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Voices (Cont inu ed from page 4) I haven't hea rd of Stu Peters doing anything for motocross. His statement that entry fees are the same is ridiculous. The cost has just been added to the ga te fee. I have no argument with reasonable co st increases, but wh y not include it in the entry? Do n Ba sil e at S peedway 117 impresses me . He has made sensible changes in his Wednesday night races which include designated start ing positions. a sepa ra te bik e-jett ing area and absolutely no pit riding . Practi ce is fantastic with riders . ab le to concent rate on pic king th eir lines instead of being ru n over. W hy must these innovat ions be ' lim ite d to Speedway I17? Stu Peters has neglected needed improvements in track condi tions and the racing program for too long. It 's time for some changes. R O Y SMOTHERMAN Chula Vista , Ct\ We should em phasize, R oy, that Stu Peters is not directly resp onsible fo r either gat e f ees or tra ck con ditions . That point was made in Bobi's art icle; track own er s /manag er s ar e . responsible fo r both f ees and tra ck maint enance. Actually, th e fees ' are what helps finance th e ma int enan ce. A nd th e insu ran ce. A nd the lab or cos ts . And t he purch ase and maintenance of tra ck prepping equip ment . It 's an ex pensive pr opositio n at best, although, as you mentioned , Don Basile may have found an an swer that other track owne rs sho uld look int o . . . Edit or. Sears Po int unjustly accused Jim Gianatsis' letter (Issue #1 , Jan . 17) con cerning ' his d ifficulties with nort hern Cal ifornia motocross ra cing a re a reflection of his life in the fast lane and specifica lly" deal with one ra ce - th e on e he a tte nde d th e week aft er the Sears Point eve nt . The on ly bad point a bo u t th e Sears P oint eve nt was th e me ss at t he fro nt ga te where t here wer e only .tw o people on hand to collect the bu cks from 53 1 rid ers. Otherw ise , it was a great d ay of racing. I beli eve. personally. tha t the letter's titl e. " No rCa l MX ri p-o ff" was in poor taste . The letter merely states th e writer's obj ecti on s to an other rac e that had nothing to do with Sears Point . It was. apparent , from th e letter, that Plymouth had some problem s. Sea rs Poi nt d id not , bu tit was included under th e " rip -off" heading and unfa irly so . BILL SPENCER Mounta in View, CA Letter to the Editor I would lik e to thank Budd y Westmoreland , Phil Lawarance , SRA medi cal co-ordi na tor Fr ed Holc omb. and the Saddle ba ck am bu la nce crew for their speedy and effi ci ent ' assistance when my son , Kevin Senn, was inj ured at the Jan . 14 event. Kevin's right knee was broken and his right wrist fractured when he and another rider hit a lm ost head -on whil e riding on a road in th e park: He is home and resting comfortably but will be out of racing for quite som e time . Tha nk you dear fr iends . SUE SEN N East W est M.C . Anaheim. CA Published letters do not necessarily reflect the position of Cycle News. Inc . Send letters ' to Voices. Box 498 . Long Beach. CA 90801. The newBell Mota III. A newhelmet that's been through hell and back. Tested and developed by championslike Bob Hannah. Roger DeCoster, Larry Roeseler and other superstars. The new MOIO III sets new helmet standards with its combination of safety and comfort features: smaller, lighter fiberglass shellfor.better balance. Contoured to protect nose, mouth and chin (eliminates tleed for face masks). Slotted air vents for increased air supply. The first integral dust filter: Newfade-resistant finish, in red, yellow or white. Five-snap Halman-type visor. Distinctive Bell graphics. Snell'75 and DOT approved. Bell's new Mota III is the first in a newhelmet genera-• tion. Made to protect all riders who like to win or play hard, come hell or high water. ~ Bell Helmets, Inc., 1530 1Shoemaker BELL. Ave., Norwalk, CA 90650. " Lif e is a dream, but it's a g re~t way to pass the time, " - C, Clayton TERR YC~4BLE The Teflon Super Smooth Cable *Cor:nplete li n e for raci ng bikes *Requires no oiling ,* Sm o ot h est p ulling cab le *Flexible throttle w ire gives lo n g life *Heavy duty housing. resists stretch and abuse . 'Write for Free literature Terrycable PO Box 1321, Hesperia, CA 92345 (71 4 )2 4 7 -26 4 6 Out of stat e call toll free 1 8544 691 8001 $addlebaCk $UZUki GUESS THE MILEAGE GIVEWAY WIN a New 1979 Suzuki GS 425 11 ! Hurry in w it h your entry contest closes Feb. 15th Sout h Ora nge County 's On ly Suz uki D ealer Help! We 're Overstocked! New 1978 TS-250 ,. . , $1049 New 1978 SP-370 $1349 New 1978 RM-250CZ $1349 Full Price! includes freight & dealer set-up ! . A lso, Unbeli evable Savings on New 1979 JR-50 New 1979 RM-50 New 1979 RM-BO New 1979 GS-425 New 1979 GS-1000 Open 7 days a week Motorcycles Parts Accessories Service 23034 Lake Forest Dr.• Laguna Hills. CA 92653 714-no-6701

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