Huneeu tABFI; 8. T. van Geffen lKr81; 9. T. Timmer (Bull; 10. G. Strikker (Krel. Record lap. E. Lazzartni, 3m 32.45·81.23 mph. Old record: E. Lazzarint IKre), 3m 33.5s . 80 mph. 125cG (14 laps. 67.09 mllesl: 1. A Nieto (Bull; 2. R. Torma (Bult; 3. M. Maasimsiani (MBAI; 4. G. Bendel' (Benl; 5. B. Kneubuhler (MBAI; 6. S. Dorflinger (MOIl; 7. J.L. Guignabodet (MBAI: 8. W. Koschlne ICeIIa Fan· tic); 9. H. v KessellCondor NGKI: 10. C. Horton (Marl. Record lap: Nieto. 3m 13.2 -89.31 mph. Old record: P.P. Bianchi IMOfl3m 13.7·89.07 mph. 250c... Ilo laps, i1.89 miles): 1. G. Rossi 1Mor); 2. G. HansfOf'd (Kew); 3. K. 8a&lington; 4. A. Mang (Klwl; 5. J.F. Balde (Kewl; 6..P. Fernandez (Yaml; 7. R. Mamola lYaml; 8. R. Freymond IYaml; 9. W. Villa (Yaml; 10. V. Sousun (Yaml. Record lap: Ballington 3m 2.&·94.38 mph. Old r8COfd: W. Villa (H·DI3m 5.90·92.81 mph. 350cc (161_. 76.68 mil..): 1. G. Hansfon (Yaml; 10. S. Parrish (Sull. Record lap: Ferrari 2m 54.58 . 98.87 mph. Old record: K. Roberto lYaml2m 57.4•• 97.26 mph. Sidecar 114 laps, 67.09 milesl: 1. R. BiIandlK. Waltilperg 1Y_12. R. S _ . Arthur lYam); 3. J. TayIof/J. NeiIIY_); 4. D. ~/J ......i.. IY_I; 5. G. Brodin/B. GoI~oe (Y_I; 6. E. S_/J. v ~ lYernl; 7. H. HuberIB. Schappecher (Yam); 8. M. VenusIN. B1ttennenn (Yem); 9. O. Haller/R. Gundel (Yern). Fastest lap: BilandlWaltisperg 3m 11.1.·90.29 mph. POINT STANDINGS 5Occ: 1. E. Lazarini 60; 2. R. Blaner 42; 3. G. Waibel 31; 4. P. Looyesteyn 30; 5. P. P1isaon 29: 6. H. Klein 25. 125cc: 1. A. Nieto 105; 2. T. Espie 48; 3. M. Masslmiani 37; 4. H. Muller 25/W. Koschine 25; 6. H. Bartol 24/G. Bander 24. . 25Occ: 1. K. Ballington 75: 2. G. Henaford 45; 3. G. Rossi 40; 4. R. Memola.3B; 5. W. Villa 31; 6. P. Fernan· dez25. 350cc: 1. K. Ballington 61; 2. P. Fernandez 53; 3. A. Mang 43; 4. G. Henaford 42; 5. M. FrUlSChi 37; 6. J. Ek..oId33. 500cc: 1. V. Ferrari Bl; 2. K. Roberto 75; 3. W. Ha"og 55; 4. F. Uncini 39; 5. B. St-.e 35: 6. T. Herron 28. Sid_: 1. R. S.einhaueenIK. Arthur 37; 2. S. S

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