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The amount will probably be based on miles traveled by the Suzuki riders . Breece and company are slated to arrive at Pocono in time for the Aug . 13 AMA Grand National Championship/Camel Pro Series road race. More info in weeks to come . Russian 250cc MX World Champion Guenna"dy Moisseev and KTM teammates Kavinov and . Korneev will ride their first race in the U.S. at the July 30 Unadilla Valley Sports Center 250cc World Championship MX Series round. Also entered are Jaroslav Falta Harry Everts, Torlief Hansen and Hakan Carlqvist. Kenny Roberts pulled to within one point of series leader johnny Cecotto in the F750 World Championship Road Race Series . point standings when "King Kenny" scored a fourth place in the July 9 West German round at Hockenheim. Cecotto DNF , scored no GP points at Hockenheim, Winner of the two-leg event was Frenchman Christian Sarron, also on Yamaha. Second and third went to Gianfranco Bonera (Yam) and Gregg Hansford (Kaw). Cecotto leads the series 66 to Roberts' 65-point total. Brad Lackey. according to a British newspaper, was involved In an automobile accident but continued on his way to the airport driving the rental car "with one front tyre completely missing and a flat back tyre." No word on whether "Bad Brad" and Honda teammate Graham Noyce, who was a passenger at the time, made their flight. Lackey was charged with. among other things. driving a defective vehicle. And the Hertz people here in the U.S. think MXers are rough on equipment... Karen Firestone. formerly of the AMA Publicity Department, has received her walking papers . First Mel Parkhurst, then Ms. Firestone .. . who's next on the AMA good -bye list? A member ' of the Mt. St. Helen's M.C .• promoters of the Camel Pro Series Castle Rock TT. reported that the club ordered 3500 programs from the AMA Professional Program Publishing Department. They received 3,700: 1,500 of which were motocross programs. 2 Anyone interested in attending the twin Indy Miles on Aug. 26-27 can contact Bill Spancer at Mountain View Distributing Co., 415/969-1682 for a Friday night flight out of Sen Francisco for about $325 round trip. Adding to the July 15-16 weekend at Sears Point will be a July 18 short track race during the fair at Santa Rosa. It 's AMA Semi-Pro at the Chris Beck Arena sponsored by Gary Arnold's Motorsports store in Santa Rosa. According to the September issue of Cycl. World magazine, Ron Pi.rce and Reg Pridmore will leave on July 20 to test ride American Honda-sponsored sixcylinder CBX Superbike Production racers in preparation for the July 30 eight-hour endurance race on the Suzuki road race circuit. They're also scheduled to test four-cylinder machines of undisclosed displacement. It's anticipated that the CBXes will show up in the Superbike Production event at Laguna Seca this fall. SPOTts Illustra ted reporter Sam Moses has written an interview with Kenny Roberts; it's scheduled to appear ' in this week's SI. Nikon, Inc. has expanded their involvement with AMA racing by offering cash awards to AMA Grand National Championship/Camel Pro Series, AMA/Mr. PiBB • National Champioship MX Series and the top dirt track rookie expert in the U.S. The Camel Pro Rookie of the Year will receive $500. Topr:onked Novice or first year Experts in each Mr. PIBB MX class will be eligible for "Nikon Motocross Rookie of the Year" awards of $500 in each class. The top rookie Expert in U.S. dirt track racing the one who earns the greatest number of avancement points in all types of dirt track racing - will also pick up half a grand. He may or may not be a Camel Pro contender. Harley-Davidson Racing Team Manager Dick O'Brien, who'd had the Gary Scott interview read to him over the phone (it appeared in Cycle News East last week) disagreed with Scott's contention that he was the reason Gary wasn't getting parts for his HarleyDavidson dirt trackers . "We (the Racing Department) do not take orders for parts, package parts, or ship parts. We're not even allowed in (due to security regulations) the parts Marine Captain B.j . Breece will head department:' said O'Brien. O'Brien the CRC Cycle jamboree, a charity said that all parts orders , even ride sponsored by U.S . Suzuki , emergency rush orders relayed benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis fund. through O'Brien, must have a dealer's Suzuki will donate $1,000 for B.j .'s authorization or OK that he will ride from the Cycle News office in receive the parts. O'Brien said that Long Beach , CA. to Pocono after H-D President John Davidson International Raceway in Pocono, PA. entered the situation at the request of Suzuki will also contribute an as yet Scott's sponsor J.R. Kelly, they still undetermined amount for any Suzuki had to call a dealer in Ohio to get riders who ma y accompany Breece authorizatiqn to ship theparts,'.', : .. ..: ·... a~g · any part (or all) of his route . American Motorcyclist Association's . AI Eames has announced that the '78 American International Six Days Trial rider list is now complete. Last week we printed a 34-man list; nine more have been added. Ail will be submitted