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from a three-week job in Atlanta. GA. suffered car trouble on the way back from the race, hence coverage will ppear in next week 's issue. Your best friend. will tell you ... Th. Am.rlc.n Motorcycll.t Association he. launched • P.R. campelgn d••igned to u.. peer pr•••ur. to reduce unnec....ry motorcycle nol... They·r. di.tributing .m.1I .tickie. that rud. "Noi•••nnoy.1 Don't .poll It for .11 of us," and the message is • igned. "Thank., • fellow blk.r:' AMA m.mber. are encourag.d to .ffix It to moterevetes they see/hear with • nol.y .xh.ust .y.t.m. A 10·.ticki. .upply i. • (fr••) by writing to NOISE. Am.ric.n Motorcycll.t A..eclatlen, P.O . Box 141 W••t.rvill.. OH 43081. PI••• ~ includ. 25C for .nd , hendllng. Ted Worrell (Suz) emerged from a sixrider zero marked tie to take the overall win in the Oct. 15 Ozark Hillbilly AMA National Championship Enduro in Potosi, MO . Worrell eked out the win by % th of a .. second on the tie-breaker check over AA class winner Jeff Fredette (KTM). Rod Bush (KTM) finished a few ticks of the clock back _to take the A class laurels. Rusty Reynaud bested the B class. The 150·mile event was sponsored ~y th~ Potosi M.C . and for the first nrne m years was run in sunshine. AmerIca will heve • MCOnd entry In the &OOcc MX World Chemplonahipa. Chuck Sun .nriounced on Oct. 15 thet he hed signed his 1979 contnICt with Huaqveme .nd will contest the &OOcc title rether then the 2IiOcc chempionshlp .. ex· pected. Sun. who contested four 2IiOcc GPa this ye.r. opted for the &OOcc: c.... even though m.ny feel thet he could be ..crlflclng • better chence of .uccess in the 2IiOcctitle che... Jimmy Ellis is expected to ride for Team Honda in the Missouri round of the Trans·AMA Series this coming weekend: Bill Buchka, Brad Lackey's tuner, WIll turn the wrenches for Ellis at Cycle World in St . Peters. Terry V.nce bluted his Suzuki GS1000 Pro Stock dregster to • new record time.nd top .peed of :J.OO secJ147.05 mph lit the Oct. 1415 Intern.tion.1 Dr.g Bike Assocl.tlon N.tlon.1 Fln.l. in Gulfport. MS. V.nce took the Byron Hines-tuned mechine to .n IDBA NIItioneI Chempionship tltIe. the blk.·. first .nd his fourth. Just goes to prove you can't believe everything you read : Last week's Cycle News Products ad said you could pick up the spiffy CN Arctic Vest for $2 I. 75 and a nylon CN back pack for $14.50. Since then. Kramer Products Company has informed Papa that the vests will go for $24.95 and the back packs won't be available at all . Sigh . .. Don't forget The Ph.ntom Duck of the ee•• rt·. fourth .nnuel Berstow to V.g.. unorg.niz.d nil rid. tek•• pl.c. on Nov. 25. More Info by ..ndlng • SASE to the duck .t P.O. Box 1725. Fontens CA 92335. • 2 According to press release issued by the . V.tah Sa lt Flats Racing ASSOCiation. the American Turbo·Pak Kawasak i ZI ·R TC used in th eir Su pe rbike Comparison Test was at a disadvantage desp ite its obvious potential. We quote: " . . . the VSFRA would like to point out that the Kawasaki had only two hours and 45 minutes to prepare their bike after our break-in period, due to an accident we had on the way to the salt. With proper t.ime to prepare the bikes, Kawasaki most likely would have won the shoot out." Verrry interesting. Wom.n recers attentionI Entrl•• for the Oct. 28·29 K.w•••kl Wom.n·. Motocross N.tlonsl•• .pon.or.d by Ru.. D.rn.1I Motocross Schools..... open .nd win rernein open until r.ce d.y. Promoter Vicki Hug told there we. some confu.ion .bout • dudUne for entrie. - .. It tum. out Is no dudHne. Cox .nd D.bbi. Evllln. their .ntrlesln .Irudy. by the wey. Want to help develop a new 125 and/or 250cc motocrosser? Dave Coffin is looking for three or four people residing in SoCal who want to ' ~ork on just s~ch a project. The set-up IS a cooperative venture to build the b~ke ~s a casual, . spare· time project with little or no direct financial gain. Requirements are that you must have experience in the motocross scene . hold a full-time job other than with ~ mot?rcycle manufacturer, and have engrneer or machine shop background. If you think you qualify. sena a resume to Coffin at 710 Vesta St . , Inglewood. CA 90302. The Americen roed reclng team of Kanny Roberts. Mlk. Beldwln Dal. Singleton. Skip Aksl.nd. W.~ Cooley. Richard Schlechter .nd Randy Mamola won the Oct. 8 AGV Helmets World Team Cup reces lit Imo... ltely. according to a sketchy report r.celved by the AMA. K.nny Roberts ..t. new "p record. but jumped off .nd Injured hi••Ibow. According to the r.port. Mlk. Baldwin was the top point scorer for the Am.rlcens. Th. "Internationsl" tum (made up of from countries not repr. sented by • full tum) was second. followed by Great Britain. ltely. and France. The 100'5 M.C. AMA D·37 hare and hound was a real heartbreaker for Max Eddy. Eddy led the race until he seized - just 200 yards from the finish line. Bob Balentine went on to win with Eddv towed across for second. Lee Scheffers, winner of th e previous week's Dirtfliers hare scrambles, was third . Brian Wright copped the 250cc class over Ste ve Eckhart. CN desert correspondent Ga ry Laud ig . ba ck Dave Campos powered the HarleyDavidso n-pcw er ed Jammer Streamliner to a new S·AS·3000 class record at Bonneville (see National Speed Trials coverage on p . 