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-, FROM FLORIDA AND CAUFORNIA, THE FIRST RESULTS ARE IN - MORE EVIDENCE THAT 1979 IS MAlCO'S YEAR. IT COULD BE THE YEAR YOU MOVE UP IN CLASS. IF YOU'RE READY, GET ON A MAlCO. AMA FLORIDA WARM-UP SERIES John Collins, Orlando. F1. 1st Overall 250 Amateur 1st Overall Open Amateur Gary Pustelak, Erie, PA 1st Overall 250 Pro 1st Overall Open Pro FLORIDA WINTER - AMA MX SERIES Gary Pustelak Californian David Busby hits the Daytona deck. but gets up. reflected on her first ride for sponsor Hawaiian Tropics , '" had some problems at the start because the bike is new and not broken in yet like my old one. Once the traffic sorted itself out, I began to move ." Ms. Bova ird moved through the pack from around 40th at the. start to 21st at the finis h . Del Monico established his superiority at the start with a move from the middle of the second row into the lead by the time the field was halfway through the infield. By the fifth la p the bearded Texan had opened up about three seconds of breathing room and was settling into a comfort a ble pace. However, a number of other riders were on the move and there was no rest for Del Monico. Ed Powell came up to hound the leader on lap six with Gerold Smith coming up for the game of tag a lap later. Smith. however, va n ished with undisclosed problems two laps later. Amaiz , who had held the pole and was the victim of an opening lap traffic jam, was cutting through traffic with a vengeance. On lap nine the lead swapping began with a total of seven changes in the remaining 11 laps between Del Monico and A m a iz taking place. Hard luck award goes to Mark L egu erra for running out of gas on the final lap while running sixth a nd losing on ly one position in his p ush to th e flag . "lowe a lot to Gary Collins a nd L a r r y Few," said D e l Mo nico afterwards. They prepared the new engin e we put in at the begi nning of the week. Hey, don 't leave out my sponsor, Edwards Motors. 1 wou ld n 't be he re with ou t th em ." •. Results t . Benny Del Mon ico (Yam): 2. Richard Arnaiz (Yam); 3. A lan Collins (Yam); 4. Ed Powe ll (Yam); 5. M ike Ca llaha n (Yam); 6. Doug Brauncek (Vam); 7. Barry Bordner (Yaml; B. Doug La (Yaml; 9. Gary Penfield ntz (Yam); 10. Bill Knott (Yaml; 11. Charlie Roberts (Yam); 12. Brian Thompson (Yam); 13. Bob by Behel (Yam); 14. 1st Overall Open Pro SUZUKI GOLDEN STATE SERIES Dann~ ChanCller, Sacra mento, CA 1st Overall 250 Pro MNCO: 1256 Progres Rd.• &Ifolk. VA 23434 - Rt. I , Box 2 11, Anhoch. -tel..... llAK.EWBBB ~BNBA Husqvama Now , 1177 210 WA Z1171210 OR 11171210 CR 1m2lO WA 1171310 WR w. ""'00 ._llD . ' 115.llD - '1241.00 .'M1.llD . '475.llD In Stock In Stock Motorcycles - Parts - Service 605 Frwy . at Carson 11747 E. Carson St. Lakewood, CA 90715 213·860-1354 714·521·7112 a... 60002 - 110 Eo Sa,.... Anita AVf!.• Burbank. CA 9 1502 - Canada-641ie1ll11y Rd . Bolton. Ont. YOUR MOTORCYCLE ISN'T WORTH VERY MUCH after it's st ol en. Just ask your insuranc e company what they will give you for it. For example, if you bo ught a Kawasaki Zl -R a year ago th ey wi ll probab ly give you 30% less than w hat you paid . Why r isk losing hundreds of dollars when you can prevent the theft of your m ot o rcy cl e w ith a KRYPTONITE '" MOTORCYCLE LOCK. " W e filed the loc k, hacksawed it and attempted to break it with ' i'-~ Winters (Ya ml. Time: 44 min., 42.5 sec . , Average Spee¢ 96.664 mph. .. ... .... 14 ,10 , ... ., ,. .. I •• . . . .".t' " , t\ ~ I :~ W The finest motorcycle Jock in the world i f,~ I ~ I ~I I X , - KRYPTONITE I I Iu...' bcttcutters. None of these attempts were successful" CYCLE M A GAZ INE" Don't just in sure your bike. Pro tect it w ith a KRYPTON ITE ill> MOTORCYCLE LOCK Eatl Smith (Ya 15. Roger Hagie (Yam); 16. Vietor ml; Schaeffer (Yam); 17. Alan Mu nroe (Yam); 18. Burt Colema n IKaw); 19. Thomas Pedzewick (Yam); 20 . Fred l: Ii -I Available wherever fine motorcycles and accessories are sold . Write: KBL Corp. Dept , CN P.O. BoxH Boston. MA 02122 17

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