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Hayakawa, 6217 Dirksen Building, Washington, D.C. 20510. Any questions should be directed to Ron Stephens or Mitch Mayes at Mitch Mayes' Lancaster Yamaha, 8051942-9624. Stephens, by the way , is looking for a woman he met at the Superbowl of Motocross with a 1,500 -signature petition supporting Tibblin. Whoever you are, please contract Ron or Mitch at the number listed above. J.C. Agajanian, promoter of the July 22 AMA Camel Pro Series night mile at Sacramento's Cal Expo track. has arranged for use of the Turf Club, which is in the infield and seats 600. Tickets will go on sele at the beginning of this week at the Howe Avenue Box Offica, 925 Howe Ave., Sacramento, CA. 95825, 916/920- 1121. The Ambassador lim. located right near the Cal Expo Fairgrounds, is offering a special for people coming to see the mile. Identify yourself as a race-bound fan and you'll get a special discount. Call 916 /929-5600 or 800/352·3877 (toll free) for reservations. After reading through a new stack of gov'ment printing that woul~ tax the resources of an Evelyn Wood honors gr8ciuate, we can boil down the "Roadless Area Resource Evaluation" to one word - solitude. Apparently eech hiker in the U.S. needs a 5,000 square mile area free of human intrusion to enjoy his recreational experience. We wonder what if a solitary hiker saw another sorrtary in his 5,000 square .m ile area? Would this spoil the day for both of them? Have they considered voluntaering to be ' launched into outer space? When we want solitude, we go into our room and close the door. On July 13 at 2:30-3:00a.m., the motorcycle pictured here wes stolen from U.S. Suzuki. The chassis is Blmota SB2, an Italian, handcrafted, street legal kit soon to be available from Moto Sport. the Importer. The motor Is a stock GS750C, 153475; the monocoque frame has no numtier. The paint scheme is red, white and black. Wheels are gold anodized magnesium units made by Speedline of Italy, and tires are Michelin. The machine features a Formula One-type single strut rear suspension, twin drilled disc brakes up front and a single drilled disc at the rear. If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of this bike, please contact Keith VanHarte or Jeff Burtt at 2131921-4461. Team Yamaha's Mike Bell , who suffered a knee injury at the Buchanan. MI National MX was given a "three week vacation" by his doctor. Bell wore a knee brace for a few days. then a full -length leg cast was mounted up, to hold the "stretched , bruised and strained" ligaments. Fortunately, the '78 L.A. Superbowl of Motocross winner will miss only one round of the AMA /Mr. PiBB National Championship MX Series the Atlanta event - and he expects to contest the final four rounds. ''I'm still gonna shoot for the top five ," Mike added. Team Husqvarna U.S. Silver Vase Team member Larry Roeseler is also temporarily out of action with a dislocated knee suffered while riding in the June 26 Grand National Championship Superbowl Amateur National. He's still hoping it'll sort itself out in time for the Sept. 4-9 International Six Days Trial. 2 Tickets for the July 22 AMA Grand National Championship/Camel Pro Series Sacramento Mile, presented by J.C. Agajanian, are available through the mail at Howe Ave. Box Office, 925 Howe Ave.. Sacramento, CA. 95825, 916/9201121 or at Ticketron outlets. Box seats go for $15; reserved seats in the covered grandstand cost $12; general admission - night of the race only - will set you back $8 each. It all happens at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds. Time trials start at 6 p.m., the first heat leaves the line at8p.m . . Chuck Larsen, Kawasaki District Manager from Atlanta . has replaced Terry .T iern en as General Sales Manager. Rumor has it that th e '79 Yamaha YZI25 MX ers will debut at the MidOhio U.S. Grand Prix. Letters and telegrams of character reference to help Rolf Tibblin in his battle to stay in the U.S. are still needed. Senator 5.1. Hayakawa's ' office should be flooded with them to get a bill into Senate to allow Rolf to remain in this country. Letters should be sent to Hon. S.1. Gary Scott reports that he's picked up a new sponsor. Jack Sizemore RV Center of Amarillo, TX, ' joins KK Supply and the "Team Aftermarket" group in backing Scott's efforts inn the Camel Pro