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nllyn when Rob pulled in the clutch and momentarily ceased forward motion, but Rathmell parted with a couple as did Lampkin and Vesterinen who began to control the trial with a dab apiece. Martin , sensing his opportunity, moved ahead of the field at Ashfield where , watched by a large crowd it ching to see the action , he took the powerful Bulraco up eight slippery , rocky-hazards without loss in a display that had his rivals reel ing. Rob Shepherd lost an other five as his rear wheel found no grip on sheet ice in section two . He then stopped to ch arge the ignition timing of the Honda before continuing. Whaley and Chris Griffin (325 Suzuki) also crashed to a ha lt. Charles Coutard looked in big trouble before com ing back from the dead to escape for two. Dave Thorpe's attempt on the CCM drew great applause as the throaty fourstroked plonked round for one. _ Vesty, Rathmell and Manuel Soler were near faultless but all three were beaten by the penultimate two subs where Charles Coutard equalled La m p' kin's" earlier brilliance. Shep's Honda found it better as he went through for a da b but the final climb ou t -oi the stream cost Malcolm two well spent dabs - a score repeated by Vesterinen although he was concerned that his third dab right on the ends ca rds should not be recorded. Fellow Scandinavian , Ulf Karlsson , ach ieved the day 's second clean. Nigel Brikett got it all wrong before spending another two dabs on three continuous slippery subs at Hillgate where Vesty made a mess of sub two, tipping the Bultaco over backwards. Encouragep by what they saw Rathmel l fled up without loss, whilst Lampkin had a gigantic prod to leave th e group for a total of four compated to Malcolm's seven , Coutard's ten and Birkett's and Vesterinen's 12 apiece. Vesterinen dropped farther behind after Wernewidd and Allr -y-Bont where his II total compared badly to Lampkin's three - and Rathrnell's two , but he put in the day's 'best ride at Doliago where only three peop le cleaned an awkward rocky stream-bed clim b of the pen ultima te sub which caught Vesty, Malc olm a nd Martin for a da b apiece. Lampkin led by two marks from Rathmell on nine and II , respectively before Cwm, Vesty was way down behind Birkett and Coutard with 24 marks aga inst him. But kno wing the score he pu t in some unbelievab le rides to only lose five marks for the group . Martin's lead vanished as the genial Yorkshireman lost a mammoth 23. It just went all wrong for Martin , who could not believe his change of fortune. Rathmell grabbed his 0ppol. tunity and went through for eight with a sequence which virtually sealed the issue in his favor . With time now ticking away, Rath mell hurried on to Cabam Dam and played it 'safety first ' to go through for eight. Lampkin hit back to lose but five, while Vesty lost seven which was just good enough to snatch him second place, It was a jubilamRathmell who had emerged from two years in the ch ampions hip wilderness. • Results 1. M. _ l iMon) 27.1; 2. Y. Veot.inen IBul1 38.2; 3. M. lMnpkin (Bull 37; 4. N. Birken IMan) 38; 5. C. Couwd ISWM) 38.1; 6. J . W. llmon (Bull 45; 7. E. Lajeune IHan) SO.2; 8. J . Sufrla (Manl SO.6; 9. J .M. lAjoune IMan) 51; 10. A Go

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