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announced that the AMA Board of Trustees has selected Lin A. Kuchler of Ormond Beach, FL. to serve as the association's executive director. The appointment is effective Oct . 2 . . Kuchler previously served as the AMA's chief executive officer from 19S8 until 1966; when he assumed the first of several executive positions with NASCAR. Off-road vehicle activity in Ballinger and Deer Park Canyons on National Forest System land will be limited to designeted roads and trails according to a decision made by the U.S. Forest Service. ORV use in this area has been unlimited. The decision to limit ORV's to designated roads and trails is the result of a recently completed monitoring study of ORV use in the area. "Our study was made as a follow-up to the direction from Executive Orders and the Environmental Analysis ' Report for the Los Padres National Forest ORV Plan." stated LOs Padres National Forest Supervisor AI West. "In monitoring the effects of ORV's, It hes been determined that some resource damage has occurred. The damage is in the form of soil movement and erosion resulting from hili climbing by ORV's on some of the steeper hills on the National Forest System lands. As a rasult. hili climbing in this area will be eliminated and ORV use will be limited to designated roads and trails." Hennen regains consciousness! LONG BEACH, CA. AUG. 28 Friday night Aug. 25, at 7:00 p.m. Uvarpool time, injured road racer Pat Hennen awoke and complained of a stiff left arm. F'l8nce Karen Keil and Pat's brother Chip, in the hospital room with him, were apparently so stunned that Pat had to say it agein. Pat kept his fl8nce and brother talking and occasionally walking about the room until 3:00 a.m: Saturday morning. Word of this reached Cyd. N. . . vie the Suzuki Public Relations ' Department. who talked with Karen's brother Kevin in San Francisco. He!1nen, who had been unconscious and semi-conscious for almost 11 weeks following his Isle of Man erash, had excellent recall of friends 'and relatives, but was unable to remember with much clarity racing events in recent years. According to the reports, Pat can't recall the Isle of Man, only vaguely remembers his Spanish GP win of Apr. 16, but does remember breaking down in last yeer's Belgian GP. Pat fmally had to be sedated in order to sleep. Saturday morning he was groggy due to the drugs, but still did more talking, walking and shaved himself. No sedatives were administered Saturday night. and on Sunday Pat was quite lucid. There is no speech Impediment. Hennen's physician, Dr. Hannah, was expected to see Pat today, and Hennen will probably be moved to a London hospital Friday, Sept. 1, where he will continue undergoing therapy, which will now include therapy to help Pat get his recent racing history back into full parspective. The latest word at deadline time is that the U.S. Postal Service will'delay their strike threat for IS days. If the strike takes place then, Cycle News dealers will receive their copies via UPS . If the mail delays your subscription copy, your dealer will probably have it. o Gerrit Wolsink took his works Suzuki to two moto wins in the Dutch round of the 500cc World Championship MX Series. Wolsink was followed by Yamaha's Heikki Mikkola 13-3) and Suzuki teammate Roger DeCoster 15-2). In the final SOOcc World Championship MX Series point standings, Heikki Mikkola is World Champion with 299 points. Following him are Brad Lackey (214), DeCoster (172), Herbert Schmitz (127), Wolsink (124), Andre Malherbe (109), Graham Noyce (90), Jaak Van Velrhoven (78), Jean-Jacques Bruno (44) and Yvan Van Den Broeck (40). In the final 250cc World Championship MX 8erIes roun~ In Russia, sketchy results indicate that Husqvarna:s Chuck Sun finished third bahind winner TorIlef Hansen (Kaw) and Vladimir Kavinov IKTM). 2 In the 2S0cc point standings, KTM's Guennady Moisseev is the World Champion .with _18 C points. Hansen The Central Regional Championship MX scheduled for Rio Bravo MX in Houston , TX, September 10 has been canceled. The AMA did not give a reason for the cancelation. Rescheduling of the event is , not anticipated. Unadilla Sports Center in Edmeston, NY, will again be the site of U.S. round of the 250cc MX World Championship according to promoter Ward Robinson. "The FIM and the riders liked the track," said Robinson. "Our application for the 1979 round has beeri tentatively approved for July 29. The final approval and a firm date will be done at the FIM congress In October." (IS3), Hans Maisch (lS2). Kavinov (lSI). Neal Hudson (130) and Harry Evens (126) round out the top six. Suzuki's Gaston Rahier won the final '125c c World Championship MX event at Czechoslovakia with a 2-1 tally. Yamaha's Gerard Rond was second with a 1-4 and new 125cc World Champ Akira Watanabe was third. The final point standings: Watanabe 12671, Rahier (248, five winsl, and Rond 1248, three