10) after Speed Week had ended on Oct. 9. Campos took the Bob George-owned machine to an average two·way speed I ofl!76.575 mph. . Stedlum Motorsporta. promoters of th. · Nov. 11 Coca·Cola Motocross Final. to b. held at . Anaheim Stadium. hev. made • .pac..1tick.t offer to Cyde News M.II ord.r blank. are .v.lIable through participating motorcycle d ••ler. for tick.t. priced lit te. $9. $12. $15 or $25 (childr.n und.r 10. helf prlcel. and • fr.. $3· progr.m will be included. Th. offer .xplres Nov. 5. .nd th.t·. the d.t. they must receive the ord.r. IIOt poIItmark dat•••0 act quickly. . An article about ORV use in the desert is in the September issue of the official magazine of the Smithsonian Institution. the Smithsonian, comes out pretty much as a blast in favor of closing the desert. Picture selection is rabidly anti -ORV and the accompanying text of the eight page feature , save for a · couple of paragraphs, is just about as bad. If you feel like letting the Smithsonian know what you think, the address is 900 Jefferson Dr .. Washington, D.C . 20560 . Breln fed. Last we.k we ren • Lat••t Poop It.m steting K.n Annesley won the Top Fuel c.... et the Oct. 8 WInston World Rns". W.II. Anne.ley·. win light did com. on at the .nd of the strip. but hi. red light also went on .t the stert of the strip. thus giving the win to Ru.. Collin.. Our drag racing report.r promi.e. h.·11 liIt.n to the .nnouncer .nd wetch the whol. rece - stert to finish next tim•. Coverage on peg. 26. Louis R . Kaiser, 78. suffered a fatal heart attack on Oct. 3. Kaiser built Jimmy Phillips' first few Triumphs, helped Joe Leonard get started locally in the San Diego area . and hacked Cal ' Rayborn in his early years. Rayborn, 14 years old at the time, came to live with Kaiser, and Lou built his first few motorcycles, among them a 125cc two· stroke Harley. a 250cc Honda twin and a BSA single. Kaiser was in Calvin's pit area when Rayborn died in New Zealand. Kaiser's 40 years of quiet contributions will be missed by the motorcycling world . Geoff Fox celled the other day to tell Pape ~t on. of the Moto-X At the Double Crossers M.C. National Enduro , Mike Hannon as disqualified for appropriating anotlier rider's gas . and he appealed t he protest. Al an AMA District ." Competition Committee meeting OCt . 12.. Han...~n ·s appeal was upheld in a spill decis ion. However, according to th e AMA rulebook, all protests from National events must be forward to AMA headquarters in Westerville . OH . for decision . So as fa r as Hannon's protest is concerned, it liaS not been officially decided yet. D 7, must forward all the information to Westerville. " I don't think you can treat the situation as lightly as tll~ (the D·37 Competition Committee) did." said the AMA 's Al Eames. Th. day aft.r the World T.4m Road R.c. in Ital¥. . Randy Mamol. and mentor Jim Doyle m.t with the ltel"n firm 'Ot Bimota••nd cem••w.y with a ride for the 1979 250 and 350cc W d Road Racing Championships. plU. non-conflictlng 750cc reces such a. D.ytona and Imola. Bimota will provide Mamola with two Yamaha. for .ach cl.... an .partm.nt In Rlminl. ltely••nd a "hendsome ....ry." according to Doyl• . SoCaI M.C . has been forced to cancel their Oct. 22 California State Cham -' pionship Hare and Hound. l'he Bureau of Land Mangement restricted the club to one short loop in the ~,e1do.m used Ol~ncha area . citing possible destruction of archeological resources of unknown value along th e loop two course. " and "possible degradation of wilderness values in areas where new trail results across the desert pavement," among the reasons. SoCal had agreed to use last year's course due to lack of BLM funds for. an Environmental Analysis Report on a new course. but the previously, approved loop two was not al d and SoCal decided to cancel. The club was informed of the decis ion OD Oct. 6,only 16 days before the event. SoCal has appealed the decision . but no word has been received from the BLM . Four previous EARs done by th e Bakersfield BLM office showed no archeological resources on the aforementioned second loop. Hmmm ... Rain _had out the september 3OI0ctober 1 12th Annual uS. National Motorcycle Dreg Chem· pionshlpa lit N.w JarHy'. Atco Dragway. The .vent was run off on October 2 with K.n B1eckbum (Kaw) teking Top Fuel honors owr Dick Prime (H-D). Deb DMvl (Hon) edged Ereldo Ferraccl (Honl for the tltIe In the Pro Comp class. while Bob Carpenter (Kaw) walked off with the Pro Stock awerd " ' r Ed Ryen (H-D) broke in ttl. run for the gold. Pat Hennen's return home has been delayed, probably for three or four weeks. No reason for the change of plans available at press time. Bridg••ton. Tlr. Company of Am.rlce he. .nnounced a TransAMA MX Serl.. conting.ncy program. For the Intern.tionsl c..... Brldg••ton. I. putting up $250. $100 .nd $60. with $100 $75 and $60 going to the Support Brldg••tone wlll .1.0 co-.pon.or the Oct. 22 round to be held lit Cycl. World near St. Louis. • dan.

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