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Team Belgium put on quite a show in front of a hometown crowd to win the Sept. 10 250cc Trophee des Nations motocross team race held at Kester, Belgium. The Belgians were paced by Harry Everts with a first and a sixth in two motos , Roger DeCoster (2-8) , and Gaston Rahier (8 -4) . Jaak Van Velthoven was the fourth Belgian team member. The U.S . team didn't fare so well, finishing fifth behind Belgium , Sweden , England and Czechoslovakia . Bob Hannah had the top American score with 3·19 moto finishes . Chuck Sun (13-15), Rex Staten '(23·20) and Tommy Croft (28 · 23) were the remainder of the U.S. team effort. Dale Singleton jumped off in practice on friday at Laguna Seca Racaway's turn four and suffered a shoulder separation and a concussion. Dale. Georgla's favorite pig farmer. checked himself out of Monterey's Community Hospital Sunday evening. against doctors' orders, ISDT: Czecho wins, U'.S. Trophy Team' fifth; Gallo keeps top American slot SMALAND. SWEDEN. SEPT. 10 Twenty ..ven Americans won gold medals at the conduslon of the 53rd Internatlonel Six Deys Trial held at the High Chaparrel resort in Sweden. ' But. as happans In most ISDT tabulations. the Czechoslovakian Trophy Team took top honors. The U.S. Trophy Team, led by top' American Frank Gallo (KTMI. was fifth. Italy won the Silver Va.. competition and the U.S. team. hampered by the 10 of Greg Davis .. after he broke a coHarbone. was 15th. Top Americans in their respective c...... were: Tom Krehbiel (KTMI, 27th in the 125cc c....; Drew Smith (Suzl. ninth 175cc; Ted Leimbach (KTMI. seventh 250cc; Kevin .laVoie IKTMI, seventh 350cc; and Frank Gallo (KTMI. fifth 500cc. Only flve on the U.S. squad did not finish year's event. and four of those DNF due to injuries. Greg Davis broke a collarbone on Day One and Dane Laimbach suffered a comprassed vertebra on the same day. Ted Worrell strained a knee on Day Four and Jim Fishback broka an arm after he hit a trea on Day Five. The other DNF was Carl Cranke out on Day One with a broken clutch basket. Complete story next week. It is pink bootie time again for Mary Lou and Clyde Earl, who welcomed a new baby girl into their midlives. Clyde is the Western Service administrator for Sachs Moton. Said the proud papa, "I'm glad we saved the crib and all that stuff after Tom was born." Tom is 18 yean old. Oops. We forgot to credit the three-pleture c:ruh sequence on the back of last week's paper to its photogrepher, Anthony DePalrner. Sorry Anthony. Mike Bast, out for several weeks with a shoulder injury, is slated to ride the final two events of the Coon Cup Speedway Series, which qualifies riders for the U.S . National Championship. Bast will ride at Ascot, Sept. 14 and Costa Mesa , Sept. 15. Awrlght folks. TIme Is running out and the AMA Governmental Relations Department isn't getting the feedback from riders that they need to try and protect tradltionel riding areas from the Forest Service RARE II wilderness inventory. So go and contact your nearest National Forest office lif you don't know where that is call the AMA at 6141891-24251 and find out what areas are being considered, If you ride In those areas. get in touch Immediately with the RARE II coordinator and explain that the area has been tradltioneny used for trail riding. Also let the AMA know, The deedline - their's and your's - Is 0ct.1. Remember that entries are open for the Women's Motocross Nationals to be held at Carlsbad Raceway, Oct. 2829. Entries are $17 per race for the Pros and $12 per race for all others. Right now the .cla sses stand at lOO/125cc and 250cc /Open for Pros on both days (grand prix Saturday, motocross .Sunday), a combined class for Amateurs on Saturday and lOO/125cc and 250cc /Open classses on Sunday, and a IOO/125cc class for Novices on both days. Depending on .interest shown, there might .also be