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Martin Lampkin Ueftland Malcolm Rathmell compare notes on the line through section 19. They finished third and fourth. respectively. line. One method, the one most often used by National class riders, was to skirt the pool and aim the bike· through a notch in the rocks and then up a long rock slab, sitting lower than the oile next to it. This route usually resulted in scrambling, paddling threes. The other route, -used by most of the World cla,ss riders, was to blast through the pool, up onto an off· camber rock slab, then to skip across three more slabs to the exit. This route was fine for many until the f1J"St rock got wet and riders wou!d find themselves slipping backwards and sideways when their tires generated all the friction of formica on ice. Sections 19 and 20, also a double section, were very rockv. Nineteen was a straight charge up a rock slide, with the rocks ranging from ~he size of basketballs to the size of home air conditioning units. Twenty featured tight turns through the rocks and a four foot rock step just before the exit. Probably the loudest thing that happened all day was the applause for reigning World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen, when he fought his way through on the third and final round for double cleans, the only rider to do so all day. One person who saw the effort said that near the end of 20, Vesty was really fighting to keep his clean. "Co see his bike. Look at the fingerprints embedded in the handlebars. ' The second loop was where Schreiber really shined. He only picked up 17 points - lowest score of the day - while Shepherd slipped to a 24. Probably the only real drama for Schreiber occurred on the third loop while attempting section six. His rear tire went flat in the section, and after riding it, he had to make a beeline for the pits - fortunately nearby - and change the rear wheel. His last loop score climbed to 24, and combined with a 1. 5·point penalty for finishing 15 minutes into his grace period, gave him his 61.5 score. "I've been practicing like hell," said Bernie when asked about his domination' of the event. Schreiber will appear at the next two AMA/NATCevents in Texas, and then leave for Europe, where he is scheduled to ride in an indoor trial, along with Lampkin and Rathmell. The World Observed Trials Champion· ship Series resumes July 15 in Italy. England's Shepherd was consistent on his last two loops, posting 25 point scores on each which, along with 2 points in time penalty, added up to 71. Lampkin, the former World and current British trials champion, incurred no penalty points, but his 25· 24-28 scores added up to 77. Rathmell posted a 24·29·26 score with 2.4 points in time penalty giving him an 81.4 score. Fellow Montesa rider Vlf Karlson was close behind with 83.' Vesterinen was saddled by a 37 ·point second loop; his score was 92. Belgian Jean·Marie Legeune (Mon) was sev,enth at 104.8, barely edging Marland Whaley, who posted a 105. Whaley said after the event that his bike had had difficuhy with water. "Everytime it'd get in the water, it'd quit. It's sealed everywhere - I don't know what the problem is." In the National class, riders rode the loop twice, with time limt of five hours plus an hour's grace. Riders who were entered simultaneously in the World class, were scored on the basis of their first two laps. Schreiber's 1917 scores mounted up to an unbeatable 36-point total. Lane Leavitt, who didn't have an international license and was riding only in the National class, posted loop scores of22 and 30 plus a 2.3 time penalty to finish second with 54.3. (His first loop score of 22 was bettered only by Schreiber and Shepherd.) Lane had some problems when he bent a fork tube on the 13th section of the second loop, but still his hot first loop enabled him to beat Whaley, who had a 30-31 score. Jack Stites (Mon) was doing double duty in the World and National classes. He ran into problems on his last loop when he was forced to wait in lines of riders before several sections. a This prevented him from finishing within his hour's grace in the World class, but he did take founh in the National. In tbe Senior class, Washington's Bud Mylerberg's (Bul) 80.-point total was good for first place, beating Mike McCabe's 93. Ron Fields won the Sportsman class, topping' Keith McLaughlin and Tom Foy. • Results WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: 1._~, 61.5 IBuQ; 2. Rob Shopherd, 71 IHan); 3. Mortin lMnplDn IBuD; 4. Malcolm RethmeII, 81.4 IMon); 5. UIl ~ 83 IMon); 6. Yrjo V _ , 92 IBuI); 7. . - . L _ . 10,I.8IMon); B. Mor1ond WI*oy. 105 {Mont; 9. Eddie L _ , 109.4 lHanI; 10. Cher1eo Coutord, 136.6ISWMI. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: ,. _ ~. 36 IBuD; 2. Lane L-.itT. 54.3 (Bull; 3. ~ ~ . 61 IMan); 4. Jade Stites. &SIMon); 5. Marv _ . n:J IBull; 6. Bob Hopltins. 81.2; 7. Andro PIouI1e. 87 (BuG; 8. W".",. Gelvin. 94; 9. Jerry Young. 99.4; 10. Den Sutton. 11 0.1. SENIOR: 1. Bud Mylerberg 1801; 2. Mike McCIbe 1931; 3. Gil Smith 1961; 4. RoberT Micket 1lI8l; 5. Gore Tue!< 1114.91; 6. Thoma Cullen 1116.81; 7. Art W _ 1118.31; 8. Jim Petenon 11191; 9. ~ 0Ie0n 1132.51; 10. Len Weed 11331. SPORTSMAN: ,. Ron Field (751; 2. Keith McUughIin 1811; 3. Tom Foy 1831; 4. Mict1eel WOITlOI 194.51; 5. Gory n _ 195.2); 6. Petrick McLemore 1961; 7. Rondy Hemilton 11 011; 8. Nils Men_oe 11 01.91; 9. _ Older 11031; 10. Chuctt Withrow 11041. UNOFFICIAL WORLD OBSERVED TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINT STANDINGS: 1. Yrjo Vestomien (74); 2. Merlin Lampkin (71); 3. _ Schreiber (69); 4. Malcolm Rethmetl 1681; 5. UW KMteon (491; 6, Rob Shepherd 1441; 7. Charles Coutard (29); 8. J __Merie Leguno 1241; 9. ITIEI Merlend WhoIeyfNigeI BirkOllI22I. AMAINATC NATIONAL OBSERVED TIRAlS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINT STANDINGS: 1. Bernie Schreiber 1541; 2. Merlend WheIey 1521; 3. Jade Slites (30); 4. ITIE) Don S-VW".",. Galvin l2Ot; 6. Doug Seiler 1171; 7. Lane Leevitt 1121; 8. Morgen Kavoneugh 1111;; 9. ITIE) Devid _elJerry Young 181. 15

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