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Posted at each checkpoint is a sign with the number of the check, key time at that location and the accumulated mileage from the starting known control or fro m any known control where the route sheet specifies a speedometer rese t to zero . The official clock may be visible to you , but it's more likel y, if you get the time at all, that you'll get it from large flip cards. Each m inute the number is changed to correspon d to the numbers of the riders who should be arriving on that m inute. When flip cards are used it's easy to tell if you' re on time. The posted number should match you r riding number , at least under AMA rules. Under NETRA Brand X rules or FIM rules used for reliabilit y trials and the Six Da ys, you' ve zeroed th e check if the flip ca rds match your time at the last check. Getting through quickly When you come upon a checkpoint you need to know immediately what kind of a check it is and whe ther you 're on time, because unless you 're early at a sec ret or emergency check you want to get through fast , yet know how you' re doing. Get your front wheel even with the flags without delay , even if you hav e to muscle your way in a little. You don't want another minute coming up before you get there , adding to your score. Sometimes there are two sets of officials and two marked lanes for the bikes so a jam-up won 't develop. Get into the one that's least crowded. As you pull up, have your time card out where the official can reach it. If it's tucked insid e ,you r shirt or jacket on a , string around your neck, pull it ou t. If it 's in a pocket or in a card holder on your gas tank, open the pocket or holder so the official d oesn't have to hunt for your card. He want to write your time on it as quickly as ~ible so you won 't be delayed unnecessarily. Once your time has been entered, make sure it's put safely away before you take off down the trail again. It's your responsi bility to preserve your time card and keep it ' legib le , even if the run is wet . O ften the official will pull your card out , mark it and put it away, but you 'd better m ake su re it's secure before you leave . " COtlgratulatIons to Pops YOShImura and hIS radllQ team. Ron PIerce, wes COOleY and DOn Emde (1st, 2nd & 3Fd In that order) pewered their WiIV to an amazing dean sweep at the Bel Helmet: SUperblke 100 In Daytona After extensive ''dyne" testing, PoPS ChOse to race prepare his SUzuki OS 1000 Production Raeer:s with Bel-Ray lbtal Performance LUbricants. At the end of 100 tough racing miles the real testing was completed. , Bel-Ray, the lUbricants winners dePend on. "THE WORLD'S FASTEST IlOTORCYCLE LUBRICANTS" What if you 're early? It's not very often you get m uch warning before com ing into a secret check , but if you see one up the trail or road and you know you 're early, there's very little you can do about it. Don 't stop within sight of the check to await your minute or your time will be taken the instant you stop forward motion . Putting a foot down doesn't indicate the point of timing, though. Your motorcycle must stop. But if you zig-zag or circle or paddle your wa y into the check to delay your arrival , you r time will be taken when you begin any of these sta lling maneuvers. Even experts occasionally blunder into a checkpoint running hot. It happens more often during the timekeeping runs of the West where speeds are easy to maintain. Bu t once you burn a check all you can do is take the penalty, get out of the way , and reset your m ileage and watch jf they're off. Then use the extra time to rest or work out on your bike, or ta ke advantage of the free territory after a checkpoint to put more miles behi nd you before you stop to let the clock ca tch up . • (To be continued) " Championship Endu ro, "copyright © 1977 b y Steve Boo t h and Brian P a lormo, is available direct f rom the publisher, P a r a go n Pub lica tion s, 310 6 Sweetbrier, Lafayette, CA 94549 for $5.95 postpaid. Ca lifornia residents add 6% sales tax. IIEWlAY CCIPlUIY, Ill:., WTERNATIOIIAL CORP. HDCITIIll. P,O, _ S2lI.lloI>l.llFl-'3. ForrningdIIo, NJ srrrr. (20') ~ . T_ '32178 Special Prog ram for all Clubs & Promo ters Buy Direct and Savel Free Engraving & Delivery Yes, we can solve your awa rds prob lems, Finest Bill uses on ly the highest quality materials and techniques to make his el l-new Nylon (, Leethers MX ponts for 1979. 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