Series. Don Vesco will attempt to top 325 mph with his new doubl.engine turbocharged KZ1000 Kawasakipowered streamliner at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats on Monday, Aug. 11. "At speed, the streamliner feels like a Boaing 747 at full throttle on a bumpy runway. At normal running speeds, I could cross the entire United States in less than six hours, provided there are no red lights," Vesco says halfjokingly. Bultaco's Bernie Schreiber won his fourth-straight World Championship Trials round, topping the July 16 Italian event with a 22·point score. Fellow Bultaco teamster Martin Lampkin was second with 37 points lost . Anthonio Gorgot was third with 40 . American Montesa pilot Marland Whaley dropped 55.9 and was eighth. Following Gargot in the tally were Soler (43.5), Vesterinen (43.7). Karlsson (50) . Subira (54 .3), Whaley, Birkett (61), and Wallman (62) . Gary Scott did not make it up to the National road race at Sears Point because, . according to a friend, they ran out of time working on the bike after the Ascot TT to make it up to the Sears Point - over 400 miles away from the Los Angeles area . Scott arid road race tuner Stuart Toomey recently parted ways. A 650cc version of the popular shaft drive Honda CX500? Could be. Also look for a 750cc CX model · probably a 4·cylinder DOHC version with con ventional drive train. Right now this is crafty speculation. but after Honda's new model showing later this month in Hawaii , well. it could be fact. Skip Aksland, who crashed while leading the Sears Point AMA Camel Pro Series road race, dislocated his previously-injured left shoulder in the incident. He spent Sunday night in a hospital and was released Monday afternoon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Skip. Chris Carter, our European GP correspondent. informs us that Honda has contacted Roberts about joining their GP effort for 1979 . In addition, , Greg Hansford has also been contacted. Roberts did not tum down the of'fer , but noted that it would take a lot of money to make him leave Yamaha. Remember the story about the cast of Beatlemania appearing at the Coc.Cola .Superbowl of Motocross VII? Well, the same people are now telling Papa that the Superbowl will be aired on TV within 30 days. We'll be checkin' the 01' TV Guide, but Papa's still skeptical. CBS Sports Spectacular will televise the 1977 Camel Pro Series on July 22 . Check your local listings for time and channel. Jay Springsteen won the half mile which was held at Pompano Beach, Florida, last October. Honda's formidable endurance road racing team completely dominated the first half of the European season, occupying the first five spots in the point standings. Leeding the host of Honda RCB998 teams were Frenchmen Christian Leon and Jean-Claude Chemarln. That pair won the June 18 round, an eight-hour race at Nur· burgrlng in Weat Germany. Steve Eklund , who fell in a heat race at the Sears Point road race, is OK except for bruises and scrapes. He'll be at the Sacramento night mile July 22 . As a results of Proposition 13, the California Office of Traffic Safety is going to have to take a hard look at Its program priorities during late July. Traffic Safety has previously set aside funding to develop 144 motorcycle education programs throughout the state. That program has begun with a series of information seminars on the local level and is being actively supported by American. Motorcyclist . Assn. clubs. However, whether the program will proceed as planned is in doubt. All California motorcyclists should speak up in support rider education. Write a letter congratulating the Office of Traffic Safety for its work to date and appealing that the proposed program be continued as plannned. Address your letter to Mr. Tom A . Lankard, Chief Office of Traffic Safety, P.O. Box 865. Sacramento, CA 95804. Show biz notes: "Former" class C pros Eddie Mulder and Gene Hartline will soon be seen in the role of cycle "rneanies" in the movie Soft Explosion , due for end -of-the-summer release. And if you look very closel y. you can recognize our own Miss Camel Pro Series , Lynn Griffis, in the movie Cheap Detective. starring Peter Falk . She 's a little hard to spot without little camels all over her, but Lynn portrays a " lady of the evening."

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