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.•- •-•.•.•.•.•.•~-.- -.-.- -.- -•.•.,J'.·., · ,.·, ·•· ·,:-., · ·.·.·1.,.,.,., -.·.·.·.·.._-.-•.•- _-.-•.•.•-.-.•••. •. •. •. J' - Desert Hotline followed by Ogilvi e and Lee Scheffers, but by the time they reached the second check Ogilvi e had settled in as the leader. Greg Thomas took the 250cc Expert lead but tha t was short-lived as Mike Eckardt, Max Eddy, and Chuck Miller m oved past and began stretching ahead of the pack. Trudy Beck was running hard into first gas in the 18th overall spot, and defended he r position well throughout the entire race. John Foster, riding out of Anaheim Husqvarna , spearheaded the 175cc Expert class with a big lead over fellow 175cc riders Bob Torgerson and Joe Wilson who had a battle of their own going on throughout the first loop as Steve Webb worked his way pas t them and within threatening distance of Foster. Webb soon took the lead while Foster began to drop back. Wilson also came on strong. At the finish Wilson had worked into the lead with Webb on his fender for second and Foster out of th e rac e entirely. Trailbiker Cl iff Thomas was blasting through the ranks as though he were on a big bike , running 29th overall halfway around the first loop . Pete Andelman had the second spot and, when Thomas dropped out, took over the lead and held it for his class WID . TERR} ~CABLE (Abo ve) Fourth overall Chuck Miller smokes out of the pits. IBelow) Max Eddy, who finished third overall and first 250cc Expert. w ith 8 friend. The Teflon Super Smooth Cable *Complete line for racing bikes *Requires no oiling *Smoothest pulling cable *Flexible throttle w ire gives long life *Heavy duty housing, resists stretch and abuse Write for Free literature Terrycable PO Box 1321, Hes pe ria, CA 9234 5 (714)247-2646 Out of state call toll free 1 800l854-4691 -lelIn\''EWBBB fiBNBA Husovama \w..... liquidllting our entire Inventory of ne w mlc·. Mo to rcyc le s - Pa rts - Serv ice 605 Frwy. at Car son 11747 E. Carson St. Lakewood. CA 90715 213·860·1354 714·521·7112 Ogilvie makes it two in a row with D-37 Prairie Dog Cycle Rider Stores • win Offer Discount Prices 7 Days a WeekI 205 N. Harbor 5.n1. A na. CA By Joyce May 1520W. Hart Onta rio. CA 714·839·6541 714-983·8210 LUC ERNE VAL LEY, CA ,JAN. 21 TRAC-PRO MX SPECIALTIES Fat Into .,ile or C1111: TIBBLIN RACING PROOUCTS 16 P.O. BOX i37 ESCOf'I i d O. CA. 92025 d (714) U 1-6O!i 1 M The Prairie Dogs Hare Scrambles saw a new type start, but a repeat overall winner. Bru ce Ogilvie once again guided his super fast Yamaha YZ400 over the lengthy scrambles loop and across the finish for two out of two in '79 . I ~ .... ,. b • .. -J • 0 • The sponsoring club's choice of Means Dry Lake , about the most remote a race site to be found and still be on t he available racing land in San Bernardino County, was different to say the least. It would have been an extremely dirty experience, howeve r, had there been no rain making the dry lake too damp to be dusty and the sand dunes moist and solid enough to support vehicle travel. The start was m ad e in I I waves of riders (b y classes) . This method was the only start the BLM would allow to be run in t h is particular area . Although the start area was virgin territory the rest of the course was well-known, but not overl y used . Cory Timms had the lead as the racers headed through the first ch eck , There was a three-way battle going on in the Senior class as Bob Doig , RonBeb o, and Ed Williamson fought back and forth for the Senior lead. Williamson fin ally outlasted the others. After a short threat by Scheffers, Ogilvie had the lead once again into the pits with Timms on Scheffers' shadow. J ust as quickly as the action bega n , it subsided again as t he crews awaited the next rider. It was Max Eddy on his H usky with Eckardt and Miller not far behind . o T hen ther~~wis 'a nother h.ilf 6.,( re Greg Thomas appeared with Trailbiker ace Ken ny Dodd hot on his heels. Da ve Woolmore (250cc Ama teu r ) led his class for a short time, but lost it to Russ Woolmore a bo ut halfway through the firs t loop. Russ put another rider in between them before they came into the pits. First Amateur Open bike to gas his thirsty machine was Rod Busse. Kent Pfeiffer was the hot Am ateur "C" biker as he led his class righr from the start.- This ball of fire move d u p from th e sixties into the 23rd overall spot at the checkered I . First Novice was 1124 (sorry - still no Heavyweight lists) with a good lead over the next two Novices (/514 and 180 ). Number 364x (first 250cc Novice) was close behind. The second loop was the same long loop with some problems existing as the racers came into the finish line from two different directions. Ou t of this problem one rider was disqu alified . but whether the dis qualification stands or not will have to be determined when the final results come ou t. Ogilvie took the overall win and was enthusia stica lly greeted by his two sponsors , Dale's Modern Cycle and Bel·Ra y Oil. T imms took second while Divison I Expert honors went to Anaheim Husqva rn a's Eddy , followed by Miller who is impressing everyone with his determ ina tion to do well. Mark Zolle r , b ack after a long absence from District racing, moved through the ranks from the 14th slot a t check one the first time through to fifth overall at th e checkered. ..~

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