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1978 Superbike engine tucked in the frame without the benefit of an oil cooler since the whole exe rcise was aimed primarily a t how th e wh ole package would handle . Approp ri ately eno ugh, Code pu shed th e machine a rou nd the track a t only ~ o the effort , especially since a crash wou ld have mea nt di saste r . This was the on ly Mystery Shi p , a nd replacement wou ld have been im possible by O nt ario . For the debu t a t the Six H ou rs, the Mystery Sh ip was decked out in the Vetter racing colors and sported the 1979 Superb ike mot or , a ll 136 horses of it ready to rip . After Ontari o , the Mystery Shi p will su bmerge o nce agai n , wh ereu p on preparations will be made for lim ited production . The primary effort will be , according to Vetter, to produce enough machines for the AMA 's minim um production requirements so it may q ualify for Superbike competi tion. This will hopefully be met by late summer, says Vetter. Machi nes , when t hey be come avai la ble, will fall into the ca tegory of ro lling/ridi ng exotica , m uch like the current specialty cars such as the Clenet , Auburn and several It alian makes. That means exquisite detai l, high quality , beauty as well as being very , very expensive. Vetter.put it this wa y: "When you 'r e talking about real magnesium wheels (bikes will be equipped with Morris Mags) and frame modifications and exotic coachwork , yo u ' re talking about thousands of dollars . The Mystery Ship is going to be very expensive; and although a lot of people may love it and want it , only a few are going to have it. "But the point is, it is unquestionably the best . It is unquestionably the highest qual ity; it is unquestionably exotic , and it is unquestionably genuine. It 's the kind of thing that 'more than likel y will be worth m or e the second day you hav e it than the first day. " It's b asica lly a motorcycle that you can love but you can drive . I kind of see it , more than anything else, as something you p ut on dis play in your office or in you r house. It isn 't the kind of thing t ha t you put a tarp over and forget about; it's too emotional. " Vetter went on to des cri be his creation as "a reflection of ou r times and a reflection of how I feel about wha t motorcycles ought to be like for today ." In addition to its aesthetic and mechanical values , Vetter explained the many functions that the Mystery Ship will be required to fill. The mission it has in life will extend beyond its design or th e desire that Vetter ha s for it to win races . " It ha s to be highly id entifiable , it has to be unique. One of its functions is to predict the future. Another of its funct ions is to take your breath awa y. Another function is to ins ta ll pride of ownership - to make you stand ou t in a crowd of sameness. Another funct ion is to be very special in the continuum of time; to be real, not synthetic . Like it really has got a ra ce-proven frame ; it really has got race wheels - just like on our superbike. It has real parts on it. "One of its fun ctions is to be an object of art of very , very high qua lity not easily duplicated , simply because what goes into it is virtually all handmade components that make it what it is. . " Anot her function is to be legendary - to be talked about whe n people bring up the subject of motorcycles .. . It's daring. it's innovative; it's going to have a place in history. It is a b ike pulled from the fu tu re in many , many ways that only tim e will prove - or disprove. " • Professional TWO STAGE Air Filter 'f1M11M UtIWII W UNI FILTER INC. . GARDEN GROVE , CA. TOMORROW'S CARBURETOR FOR TODAY'S ENGINES Contact your dea ler or distributor f or Lectron Carburetors: Accessory Distributors Inc., (201) 947-8200 Com petition Cycle Dist ., (414) 6n-4010 Diversified Dist., Inc., (612) 475-2222 Gene Shillingford & Sons, (215) 788-7878 Hi-Point Oils & Accessories, (216) 244-4101 Nichols Motorcycle Supply, (312) 597-3340 Shore' s Mo tors Inc., (313) 754-9340 T.D. Specialties, (309) 949-2810 Roger And erson Sales & Service, (313) 229-5055 Lauderdale Auto Marine Service, Inc., (305 ) 522-4734 Free app lication chart. and brochure. ava Uable on reque.t. or call our California Carburetor Service Center : Pho ne 1111161256-6474. LECTRON T~ ELSYSTEMS, INC. 1800 Stephenson Highway, Troy, Michigan 48084 1 Weekly News Not Monthly History -(8)- 1 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED l.lA"EWElEIB t1E1NBA Husqvarna New 11 977250 W R 2 1978 250 0R 1 1978 250 CR 1979250WR Was $1695.00 $1 898.00 $1815.00 Now $1249.00 $1549.00 $1475.00 In Stock M otorcycles - Parts - Service 605 Frwy. at Carson 11747 E. Carson St. Lakewood, CA 90715 213-860-1354 714-521-7112 I """ . ~. ~ . , ,"00'" O. . Robert Bo sc h Plugs AIRCONE " f o rm er ly A ir eD Sheet Met al " 15209 Grevillea Ave. Law nd ale, CA 90260 213 -675·5290 Comp lete Line of M otot ek - COl Kit s 15

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