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organlzetlonel meeting Sept. 27 at Hopetown I, alive and wen. 7:30 p.m. et North High School. It . according to Ru.. Brothers of:tlle will be conc.rnlng the 'ixth Dirt Diggera M.C. Th. c....Ic. conMCutiv. y. .r of high .chool -' discontinued In 1978 due to SImi motocrou et Corone ' Raceway. Valley city council problem.. win Cell Ron et 7141882-7059 if there ere tak. piece on Nov. 4-&. The AM~ , any question•. .anctioned MX rac.,-on. on 8eturday and another complete Don 't forget the Phantom Duck of the progrem on Sunday-will pay full Desert's fourth annual Barstow to 0-37 polnta eech dey; eech run. Vegas "Unorganized" Trail Ride on under ••perat. .anction. Mor. Nov. 25. It's a great chance to enjoy a detell. will appMr In future Lateat legal trail ride on BLM designated Poop column. .. flnel arreng~ existing roads and trails, setting a pace m.nta ere mede. where you can appreciate the scenic beauty our public lands have to offer. More info is available by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Phantom Duck of the Desert. P.O . Box 1725, Fontana, CA 92335 . Bek.r. injured at the 8ept. 17 F760 .v.nt at Mo,port. wa. r.I....d from O.hewe Gen.rel Ho,pltel on Friday, S.-pt. 22 and he. r.turned hom. to B.llingham. WA. The AMA Grand National Championship/Camel Pro Series will go downto the final race, a half mile at Gardena's Ascot Park. The two contenders, Jay Springsteen and Steve Eklund, are only a point apart. The HarleyDavidson factory crew will . spend much of the week preparing for the race at a local Harley shop, while Eklund and sponsor Mario Zanotti will try to have two complete motorcycles prepped and ready. Throughout the season, Eklund has had one Harley plus spares for the half miles and miles . At the sen JOM mile. third piece Hank Scott he8ped credit upon tuner. Carl Patrick and Jerry Branch for a bunch of work performed on hi. blk. during rece dey. Including a cam cheng. Juat before the Netionel. Controversy surrounding the Sept. 10 Syracuse mile race has not died, at least among Steve Eklund's supporters. Eklund was excluded from the National there under the two-minute rule. At • San Jose there were several people wearing T -shirts with Eklund's National Number 11 overprinted with a large question mark. The slogan "Screwed at Syracuse '78" appeared below the number platez'question mark. Th. 8en Joaa ree. wu filmed by NBC for Sport,World progrem. AI lOon .. Pepe find' out when It will be aired. h.·11 meka an eppolntm.nt with hi' TV Nt. No. aetuelly h.·11 let everyone know. right here on thl' pag•. Stay tuned. In AMA District 37 desert action, unofficial results indicate that Bob Balentine (KTM) won the Shamrocks M.C. hare and hound . Results are unofficial because it was a timed event. Behind Balentine were Bruce Ogilvie (250 H-D) , Kevin Hopkins (on .a l00cc Yamahal), Ed Zarp (Yam) and Brad Hensen (250 Yam). Complete coverage next week. Th. Worid Ob••rved . Trlel, Chemplonahlp concluded 8ept. 24 with the flnel round In Czechoalovak". Anlend', Yrjo V••tertnen flnl.hed third In the .v.nt to clinch hi' ,.cond con,.cutlv. World Chemplonehlp. England', Martin lampkin won It to finish Mcond In the 'tending.. Am.rlcen Berni. Schr.iber took MCond in Cz.cho for third overell in the polnta. All thr.e rode Bulteco•. 2 As, uh, you may have not iced, there was a typogr aphical error on the cover (boy was there ever). While we're firmly convinced that we can keep the initials of the International Six Days Trial in order in the future, we also feel that we owe our readers an explanation. The devil did it. Just as the paper was ready to be shipped to the printers-complete with undiscovered typo -the three female lead players from the cast of Charlie's Angels dropped by the C!J offices . .. T.xaco Heron T. .m Suzuki will field a three rider teem In the 1979 &OOcc World Champlon,hlp Road Recing SerIea comprlaed of Berry Sheene. Wil Hartog and Frenchmen Michel Rougerle. Th.y will alao conte.t 10m. .horter endurance rec:e, and the BrItI'h Formule One Chemplonehlp with , four .p.clally pr.pared Suzuki GS10008. Norton Motors has been registered as a subsidiary of NVT Motorcycles Ltd. , and have signed an agreement with the patent ' holders of the Wankel engine. Norton is working on a twinrotor Wankel; pre-production models are expected in the spring of 1979 . Th. BrItI'h weekly IIIotor C,de reporta thet Injured Amerlcen roed rac.r Pat H.nn.n i. making .xc.llent progreu in recovering from hie I'" of Man TT cruh. Reporta ere thet Pet I, ..tlng lik•• horae to r.gain lost : w.lght (McDoneld', hemburge" .r. hendcerrl.d by a friend from London to the Uverpool ho.pltell••x.rcialng. talking about reces thet h. ren thle end looking forwerd to getting beck on e blk •. The Desert Vipers AMA D·37 GP , scheduled for Sept. 30·0ct. I , is cancelled. In the Ligune Sece winner', clrcl. following the Superblk. Production raee, McLeughlin . credited Dal. Singleton with ,.ttlng up the Rececraft." Kewuekl thet h. rode to third. That', not exactly ,fa ir to Rececrefte,,· Herold Mell.t. who ,pent many hourI working on the machine. Two·time National