a Mini class and a Beginner class for women who have never raced. For information, contact Vicki Miller Haag (a racer who is the guiding force behind this year's race) at 2167 EI Dora se. , Lemon Grove, CA 92045, 714/462 ·9395. Sorry, folk •. What you ... Is not whet you can lIet. Hond8 Introduced thl. C8lIOOf at the EerI. 2 Coun Motorcycle Show which opened on Seturd8y, AUllust 21. In London, England. Current cell for European ..... only. A Hondll apokeemen ..Id, "It will not be on ..Ie In the U.S:' The bike Is baaed on Hondll'. eh8mplonehlp winning endurance roed rec:er and f_fee • 4-cyllnder, DOHC. 902cc engine with a bore " etroke of 84.6 " 19 mm. The four·"a""'-per· cylinder engine produces 95 h o _. ~dlng to Honda. . _ The Bur-.. of Reclamation Is going to restrict off-road vehicle use at the Beulah Reservoir in Oregon to existing roads and trells. If the RARE II and BLM Wilderness review go unchallenged by motorcyclists. Papa's gonna have a ton of such news. except that we won't even be able to save the existing roads and trails. Sigh. There will be a meeting of the Southern California Desert Conservation . Area Advisory Committee at the San Bernardino Convention Center. 303 North E. se., San Bernardino, CA on Sept. 27-29 . It will include seminars or forums on cultural .values, Native American concerns for the desert, military bases on the desert, and concerns of desert residents. One of the concerns of desert residents might be the money their communities stand to lose if the desert is closed to motorized recreation. For those interested in a behindthe-scenes look at the Dirt Diggers Pioneer Town Grand Prix, next week's Issue will feature just such a view. written by veteren - oops. sorry . Maureen Hopetown/Ploneer Town GP observer Maureen Lae. Well-known northern California motocrosser Parry Klassen was injured while out riding near Madera, CA and is in the hospital with a metal plate in one arm. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. The fourth annual American Motorcydlst Aaoc:Iatlon Amateur Motoc:roa Championships will be held this yll8r with spoMOrShlp from Toyota Trucks and additional promotional backing from Mr. P1BB. The ..r...• formal nema .. the AMAlToyota Truck Ametaur Motocross Championship SerIes. Atlanta Internetlonel Raceway wi. host the AMAlToyota Truck Amateur Motocross Championships on Oct. 8. As in previous years. competition throughout the saries will be held in 125cc, 250cc and Open classes. All area qualifying events are being conducted during August, and Regional Championships in the Eastern. Central and Western Regions will be held on Sept. 1~. Leke Sugar Tree Raceway In Axton. V A. site of last year's nationel flnels. will host the Eastern Region flnels. The Central finels are slated for ZUmbro Falls. MN. at the HI-WInders Motorcyde . Club track. CES Promotions wII put on the Western Region flnels at Plymouth ICAl RaceWllY. S&~ Products has added their support to the Subaru International Motorcycle Olympiad II , slated for Sept. 17 at Saddleback Park. Featured in the all -star program will .be the Yamaha Motocross, the Goodyear Short Track, the Kawasaki Cross Country/Trials and the Yamaha Hill Climb . Tickets . to the Olympiad are available through the Big Sisters of Orange County; for your taxdeductible ticket purchase , dial 714/834-1116. Vameha. again according to a reliable source. has a 500 550cc V-4 or "regular" four-cyllnder. shaft driven street bike ..t for 79. Also slated for their 79 lineup are 500. 250. 175. 125 and 80cc dual purpose 4-stroke bikes and a nBO. a minIversion of their popular TT5OO. or There's a $25 reward out for a Bates custom leather jacket lost in Amador or Calaveras county. It's blue and brown with white striping, and you ' ca n call Syl Sale'nius . collect at 714/834-0258 ,if you've found it. • . .

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