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.....-4 ~ Q) ..0 S Q) > o Z Ya m a h a Mo tor Corp . will b e p roviding a 125 and a 250cc YZ Yam a ha to Diane Cox as she tackles th e competition in the Oc t. 28-29 Ka wasaki Women ·s. Mo to cr oss Nationals sponsored by Russ Da rnell Motocross Schools. Yamaha already has some pretty heavy talent entered in th e form of Sue Fish . a factory su ppo rt ride r. and they have also given a 125cc bike to trials whiz Debbie Evans . The crew from the television program 60 was out at the 1OO's M.C. AMA 0-37 hara scrambles, taping footage for an upcoming presentation. They'll be beck out at the Rams ' race Oct. 29 for sure, with pouible appearances elsewhere. Lat 's hope they didn't meke up their minds before they came, and make an effort to emphasize the family and recre.. tional aspecta of the sport. ""'nut•• T he cou rse u tilized for the Nov. 5 Ca lifo rn ia C it y Grand P ri x will cont ai n some new tra ils over about 30% of the d istance. accordi ng to Ca lifornia Racing Clu b hon cho J erry McNeal. In the third annual Hollywood Stunt Competition, trials riderl stuntwoman Debbie Evans came out in a tie for second, finish· ing behind Billy Burton and t ied with defending champ Buddy Joe Hooker. The three-event competi· tion held at Indian Dunes consisted of a horse race , a motocrou raca and a car race. T he horse race was a sho rt event in the Dunes sandwash and Eva ns finis hed sixth in the nine person field . She came back in the four- la p m otocross to score a second after a rider fell in front of her on the secon d la p and she was dropped to sixth . In the car event - which u tilized Pont ia c Firebird T rans-Arns and was run over a d irt course ne a r the air strip - Deb bie finished third in her he at and won the main event. Quite a perform a nce considering t ha t Debbie had just three week s to p re pare fo r t he eve nt . includi ng lea rning how to drive and slide that kind of car and how to fall a horse. Debbie's prize for the day was a new RM250 Suzuki from U.S. Suzuki, which provided RM250a to competitors for the motocross eve nt and gave away a new RM to each of the event w inners. . 2 T he com petition was filmed for the CBS Sports Spe ctacular program and will repo rt edly be aired over the first th ree weekends in J a nuary. one event per show. Team Honda's Don Sanford thumped his XR500 to win the Mt. Baker M .C . "Cowbell" AMA National Enduro. Sanford's sixpoint score was two better than Yamaha-mounted Mike Hannon's, with Charlie Bethard, Dave Bowers, and Carmen Bunker rounding out the top flve. Hannon flied a protest regarding mileage to the first check. Arizona off -road riders sho uld attend a p u b lic informati o n meeting announ ced in t he Phoenix District Neuiletter in volving their la nd use plans for 6.4 milli on acres in the H ua la p ai / Aq u arius and the H arcu va r / Vulture Plann ing Uni ts. The meeting will be held in Kingman , AZ at the Chamber of Com merce Bu ilding, 450 Sycamore Ave. • on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. T hey'll explain the Bureau Planning System a nd how resource invent ories will be cond ucted . La ter , public meetings and workshops will be used to gather your input . International trials ater Malcolm Rathmell won the "Superbike Six," a six-event, Olympiad-style competition pitting top British motorcyclists in speedway, trlels, grass track, kartlng, motocross, road race and enduro racas . Rathmell won nearly .10,000 In beating Bryan Wade, Andy Roberton, Mlck Andraws and Martin lampkin. Different machinery was used for each event. Rog er DeCoster . during a r ecent visit to Japan . has report edl y succeeded in get t ing you ng Du tchm a n Ge rard Rond off the 500cc Suzuk i factory team . Ro nd will now ride the 250cc World Motocross Champions hip Ser ies. DeCost er reportedly threatened to qui t unl ess Rond was m oved to a no ther class and Rend 's father was dro pped as manager of the Suzuk i motocross team , both of which have happened . That $1,000,000 lawsuit that was hanging over Grace and Gerry Burton, previous owners of Perris Raceway and the Powder Puff Association who were named in the suit as host club, was finally settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. The Sprint ret urns! Cagiva, the new owners of the former Harley-Davidson Factory in Varese, Italy. have announ ced plans to m arket a new motorcycle (Continu ed to page 2J) Seen at the Oct. 20-22 International Motorcycle Aftermarket Expo in Las Vegas: Competition for the American-made plastic boot from Scott USA (abovel, due in January at a suggested retail of $180, comes from the Italian· made MXUNational Hydron boot (belowl offered In November at $130 and the Italian-made TEBO (bottomI available from Intenraders Auociates in Boston at a suggested list of around $95. Eyebell estimates indicate that you'll get what you pay for. Both the MXL and TEBO boots feature removable socks while the Scott USA units feature the " slipper" foot piece shown. The Scotts show intenaiveengineering and R&D work compered to the more besic ski boot design found in the MXL and TEBO boots.

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