for approval although Earmes admits that he's "hoping for 40 riders ." Dennis Vandecar (Hus) , Tom Krehbiel (KTM) , Ron Lamastus (SWM), Mike Godfrey (Mai), Gary Edmonds (Suz), Les Grable (Yam), Dwight Rudder (Yam), Robert Ayers (Yam) , and Lars Larsson (Hus) complete the 43-entrant AMA list. KTM riders are expected to comprise the U.S. World Trophy Team at the Sept. 4-9 ISDT in Sweden. Representing America on the six-man squad will be Kevin ' La Vo ie , Gary Younkins, Jack Penton, Frank Gallo, Ted Leimbach and Jeff Hill. Husqvarna riders Dick Burleson. Larry Roeseler, Greg Davis and Bob Popiel will make up the U.S. Silver Vase Team this year. Donations to help the American effort in the ISDT , often referred to as the "olympics of motorcycling" because of its high -skill-yet-amateur status, will be much appreciated. ISDT patches and stickies are available through AI Eames at the AMA, P.O . Box 141, Westerville , OH 43081; the patches go in exchange for a $3 donation, the stickies for $1. . Three ISDT club team slots are still open for motorcycle clubs that would like to be represented in the international competition. The Two Days in Alabama Committee has donated $800 toward sponsoring a team in their name; . the Capital Area Trail Riders of Schenectady, NY have put up -900 and the United Enduro Association will chip in nearly -550 for their team. ISDT entry fees, paid by donations, are $80 each. That's a $3200 total that's not yet been reached. Help is needed from concerned clubs and individuals. are satisfied that he's meeting recovery schedule . Jack Love, 41, resigned hi Southeast Regional Seles Manag position with American Hond , recently and is now serving Triu ph Motorcycles America 8S Ce tral Regional Manager. Steve Stackable and Hakan Ande have signed with Super Seer and w' use that firm 's new XR500 Anti-~ goggles in all events. For info on Su Seer's rider support program, conta former Daytona 200 winner Don Em at 303/674-6663. With one round left in the AM Toyota Supercross Serles, Bo Hannah has clearly clinched the Supercross Championship Standings going into the fI event at Anaheim on Nov. 12 are a follows: 1. Bob Hannah 12481: Marty Tripes (2201; 3. Ke Howerton 114n 4. mel Tomm Croft/Mike Bell 11441: 6. Jim Elli 11341; 7. Steve Wise 11221: 8. Ji Pomeroy 11081: 9. Rich Eierste (881: 10. Rick Burgett 1791: 1 Mickey Boone Inl: 12. Ga Semics 1721: 13. Rex Staten 1691: 1 Chuck Sun 1661: 15. Terry Clark 164 16. Marty Smith 1611: 17. Gaylo Mosier 1581: 18. mel Danny La Jim Weinert (561: 20_ Mark Barne (491. Skip Aksland has received a docto to ride the july 16 AMA Gra National Championship/Camel P Series road race at Sears Point . On July 23 the ZAP/CM Motocross at Crown Nine Cycl Park will not be the regular eve scheduled in our calendar sectio but the first of a four-race series. The info didn't reach 0 offices in time for this issue calendar, but if you'll call La Kleist at 415/356-4760, he'll give the complete update. AMA Commissioner of Pro Raci Doug Mockett called to correct item in last week's Poop page th indicated that Mockett spent very lit time in the AMA's Westerville, 0 office. Mockett's figures for the 1 days ' covering January through ' Ju are: 76 days in Westerville (42%), days traveling (34%), and 44 days i Los Angeles (24%). In additio Mockett said that, "I spent 18 out 25 weekends working .... The Honda CBX (six- cylind e r 1,047cc) was released for dealership orders and delivery is expected at Honda dealers by the third week of this month. On the subject of Mel Parkhurst dismissel from the AMA. Mocke refused comment, except to sa "The AMA. much like any private employer, which is wh we are in this instance. is different than Cycl. N.... If Y hire someone and, for whatev reason, they leave, that's real none of the public's business. though we're an organlzatl made up of our members, It's in this particular case. an emplo employee relationship that don't feel can be violated in a way, reslly." Nameless the company shall remain, but one enterprising firm sent Papa a press release on their fantastic new bronze swingarm bushings - with an enclosed photo of air fork caps. Doctors treating Pat Hennen in Noble Hospital in Liverpool, England say they're "encou raged ", but caution against too optimistic interpretation of that statement. Hennen's condition is not changed from last week's report; his eyes are open and he's able to be fed and respond to verbal input.' At the time of the accident, doctors estimated it would take seven to eight weeks for his body to "wake up ." They Motorcycle Industry Council Boar Chairman John Price recently a nounced the appointment of th following ind ustry leaders to cha standing committees of the MIC; A termarket Committee, Roger Stan of Manx Industries; Membership, J Piazza of Rocky Cycle Co.; Publ Relations, Joe Eisaman of Eisama Johns & Laws ad agency; Insuranc Ken Ito of Yamaha; Land Use, Denn David of Kawasaki ; Technical, Joh Walsh of Suzuki ; Products Liabilit Dick Madsen of Honda; Education Services. John Rossman of MOtOTcyC Dealerneuis; Statistics, Dennis Stefa of Yamaha,

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