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position. Tennessee's Pedro Perales and Mike Tripes, who had traded the lap record through the eliminations, couldn't put it together for the final. Meanwhile , Pizzitola, who failed to win the previous two years , wa s knocking off near- flawless laps. Though Young closed th e margin considerably in the final lap, he came up short. Three riders including Da vid King from Arizona . Carlo Musso from Louisiana , and Oklahoma 's Cla y Hoenshell made the battle for th ird the best race on the track. Taking sixth was Houston ace David McClain who showed his stuff by winning h is heat race but was caught in traffic during the final and couldn't break free . Mickey Pizzitola's win in the 250cc Expert class was a copy of his first win as he managed the holeshot , qu ickly set his fast pace , and held on as another rider broke ou t of the pack to give chase. This time it was Mike T ripes fr om Santee , CA on the Escondido Suzuki who wasted litt le time working from a mid-pack start past Clay Hoe nshell and Kirk Spencer from Texas to m ove into second and start his pursuit of Pizzitola. T ripes , wh o was disappointed in not winning the 125cc class. cut down Mickey's lea d a bout a second per lap but lacked the distance of tw o bikes from winning. Spen cer and Hoenshell , both aboard Yamahas, were thi r d and fou rth after a good race on the fina l lap. Alley Semar from New Iberia , LA was the crowd favorite . He was the only rider to challenge the treacherous finish line whoops fearlessly flying over two at a time and used this advantage to destroy the opposition in the 125cc Intermediate class . Serna r , who had earlier flown to the lead in the 100cc class in this manner only to drop it, stated later that he was riding conservatively in the 125cc Intermediate final to be sure to win . He had to be lyingl Even with a six second lead' on th e fina l lap , Semar still held it wid e open and continued h is ae rial acrobat ics rig h t t o th e fi nish . Finishing second b ehind Sernar's H onda was Kaw a saki rid er Curt is Rou gh from Jamul , CA . At th e sta rt, .Cu rtis trailed Sema r and T exas riders Kenny Paul ic a and Kyle Hughes. Beh ind were J im Vau ghn and Keith Dav is, a lso from Texas. FQr three laps these rid ers slugged it ou t until Rou gh fina lly esca pe d for a secure second position ahea d of Va ughn a nd Davis. Ji m Va ug hn , from Hou ston on a W iseco-sponsored S u zuk i . simply outmuscled everyone else th ro ugh the lef t ha nd swee per first tu rn a nd from then o n it j ust go t e asier a s h e str etched his m argin of victo ry over Tra ev Durham a nd Chuck N ichols from ' T exas in the Open class. James Kinzler from Leagu e C it y, T ex as fought off a mob of a bou t 10 riders for fourt h . Bryan Grayson from Clarence , LA couldn't bel ieve his good luck in th e 250cc Intermediate class , and mi ght still hav e been a doubter until he was handed the six foot . th ree- inch first place trophy. At the start of the final . Gra yson wa s in fourth following " Bu llet " Ben Theriot from Louisiana and Texas riders Gary Graham . and Chris Christoph. Behind him were Californian Phillip Johnson and Keith Tarver from Mississippi . Theriot crashed and then remounted for eventual six th place . The turning point in Grayson's motocross career occurred on lap four of the six-lap final. Chris Ch r isto ph , on a H on d a , became the leader and was heading for GNC history as the first rider to ever follow a Novice championship (Continue d to pag e 44) You won't be the first to get It together on a Mateo AKE JONSSON, ADOLF WElL, GERRIT WOLSINK, SYLVAIN GEBOURS, WIW BAUER, JIMMY WEINERT , GRAHAM NOYCE, HANS MAISCH, STEVE STACKABL£, REX STATEN , RICH E1ERSTEDT, GAYLON MOSIER, HERBERT SCHMITZ, NElLHUDSON , D~ SHULTZ . . . When you get really serious about Motocross, you want the world's finest stock racing bike. Again this year it's Maico - the beautifully-refined Magnum n. 'There's not a faster way in the world to make a na me for yourself. I'IAICQ 1256 Plognos Ad., SuIl>I<, VA23434 - Rt. I . Boo211 , - . L 60002 - 110 E. Sorullnlo A.... - . CA 91502 - e.-64 HooIy Rd.. Bollen. On TOMORROW'S CARBURETOR FOR TODAY'S ENGINES Contact your dealer or distributor for Lectron Carburetors: Accessory Distributors Inc.• 1201)947-8200 Competition Cycle Dist ., 1414 1672-4010 Diversified Dist., Inc.• (6121475-2222 Gene Shillingford & Sons . 12151 788-7878 Hi-Point Oils & Accessor ies, (216)244-4101 Nichols Motorcycle Supply, (3121597·3340 Shore's Motors Inc., (313)754-9340 T.O. Specialties, (3091949-2810 Roger Anderson Sales & Service, 13131 229-5055 lauderdale Auto Mar ine Service. lnc ., . (3051 522-4734 Free ap pli cat io n chart. end brochure. available on re quest. or call our California Car buretor Se rvice Ce nter: Pho ne 1 1105125&6474. LECTRON '; UEL SYSTEM S, INC. 1800 Stephenson Highway, Troy , M ich igan 48084 P aci fic Coast Sportcycles featu ring the Iull Iine of Hond a . Su zuki. BM\V . an d Triumph aIX' D 9:3 0 ·9 :00 PM Mon -Fr t. 9 :30 -5:00 PM Sa l. 1820 \ 'Y. Pa cific Coast Hwy. Lo mita. CA 90717 -' * _._. 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