winsl. New World SOOcc road racing Champion King Kenny Roberts qualified fastest for the Aug. 27 F7S0 round at Nivelles, Belgium, but only got 300 yards off the line before he broke a chain. Venezuelan Johnny Cecotto won the event ahead of Herbe Moineau, Gianfranco Bonera and Christian Sarron. Steve Baker was not listed in the top 10. Cecotto's win opened up a 16-point lead over Roberts in the points, 81· 66. Sarron moved to within eight points of KR at 57. Bonera (381, Patrick Pons (351, Baker 1261, Boet Van Dulmen (22), Gregg Hansford 1181, Hubert Rigel 1181 and Christian Estrosi (17) trail the F750 point leeders. ' American Motorcyclist Association President John A. Davidson has Aluminum recycling: Racing World will give one dollar off to any person with a mere five pounds of aluminum cans (bound, please) per day at the Coors "Pioneer Town," Sept. 9-10. Five pounds is normally only worth about 8S¢. Coors will join the Din Diggers M.C . in giving the proceeds to the Big Brothers of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The Din Diggers will also award a special prize to the person or organization contributing the most aluminum cans. Racing World manager Ron Henricksen has announced Coors' Pioneer Town, In cooperation with the Dirt Diggers M.C. will feature a custom-built course. There will be the traditional 3Yo-mile Grand Prix run through canyons, jumps, berms and the famous Dirt Digger mud-hole. More than 1200 Amateur entries are expected for the Sept. 9-10 20th presentation of the classic, formerly called Hopetown. There will be an abbreviated motocross course for special events. A dozen movie cameras and one helicopter will be keeping tabs on the Oct. 1 CRC Dunes Town GP . No, it's not Wide World of Sports 'coverage , but it's a chance for you and your desert clubs banner to be seen in a movie. "00 It In The Din," a Matt Cimber-produced film starritlj{ Frank Sinatra, Jr., will be filmed on location at Indian Dunes. California Racing Club will promote the event on the new Hl-mile course, although CRC membership will not be mandatory. An entry blank will appear in next week's Cycle News. For more info, dial 714/689·6114 or 213 /830-7S19. Katherine Wright. wife of former Cycle Ne.. correspondent Dick Wright. and mother of desert star Jeff Wright. died Aug. 12 after an Illness. We're sure all the many friends she mede In the desert and motocross gatherings will miss her very much, and our best wishes go to Dick, Jeff and the rest of the Wright family. More on King Kenny. ' Roberts , in order to learn the U .S mile high speed Nurburgring track rushed there after the August 6 British GP at Silverstone, and cut 50 laps. The practice helped, as Roberts was second SOOcc qualifier. Roberts finished 33 seconds behind the front running duo of ferrari and_ Cecotto with Sheene just two seconds further back. Kenny had slowed dramatically In the final lap and was constantly peeklng over his shoulder to see whera Sh_ _ . According to cOrrespondent Chris Carter, Roberts had a dream on the night before the race that hIa bike would seize on the final lap and he would have to push aero.. the finish line, thus the checking on Sheene. Yamaha will field a four-man team in the Trans-AMA Series with Bob Hannah, Rick Burgett, Rex Staten and Mike Bell contesting the SOOcc feature class. Brae Glover is undecided about riding the 250cc Support class. Honda will tum out a nlne·man team for ' the Trans·AMA Series with Brad lackey, Graham Noyce, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft. Jim Pomeroy and Marty Tripes contesting the 600cc class with Warren Reid, Jimmy Ellis and Steve Wise competing In the Support cia... Kawasaki's Steve Stackable pulled no punches when he recently said, "This year's series is the best chance so far for Americans to win . Roger DeCoster . can't win it, and Mikkola knows we're faster, so he won't even come." Reg Pridmore's good-looking and potent sidecar rig Is sponsored by RPM, Pridmore's own company. and by Don Vesco who makes the TZ750 powerplant do its magic. Vetter Fairings, mistakenly credited as Pridmore's major sponsor In a Cycle News race report due to the billboard·size lettering on the rig's bodywork. and Alphabet Headers are supportive sponsors. Pridmore, by the way, will be riding Kawasaki In the AMA Superblke events, not Honda as rumors may have Indicated. After three years of effort, Senate Bill 1624 has reached the final stages. The motorcycle driver/rider education bill passed the Assembly Ways and Means test last week and now faces only two more steps: Floor of the Assembly and Governor Brown's approval. It's happening right now, and yur letters are needed. Call and write your California Assemblyman and ask him/her to support SB 1624 Dills. Then tell Jerry, too . Darrell Shultz has won Malco's factory support for the Trans· AMA. but because he's an

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