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Launch yourselfinto space with these genuine Kawasaki accessories for the KZlOOO Shaft. And,remember, your Kawasaki dealer has got a full line ofaCcessories to fit whatever Kawasaki you're riding. Roomy matched travel trunk_ Kawasaki by Vetter fairing, (It's roIor matched, ofcoursel. Wmdshield with pop-vents, / Kavlnov and Semmerw lead on the opening lap of the second moto, but Huaqvarna's Haken Carlqvlst (29) is already setting up to reel them in. World Championship 250cc MX Series: Round8 Carlqvist blazes on in France By Jack,Burnicle 'LAVAUR, FRANCE, JUNE 17 Beneath the appropriately fierce sunshine of southern France, Husqvarna's Hakan Carlqvist blazed his way to a pair of brilliant wins in the French 250cc MX GP. His double wins .consolidated his already tightening iron grip on this year's title race. His leading challenger and indeed the only other man who can now take the championship, England's Neil Hudson, was sidelined in the first molO with a broken front wheel. indicative of the fast, punishing race conditions induced by a hot, windy day, American riders Jim Pomeroy and Jim Turner did not contest the event. Pomeroy was in Belgium awaiting his new SWM ride as a member of Joel Robert's team after his amicable- spl;t with Bultaco, Turner. meanwhile, was undergoing treatment fora severely sprained wrist sustained in the Polish 250cc round, in which he crashed hard. To make matters worse, he had blown the motor in-his Dodge van prior to the Polish event. 1978 250cc World Champion Gennady Moiseev slid down. the table after retiring early in both mOlOS. Carlqvist emerged from the swirling· dust of the first bend in moto one ahead of Hudson, Jean-Claude Laquaye (SWM), Vladimir Kavinov (KTM), and Rolf Dieffenbach (Uni Trak Kawasaki), leavingJaroslav Falta (Cl), Fernando Munoz (Montesa) and Michele Margorotto (Moiltesa) in trouble after the Spanish champion had -been hit from behind. Hudson clung on to the speeding Carlqvist as they opened up a gap over the rrst' of the field, but after 20 minutes he slowed dramatically when the Maico's front wheel began to disin- tegrate, leaving Carlqvist an unchallenged victOry: Dieffenbach's \ Kawasaki had shed its chain, and Kavinov should have inherited second place upon Hudson's unfortunate demise, but the sturdy little Russian fell and was repassed by Laquaye, The big Belgian then fended off the KTM until his front wheel collapsed six laps from horne, just as the same fate befell Rob Hooper (Majco), after a long, dusty pursuit had carried him past Dutch number two Benny Wilken (Maico) into a threatemng ninth spot, Kavinov briefly led the second moto away from Semmens, Carlqvist, Dieffenbach and Antonia Elias (Bultaco), as Van Velthoven and Erik Sundstrom (Husqvarna) assumed the role of first turn victims, On the second lap Carlqvist and Dieffenbach carne hurtling by, while Hudson, having' lost precious time at the slart taming a rearing Maico, was wor.king hard to squeeze past Laquaye, Falta pulled out, exhausted by the first race effort whic.h had carried him through from dead last to 13th place as Nellie closed gradually on a desparate struggle between Semmens and Kavinov which ended suddenly when Semmens dropped the Maico in a slow, awkward hairpin, aggravated a thumb injury sustained in Poland the preceding weekend. and had to retire. Hudson took up the challenge and stead;ly wore down Kavinov, eventually outwitting the Russian at the end of the main straight to resounding cheers·from the typically volatile French crowd. The four leaders maintained formation during the closing laps, but not so far behined them the unquenchable Suzuki finally caught Laquaye and drovenambuoyantly under him 10 claim a spirited fifth place, while Alborghetti threw the KTM past a tiring Boven as they entered the final lap to score his best overall result of the senes. • Saddle bags molded from tough, durable'ABS. Double rail case guards. Fairing lowers. Kawasaki Don't let the good times pass you by. SOONER OR LATER YOU1RE GONNABUY', THIS BOOT! MXL & HYDRON CYCLING PRODUCTS 'Results 1. Haken Carlqvilt (Husl 1·'; 2. Vladmir Kavinov IKTMI 2-4; 3. Ro~ Dieffenbach IKIWI '-2; 4. GeorQ8 Job< ISuzl 3·'; 5. Neil Hudson IMail '-3; 6. Del B,un (Apr14-'; 7. JlIlIk V.n V_oven (KTMI 5-'; 8. Suzuki (Aprl '·5; 9. Ivan Alborgetti (KTMI 7·9; 10. Van 0.. Ven (MaiI1D-7; 11. Vaughn Semmens IMail6-'I; 12. Jean Claud. Laquaye ISWMI ·-5; 13. Eric Sundstrom IHus) 8-'; 14. Tony Elias (Bull '-8; 15. Benny Wilken IMaiIg.·; 16. Raymond Boven IHusl '·10. 'Dono,.. placing OU1Bide top 10 World ChampOlship Point SUWldinga: 1. Hokan CB

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