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In what has to be the single biggest he8d8che for any endurance trial organizer, the Swedish Trial Bosses solicited land-use permissions from nearly 200 persona for this year's ISOT. They must have used the right approach beceuse there were on ly 20 refusels. * SUZUKI . ~.PRESENTS THE 4th ANNUAL til IJjJ PM". S Kenny Roberts was questioned a bout his plans for the immediate fut ure after the final Formula 750 World Championship event at Mospon. ''I'll go to England to race at Donnington and Mall ory Park," he said. "T hen it' s off to Im ola, in Ital y. I mi ght squeeze in a few d ays ' at home after that , before I head to J apan to race agains t Cecotto at Sugo on October 22. Asked about his plans for next yea r, he said . "I'm going bac k to Europe , naturally. T here's nowher e else for me to go . I'll be ra cing a 250 that ' Yam a ha is bu ild ing for m e now , and of course the 500's, which the fa ns in Eu rope feel is th e real World Ch ampionship. I have al ready told Yamaha that I don't intend to try for the 750cc title again ." "I was on my 25f,land he was on a mini, but he blew me Into the weeds," said former two-time Grand National Champion Gary Nixon. " He" is current Grand National Champion Jay Springsteen, and Nixon is talking about a trail riding session the pair had the week prior to the Pittsburgh National. "He came int o town (Cock eysvill e, Maryland) and bought a new min i bike and off we went. The cops stopped him and told him he'd heve to push the bike on the street. Once we got into the woods, we approached a big mud puddle. I slowed down, but he jum ped it - pulling off a tear-away in m id-air. He 's something else." aid Nixon, who all will agree is something else himself. Ken and Patt i Ro berts a re expecting their third child to take his/ her place on the staning gri d in Novem ber . '{~( -~~KI fI1e Fast one· S EVENT MOTOCROSS SERIES ·_·_·_·_·_·_·T ·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·~_·_·_·_·_·_·_·-i-·_·_·_·_._._-,---_._-----_. OCl: 1 ;OCt 8 OCl1S;OC1220C129 'P"NAi SA~DLE8ACK "f1 ~ l)r\~~\(~ t~f?~\PARK o T he 1978 AMA professional awa rds banquet will be hel d on November 12 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim , CA. The festivities will kick off with a 6 p.m. cocktail pan)' hosted by Cam el Filter cigareues. sponsors of the Cam el Pro Series, followed by dinner and the presentation of awards. Among the awards to be preunted will be the one by 8-K Tools for Tuner of the Year. In addition there will be the Full House manufacturer's award f or National Championship MX and the AMA Grand National Championship manufacturer's award. Rounding out the rider awards for all phases of AMA professional competition will be one honoring the AMA Professional Athlete of the Year. TIckets to the banquet must be ordered in advance from AMA Banquet.. P,O. Box 141. Westerville, OH 43081. The indi vidual ticket co st is $18, (Continued to page 5) • ISU1\tise~ 'a\\e~I."'aaAIl ~1~c~c\~I·:MMltI ~~ ! ~ TRABUCO!~ vat ! . EL CAJON,CA. .! ORANGE,CA. CYN,cA.! ADELANTO, CA. ! VALENCIA.CA. ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._.-._._._._._._._._._._._.._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._.- ._._._._._._._._._._. ALL EVENTS: GATE OPENS 6:30AM PRACTICE 8:00AM RACING BEGINS 9:30AM . rlo Among those generously contributing .toward the American effort in the recent Motocross and Trophees des Nations events was Ward Robinson of Unadilla Valley Sports Center. Robinson, whose track hosts the U.S. round of the 250cc MX World Championships and a Trans-AMA Series round, donated $1.000 to offset the cost of participation in the event. ~ AWARDS & pRIZES SUPER SUZUKI • SCHOlARSHIPS TO THEOCROSS" " suzuKI SCHOOl Of MOT 5' 1979 SUZUKI RM~S ~: iJii:- 30% TROPHIES TO ALL CLASSES ( 213 367 1777 OR SUZUKI OR 868 8112 DEALERS II you must go laster, think lirst . how you,'lllook in plaster. ROAD RACERS - . di CAfE RACERS RD350/400, Honda, Kaw, Suz & olhers Road Bace/Cate tamnqs. seats. tanks. pipes. tires. .:s ~~ rJ- , - RR boo ts & gloves, Special loo ts & hardwa re . rac ing brakes and many other hard to find Items ~.' for 1m eat8k:lg 0..-. inqunes invited · RACERS SUPPlY. 8959 V~ Nuys Btvd. VA>l NUYS. CA 9'_213/781-831l1l • SIontes8 can-am e-Aln MX-4 250'. on ..... . ... on el lIIOCIeM Compe tition Serv ice Cydes (213) 831-1279 1244 N. Gaffey St., San Pedro, CA 90731 3

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