Speedway Champion Rick Woods and five·time California State Speedway Champion (and twice National Champion) Steve Bast will have a two out of three exhibition match race at the final regular season race Sept. 29 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. R.A.C .E_ Dir.ctor Ron Crandall r.port' that th.r. will b. an Tickets for the final AMA National Championship/Camel Pro event on the '78 calendar - the Ascot half mile ' - are available at Ticketron locations or at Ascot Park in Gardena. The long points race battle between Californian Steve Eklund and reigning champ Jay Springsteen all comes down to the Ascot event. Papa won't miss it ; don't youl Honde', , e ntry Into 600cc World Champlonahlp Road Racing I, .xpected to be deleyed until the middle of the '79 I88IOn et the eerlI8It. with a fulJ-ac:e1e effort beginning In 1980. Honda had p1enned to make the I;NtgInnlng of the '79 INIOn. but reportedly. de,lgnlng a competitive fouratrok.machlne took longer then expected. Sales figures in the U.S. indicate that Yamaha is closing fast on traditional . sales leader Honda. For the first six months of '78, Honda slipped from a traditional 40% market share to 29.2%, excluding the sales of the Honda Express Moped, the ATC and the Odyssey. Yamaha's sales figures for the same period were 29.1 % . According to Yamaha , the one percent is equivalent to 700 units. Kaw...kl·, Han'ford won the finel 260cc World Roed Racing Champlon.hlp Serle. round In Yugo.levle. but t. .mmet. Kork Bellington clinched the Mrie' tltl•• edding it to hi. 360cc World Chemplon.hip. Top road racers " including Johnny Cecotto and Kenny Roberts , are calling for the end of Formula 750 racing in its present f?rm , a.nd according to reports, a spec iai working party will recommend that to the FlM Autumn Congress. What some are hoping will replace it is a series such as the AGV World Cup. The AGV series included Daytona, Imola and Paul , Ricard this year . Form.r World Sp••dway Champion p.t.r Collin" bike' were Mboteged with lUger In the .981 tenk prior to the BrItI.h final qualifier to determine the Srlti,h .ntrenta In th. , World Finel at W.mbley. The British weekly Motor Cycle says that Gerard Rond has signed with Suzuki to contest the 1979 125cc World Championship Series. The sa,?e article has current champ Aklra Watanabe going to Hbnda and former two -time Champ Gaston Rahier transferring to Yamaha. Huron Cycle Park, a Green Stickiefinanced facility in Huron, CA (near Fresno) will run their first -ever AME · sanctioned motocross over the Oct. 7·8 weekend. Pros only will race on Sunday for a $3,000 purse; Saturday, will feature both Pro (10.0% payback) and Sportsman racing. Overnight camping is available, and .Iocal ~V coverage is rumored . More info? Dial 209/846-9377 or 209/945 -2664. Hu,qverne·. Bob popi.1 topped the 24 C.ntral Ohio ' Comp.tition Ride'" National Enduro. edging Suzuki'. George Peck by one MCond for overell hono". Peck took High Point A leurel•. Final point standings for the AMA's . U .S. Road Racing Championship Series, including 750cc, 250cc. Novice , Superbike and Sidecar classes, are as follows. 750cc : 1. Mike Baldwin (85) ; 2. Dale Singleton (56); Gene Romero (50) ; 4. Ken Roberts (40); Sk.ip Aksland (35); 6. Dave Emde (34); 7. John Long (31) ; 8. Wes COOley (27); 9. Harry (Mike) Cone (26); 10. Ron Pierce (25) . : 25Occ: 1. Randy Mamola (59 pts, - 2 wins); 2. John Long (59); 3. Dave Emde (52) ; 4. Miles Baldwin (44); 5. Mike Baeder (33); 5. Bruce Sass (33) ; 7. Dan Warren (32); 8. Pierre Beullac (29) ; 9. Bruce Paterson (24) ; 10. Gennady Liubimsky (23) . SUPERBIKE PRODUCTION: 1. Reg Pridmore (54 pts . - 2 seconds); 1. ' John Long (54); 3. Paul Ritter (47); 4 .) Harry Klinzmann (46); 5. Wes Cooley (40); 6. John Bettencourt (33); 6. John Fuchs (33); 6. Steve McLaughlin (33), 9 . Ke ith Code (32) ; 10 . Kurt Liebmann (28). NOVICE CLASS : 1. Freddie Spencer (80) ; 2. Dan Chivington (64) ; 3. Rusty Sharp (44) ; 4. Glen Shopher (34) ; 5. Nicholas Richichi (27) ; 6. Mark Homchick (26); 7. Gordon Seim (23) ; 8. Barry Bordner (19) ; 9. James Adamo (16); 9. Steve Biganski (16). SIDECAR CLASS: 1. Gary Gipe /Peter Essaff ' (87) ; 2 . Roy Richard/David McKenna (49) ; 3. Ian Fillery /Stephen Quinn (39) ; 4. Robert Oliver/Brand Sisk (29) ; 5. Wayne Lougee /Randy Hough (28) ; 6 . Michael Leeton/Mark Evans (26) ; 7. 'Allan Staples/Gary DeBlock (25) ; 8, Larry Coleman /Wendell Andrews (23); 8 . Winfred Hopp /William Alston (23) ; 10. Neil Munroe/Tim Munroe (19) . ' AMA 250cc Reglonel Motocrou Chemplon. Beuer. w.nt In for knee ,urgery Friday. 8ept. 16 for whet he celled "a Iittl. ovarhaul 10 I'll be r. .dy for next·· Saddleback Park will change sanctionS for their second and fourth Sunday motocross events. California Racjng Club will pick up the dates , starting Oct. 22. A switch in their schedule will put Indian Dunes and Racing World CRC Motocross on the first ~nd third Sunday slot , and Saddleback the other Sundays. Point races will rotate from track to track, so all CRC riders will have the opportunity of competing on three different courses .

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