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; i T ELATEST Would you buy a used car from an ex-czar? Obviously resulting from a depressed set-back after being relieved from his duties at the AMA, Doug Mockett has, unfortunately, found that in order to make the payments on his VW Camper, he is forced to sell his two Ferraris. Visibily upset by this untimely turn of events, he is selling CZAR t he 1967 330GTC for only $21,000 and says he will let the 1978 BB512IX·CZAR) go for a mere $98,000. It j ust goes to show, old czars never die they just sell their Ferraris. Interested? Call Mocken. not us, at 213/545-6174. Bigger than Life! Not many publica tions can make that claim , but careful measurement of the Cycle News format indicates that we're even bigger than the recently-revived Life magazine. Life checks in at a 13" X 20" two -page spread size while CN stretches the tape at 13* " X 20 * ". The A m erica n Motorcyclist Association has upheld the disqualification of Mike Hannon f or allegedly taking another rider's ges at the Oct: 8 Double Croners M.C. Cel State 100 National Enduro. National Motocross hopeful Donnie Hansen is looking for help in com~t · ing on t he 250cc AMA/Mr . P1BB National MX Series next year. He's got a bike and parts, but needs help with transportation and related expense> . Hansen will also ride the Florida Winter·AMA Series . If you can help, give him a call at 805 /527 -5793. On Sunday, Nov. 19, the Norwalk Centaurs M .C. donated $2,000 to the City of Hope, a medical research and treatment facility in southern California. The donation was made possible by the excess profits from this year's Yuma Prison Run, put on by the Cantaurs. "We feel that all of the riders who made the Yuma run a success would li k e to see the profits go to help others," said Buz Beasey, President of the Norwalk Centaurs. The City of Hope has just recently discovered a means of producing synthetic Insulin and is searching for a cure for cancer. California Racing Club has announced its 1979 enduro and desert race schedule. There are nine endures. starting with one Feb. II at Stoddard Valley , and there will be one in the Baja on Mar. I I . O ne enduro tenra tively sch eduled for Jan . 14 was cancelled. There are 17 desert race dates ; the first t hree ru n on Jan . 2 1, Feb . 4 . and Feb . 18. Call CRC at 7 \4 / 689 -6114 . president officer. . executive Ryan Mich ael Bast . a 7 lb . 9 oz: future speed way sta r was born on Nov, 25 at 4:00 p .m . Papa says co ngra tu lations to Mike and DeeA nn . Will Ken Mael y co me out with stee l skid booties now ? NorCal MXers wh o m ight be concerned that t he Dec. 3 ZAP Motocross CMC Semi-Pro race at Crown Nine Motosport Park w ill be ca ncelled due to heavy rai n wash ing out t he road - don ' t worry. The race w ill run. And ZAP p lans to keep ru n ning t hem all winter. Dial 415 /355-4760 o r 4151355-1331 for inf ormation . The officia l BLM rid er cou nt for that unorganized tra il ride between Ba rstow and Veg as on Nov . 25 is 580 , but one me m ber of th e Dirt Digg ers M.C . reported th at the actual figure - taken throughout the entire day was closer to 1200-1260 happy motorcyclists. Quack l Q u ack! HosPITal STOP: Jerry Surber, Jr., son of the GNC amateur stadium motocross events promoter, suffered a knee Injury while competing in the Nov. 10 Rio Bravo pre·qualifier for the March Houston Astrodome event. Cards and lettars may be sent to Jerry at 223 Palm Aire Dr., Friendswood, TX77546. W ANTED: AM A D-37 clubs interested in holding d ual point desert races in AM A D-381 J a y A herns (7 14 /27 9 4030) a nd Tony DePalmer (71 4 /291. 2115 ) say D ·38 has lots of la nd available and they're happy to share. Curious? Ca il 'em. A~to the British tor ne_ Cycle Weelrly, Aatrelian Gregg HIInaford, top contender on Kaw...kl In the 78 World Championship Roed Racing SerIea, Is considering e move to Suzuki for the '79 MUOn. peper, to England's Motor Cycle Weekly, has been raised to 100,000 BritiSh pounds making the event the richest in the world. Daytona formerly offered the largest purse. First place w ill pay 10,000 British pounds which, U.S. Dollars and British pounds fluctuating as they may, i s somewhere i n t he neighborhood of $2O,ooo! Eigh t time Road R a ce W orl d Champion Angel Nieto, leader of a group trying to import Ka wasak is int o Spain. saw his plan fall a pa rt when custo ms officials seized 700 KZ400 and KZ6 50 motorc ycles shipped fro m Kawas aki's L in col n . N B asse mblv plan t. Th e m ove showed fir~ en forceme