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aids big-bikes dean upinAFM. Ron Hall and Bill Mossman failed to negotiate an off-camber hill and wound up in a lake. They won their class anyway. Roeseler might be out of the running . La nding fro m a sho rt, sharp jump , " I po p ped my kn ee out ," sai d Larry. It was the result of a kn ee injury originally su ffered last Ju ne in a mot ocross, which had recurred a t the ISDT , th e Baja 1000km , a n d at a recent race in France where he fin ish ed th ir d ove ra ll . Roesele r slowed way do wn and soo n Balen tine cam e up . Bob slowed down , a nd asked La rry if he was OK before co n tin uing on. Roesel er dropped to fourth behind Fishb a ck and Ogilvi e be fore he got to th e p its, wher e he managed to get his kn ee back in sha pe . But Balentin e's lu ck wasn 't a ny bett er. Sh ortly a fter starting ou t on the fourth lap , he got some co urse b anner tan gled in his rear sprocket ; eno ugh to bind the wheel. Bob m an aged to get goi ng again , b ut th e six minutes he lost cleari ng the twine and rib bons out of the rea r wheel effectively put h im out of contention a nd he ret ired . Roeseler re-took the lead on t he fourth lap. Behind him n ow were Og ilvie , Fishba ck , Mik e Sixberry (Ya m) , Chip Howell (H us) and 250cc leader Eddy. In the closing laps both Fishback and Ogilvie dropped out for unknown reasons. Roeseler finished with an eas y win . H is 36.5 mph average for the 96- . mile race pointed up the twisting nature of the course. Six berry took second with Howell third; both were in the 500cc Expert class. Eddy took fourth overall along with his class win , edging fellow 250cc Expert Rodney Brand (Kaw). Bob Ru t ten (Hus) , Troy Hollis (Suz) and SCOtl Coutts (250cc) Hus) were sixth through eighth . At ninth overall Rick Wallace (Hus) took first overall Junior, and first in the 250cc Junior class. At 15th overall. Pancho Spain (DMG) was the top Open Junior. Al Torkko (H us) was th e top 500cc Junior in the Senior ranks, while Gerry Lohr (Suz) enjoyed simi la r honors in th e 250 cc Junior-ranked Seniors . Ralph an d Scott W h i tne y maneuvered the ir Norton/Eagle chair to win th e H ea vyweight side hack d ivision , whil e Hall a nd Mossm an recover ed fro m their excursion into th e lake to win t he Lightweigh t division . All results prim ed here are un official. Complet e resu lts will be a vailable aft er' OCMC feeds all th e raw da ta into th eir computer . Kawasaki finished the'78 season with some bigclass winners in the Amateur FederationofMotorcyclists road races in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Whitney Blakeslee took the Open Box Stock Class ona KZ1000. In the Open SuperStreetCompetition,Kenny Bryant wasfirstand Billy Addington second, Both on Kawasakis. Andin the Middle Weight Box Stock Class,Ralph Hudson ran away with1stplace on his KZ650. Inthird place wasDennis Dolan,alsoona KZ650. Nice going,guys. Kawasaki by. Don't letthegood times passyou ••• :::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::.:.:::.:.:.:.:~.;.:~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :':-:':~:~:~:~:~:~~~~ ::::ili::::· At you r dealer 's or at your door buy Cycle N ews or su bscribe a nd we'll deliver 1. . Results SATURDAV MORNING 175 EX : 1. Larry Roeseler (Hus); 2. Charlie Hamill (Yam) ; 3. James Brown (Yam) . ' 25 EX: 1. Bill Tarlin g (Yam ); 2. Rick Rog er s IKaw ); 3. Jim Connolly (Hon ). 175 J R: M ;ke Bak er IC-A1. 125 JR : 1. Cooper W ellace (Husl ; 2. Hebert Pletzing IVaml. 175 NOV : 1. Roben J ohnson IKTMI; 2. Butch Peick IV am ); 3. Dudley Pratt (Vam l. 125 NOV : 1. Kev in Broo ks (SUzJ; 2. R;chard Kyees yeml . J 100 NOV: 1. Dale Karel! (Yam l: 2. Bill Manox IYam). WOMEN: 1. Carey Steiner (Yam); 2. Trudy Bec k (Yam); 3. Rha Helms ISuz ). SA TU RDAVAFTERNOO N 500 SPORTSMEN : 1. Bob Balen tine (KTM); 2. lar5 Larsson (Hus); 3. St eve Mudd (Bull. 250 SPORTSMAN: 1. Do n Gr;ewe IM ai); 2. Eric W atral lV am ); 3. Gfeg M ayeo- IHusl. 175 SPORTSMAN : 1. M ichael David IH..); 2. St ephan Barklow (Yam) ; 3. George Zuber (Vam l. 125 SPORTSMAN: 1. Steve Ch;ldr ess ISuz); 2 . J oey Gregor y ISuzJ; 3. .Jim Connolly ISuzJ. 100 SPORTSMAN: 1. Bob Owens (Yam) ; Z. Noel Ba

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