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(7) Standing , with a nns raised to sides, do 75 small-circle a nn rolls counterclockwise, then 75 clock . wise. (8) 50 sit -ups. (9) Lying on back , raise legs six inches off ground and hold for one min ute. Rest 10 seconds, then raise legs again for one minute. Rest 10 seconds, then raise again for 30 seconds. (10) Standing'on toes, do 40 toe -jumps, ( I I ) Sta nd ing , hands palm -to -palm in front of chest, do prayer boy press for one m inute (p ress hands together hard). This whole group of exercises , includ ing the run , should take from 45 minutes to an hour , depending on your condition, and it should be done at least three times a week 10 be effective. Be sure to get some riding in if you can though, because without it you won't really- know if you're ready for competition again . What do the privateers ,see In Mateo? Only one dirt racing motorcycle is the clear favorite of riders who have total freedom in the bike they ride. Unsponsored and ,unknown, the privateer on his way up needs a bike that's fast and tough enough to last a season of com petition and practice. Unloved, un-noticed and yet to be discovered, privateers in a surprisinq majority choose Maico. Why? Ask 'em. They 'll tell you that too much is at stake to settle for anything less. What 's hould you eat? Much more short -ra nged than body condi tioning is th e 'problem of how to put your body in the best shape possib le right before the start of a n event so you'll be able to perform well a nd go t he d istance. A nervous stom ac h at the starting line and thirst and starvation along the trail are not very helpful in winning, so what you ea t before and d uring a n endu ro is very im portant . Jack Penton and Skip O lson bo th like a big breakfast well be fore the start so it'll have time to digest . Skip gets up a bout three hours before his starting time (he sleeps in a motel the night before a run), then has a full breakfast of juice, ham and eggs , hash browns and toast long before his stomach starts to act up as starting time nears. If it's going to be a long or extre mely difficul t run , he eats a steak th e n ight before . Dick Bu rleso n also sleeps in a motel , bu t he gets by with a lot less food . His normal brea kfast consists only of cold cereal and orange ' juice. , If your stomach is a proble m the mo rni ng of a race, J ack sugg ests oatmeal or instan t b rea kfast , both of which should stay do wn a nd give you the strengt h a nd energy you need. One of Mich igan's top end uro riders, La rry Lindenberg, used to eat oa tmeal for breakfa st on days he was co mpeting, then follow it with Pe p to Bism ol. O thers indulge in equally strange p re · race ritu a ls with other ingredients. If it wor ks for you , it's OK. O nce a run is underway, most riders get a long on snacks of one kind or ' another. J ack carries peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and at gas SlOps he'll ea t anything, he 's so hungry. On short runs (100 miles or less) Skip can u su a ll y go th e distance without additional food , but on longer ones he eats candy bars or energy bars and drinks Gator Ade. Dick likes candy bars, too, with fresh fruit (oranges are a favorite) and lots of Gator Ade , Fruit is especially important on hot , dusty runs because it refreshes you and cleans your mouth at the same time. And water - make sure you'll have it when you want it. With enough pre·season riding and conditioni ng and the right food , snacks and drinks before and during a run, you sho uld be able to co nce ntrate on rid ing a nd timekeeping and ha ve m ore th an enough stamina to ma ke it to the fin ish line wit hi n your ho ur, a nd perhaps even score well. • (To be con tin ued) "Cha m p ionshi p E n d uro," co py ri!{hl c 1977 b v Steve Booth and Bria n Palormo, j's a va il a ble direct from t he publisher , Pa ra go n Publicat io n s, 3 106 Sweetbrie r, La fa verre , CA 94549 for $5 ,95 postpa id , 'Ca lifo rn ia resid en ts ad d 69( sa les tax, I'WCl>. Denny Swartz, 2nd at Mid.Qhio Trans-AMA 12561'n>g1as Rd., Su/Idk, VA 23434 - Rl. I, eo. 211 , _ _ a.. 50002 _ 110 E. s.u Anta A..... - . CA 91502 - TERRI"CABLE The Teflon Super Smooth Cable "Complete line for rac ing bikes ·Requires no o iling ·Smoothest pu lling cable ·Flexible throttle wire gives long lif e ·Heavy duty housing, resists stretch and abuse Write for Free literature Terrycable PO Box 1321, Hesperia, CA 92345 (714)247-2646 Out of state call tollfree ISOOIS54-4691 ( Canodo-64 HooIyRd.. _ _ 0rL f:1/D000000 00000000 00 00 00 00ft.... , ~\ . 8 .ve p\aces 8 fir~t f~otocross 8 8 8 Stad\\lJ'O 28 ' 8 uar,/ . I D 0 8 Jan 8 oaK\and,C~loa/D_ ® 8onD~ 8 , 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8, 8 S t" ' S hoe - .00 st,a p'l ,OO T·stwt $5.00 Boots - .110 Sizes 610 13 0 w idth All Pl ICeI ptu. C.O.D. & Pos_ ,* Banke P;pes* Motorcycle cover. , Disc tNaltes, whects., Hubs . sprockets, & more Alao everything for lPMdway 17141735-0540 MAELY ENTS.• At. 2, Box 758 8530 Bedford Mtr . Wa y. Coro.... CA 91720 ~

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