nt of Spa in 's ban on di rect import J apan ese motorcycl es. Th e shipment from th e U .S . was an attempt to find a loophole in th e law . an attempt that failed wh en th e Spanish customs officers po inted out the words " Mad e in J ap a n" stamped into the ca ses and on the Ka wasa ki frames. - Motor Cycle Weekly'. road racing expert Chris Carter was 'recent ly criticized in a letter from a Finnish fan regarding Carter's top 20 road racer list as being "too patriotic." The lettar writer, J. Niemela, offers this "neutral" list of the top 20 road racers in the world: 1. Roberts, 3 . Cecotto, 2 . Ballington, 5 . Sheene , 4. Hansford, 6. Katayama, 7. Hartog, 8. Hennen, 9. Herron, 10. Ekerold, 11. Baker, 12. Nieto, 13. Ferrari, 14. Rougerie, 15. Lazzarini, 16. Fernandez, 17. Uncini, 18. Bonera, 19. Sarron, 20. Mang. Six -ti me World Ch am p ion MX 'er Joe l Robe rt is the Belgium importer of SW M·s. Robert has annou nced th at he'll field a two·man team on the 250cc MX G P ci rcuit . Harry Everts hes r.signed with Bultaco for the '79 GP ..ason. Oh what a lovely d ar it was for a trail rid e between B and V . The tempera ture was a little snappy. but there was no dust! Motor Cycle Week ly also ment ioned th at Russ ians Valery Komeev and Yu ri Khudiakov may ride Hondas in next year's MXGPs. Komeev rode wit h Moi~v and Ka vinov on the 250cc KTM·mounted Russian team th is year wh ile Khudiakov campaigned the 125cc GPs on a CZ. The pair reportedly will receive "semi -wor ks" machines wrenched by Russian mecha n ics. Yokohama nra Corporlition has announced the appointment of Tsuyoshi Sug imoto as Its naw T h a nks to the AM A Govern ment Rela t ions Depa rtme nt and A MA Legisla t ive Ana lyst Ga ry W in n . motorcycl ists m ay deduct the ge neral sales tax pa id on t he p urchase of motorc ycles, if t hey itemize t he ir deduct ions. T he pre vious IRS poli cy had been based on ou tdated figures tha t didn't reflect the prices of cu rre nt motorcycles. accordi ng to the AM A . So if you buy a $2,500 motorcycle. and the sales ta x is 4% . you' re $ 100 better off. tha nks to Winn a nd the AMA. Prize money for the 1979 Isle of Man Millemum IT races, according The AMA 1978 Legislative Sup· porter program recently received a On the B·to-V trail ride we heard that help _ provided to three inj ured riders by the San Bernar· dino County Sheriff's Depertment and BLM Rangers. 2 $1,000 donation from the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. Steve Bauer reports that DG Performance Sp ecialt ies. Inc.. and Yamaha MOlOr Corp . worked out a program to co -sponsor him on th e AMA /M r. PiBB N at ional MX circ uit an~ t he A MA /Toyo ta Supercross Series, Th e Daytona Be ac h Cha mber of Commerce ex pects a record crowd f or the '79 Spe ed Week . Th e low v alu e of t he doll ar in Europe is expected t o draw m o re f oreig n v is itors . wh i le prize mone y for Speed W eek even ts stands at $l56 ,nO. The SCMA invites a ll mo to rcyclists. whether by bike . trike . or truck . to participate .in the Dec. 3 Hope House T oy Run . The run benefi ts th e Hope House of EI Monte. CA . a fine plac helping kids with multiple chronic hand ica ps. Meet a t West minster H a rl ey. 9306 Bal sa Ave .. Westminster. CA . Entry is $1 plus a toy. Ca ll 714/ 526 -7367 for more info. The California Recreational Trails Committee will meet Dec. 1 at Veteran's Hall, N. Pine St., Nevada City. The 9 a.m . meeting follows a field trip the previous day to South Yuba Trial and the Donner· Emigrant Trail. AMA members a re re m inded that the Decembe r issue of American Mot orcyclist contains t he ba llots for the Boa rd of Trustees election. If you have not received your co py of AM, contact the AMA Communications Departm ent to secure a ballot. The address is P.O . Box 141 , Westerville. OH 43081 . 614 /891 -2425. If you want to know which piece . of land in California is controlled by which of the zillion government agencies, the Bureau of Land Management has a 4 W X 5' map available for $2.50 at the BLM Riverside Di strict Office, 1695 Spruce St.. Riverside, CA. T he AMA District 37 scr ambles folks are plann ing a fun night a t Elsinore Ra cewa y for Saturday night , De c. 9 . Suzuki will challenge Honda in the European road race endurance classics, including the French 24hour Bol d'Or, next year. Six GS10Cl0-based racers ara being pr. pared by the factory with the assis· tance of Pops Yoshimura. The team will be under the direction of Heron SuzukI. e

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