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meeting of Class B members. The first change Involves restructuring the AMA Board of Trustees. At present. there are three Class A members - one of them former AMA President Bob Rudolph and 10 Class B members. The new structure will provide for six Trustees elected by Class A members, six elected by Class B members and one ex-officio (f orm er President! Trustee. The second amendment establishes a new AMA Congress structure where four delegates will be elected by the AMA chartered clubs in each district. Two delegates will be in a Road Riding Division, two in an Off-Road Riding Division. The'll serve two-year terms. 1978 ISDT Rider List A.C. Bakken Dick Burleson Rod Bush Don Cichocki Carl Cranke Greg Davis Alan Deyo John Fero Jim Fishback Jeff Fredette Frank Gallo Steve Hess Barry Higgins Jeff Hill Dave Hulse Bruce Kenny Kevin laVoie Dane Leim bach Ted Leimbach M ike Melton Jack Panton Tom Penton Jim Piasecki Kevin Piasecki Bob Popiel Russ Powell Dennis Reese Larry Roeseler M ike Rosso Dan Schuler Drew Smith Steve Whitworth Ted Worrell Gary Younkins Apple Valley, CA Blacklick. OH Lorain, OH Bethpage, NY Newburg, OR Westerville, OH Orofino, lD Blaine, MN Fortuna, CA Tinley, Park, lL Lorain, OH M illington, MI Smyrna, GA Macon, GA Ft. Edward, NY Great Meadows, NJ Chepachet. RI Vermllion,OH Vermilion, OH Butler, GA Lorain, OH Eugene , OR Toledo,OH Toledo,OH Columbus, OH Novato, CA Gencaco, IL Fonatana, CA Pennsauken, NJ Evansville, IN Stanhope, NJ Ft. Worth, TX Pulaski, VA Hubbard,OH Husky Husky KTM Suzuki Yamaha Husky Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha KTM KTM KTM Maico KTM Suzuki Husky KTM Yamaha KTM Husky KTM Suzuki KTM Husky Husky KTM Yamaha Husky Suzuki Husky Suzuki Husky Suzuki KTM Not e: Only 34 names are listed. AI Eames of the AMA will submit a 42rider list f or approval. but at presstime there was some controversy concerning the last few names. Complete inf o, including the KTM· backed US. World Trophy Team and Husqvarna·sponsored U.S. Sliver Vase team in next week 's paper. Brad Lackey won the July 2 500cc British Grand Prix at Farleigh Castle, shaving a few poin ts off . Heik~i Mikkola's 500cc World Championship MX Series points lead. Lacke y piloted the Bill Buchka -tuned RC450 Honda to a second placing in the first moto behind Mikkola , then won the second round as Mikkola 's Yamaha rolled in third. Third overall went to British Honda rider Graham Noyce. Mikkola now holds a 32'poim advantage over Lackey - 222 to 190 - while Suzuki's Roger DeCoster trails ~ dist ant th~rd with 128. DeCoster fell In the opemng moto in England, then placed sixth in the second race . DeCoster's teammate Gerrit Wolsink finished a 4·4 fourth overall . Maico's Herbert Schm itz scor ed a 3·7 fifth . 2 Road Raca Series event on Belgium's Spa circuit ahead of Yamaha's Kenny Roberts. Roberts still maintains a sizable series leed - 81 to 67 - over Suzuki's Barry Sheene who finished third at Spa. Pat Hennen's 51-point tally still holds third. Hartog is fourth with 38 points; Johnny ' Cecotto ho lds fifth w ith 35. Suzuki's . newest GP rider Dutchma n Wil Hartog won the July 2 500cc World Championship Two ame nd m ents t o t he AMA Code of Regulati on s were approved at a June 24 special If he's elected, Republican candidate for the Californ ia State Assemb ly Bob Hayes says that his first act will be to introduce a bill to give motorists a choice when they buy personalized license plates. They'll be abl e to check whether they want the extra fee to go to "ecology" proj ects or into the ORV fund . Incorrect insta nt information in the form of Coca-Cola Superbowl of Motocross VII results picked up at the L.A. Coliseum immediately after the race - had Florida's Monte McCoy in sevent h plac e. Actu a,lly, McCoy finished 22nd . according to an American Motorcyclist Association press release. T hat puts Tommy Croft in seventh and moves everyone else below him up one notch in the results column . Mel Parkhurst. AMA Professional Competition Manager, was handed his walking papers by AMA Professional Competition Commissioner Doug Mockett on Thursday, June 29. The position will reportedly be filled by Bill Boyca, who had been serving as Specia l Assistant to the Commissioner for nearly a year. Reached via phone at his Ohio home, Parkhurst said, " Th e move by Mockett came as a complete surprise to me : ' Parkhurst. who was well liked by the majority of the riders who compete on the Camel Pro Series circuit. was reportedly a victim of budget problems in the pro racing department. Although reports indicated that the AMA pro racing department is over $125,000 in the red, sources say th at there were other "reasons" for Mocketr's firi ng of Parkhurst . They are rep orted to include Mockett's dissatisfaction with Parkhurst's office work (Mockett spe nds over 90% of his time operat ing out of a southern Californ ia office an d very little time in Westerville, OH), tha t Parkhu rst was looking for another jo b ("My com pany doesn't fire peo ple who are looking for a job to better themselves," said one person. "If every company. fired everyone who was looking for a better job, there wouldn't be any one working."), and that Parkhurst didn't place a contingency spons or's banner in the right place at a race. Mocke tt was unavailable for comment as Cy cle News went to press on Monday, J uly 3. At the AMA Camel Pro Series race at Sen Jose, rider reaction to Parkhurst's dismissal was extremely negative. " M el was the only guy who Iistaned to the riders," said National Champ Jay Springsteen. Some riders felt Mockett should have been given the heave-ho, and some riders were discussing circulating a petition calling for Parkhurst's reinstatement. At the San Jose riders' meeting, Bill Boyce said that all 11 riders who were given urine tests for possible use of drugs after the Columbus National were "clea n ," that all tests were "negative." Two Wheels - Alive!, Peter Starr's action-filled TV special. will be aired Seturday, July 15 on Channel 9 IKHJ·TV! at 7:30 p.m. Hillclimbing at Riverside, trials riding by Mick Andrews, a wheelie stunt segment and sidecar racing are included. Pennzoil motor oil and Gumout carburetor cleaner are the sponsors. If you shou ld tune in a half hour early, the Pennzoil folks are also sponsoring WIld World of Stlmts, a Hal Needham-directed film with some exciting movie stuntman action. Brad Lackey color posters are available from Moto ·X Fox, 520 McGlincy Lane, Cam pbell, CA 95008 for only $2 - a deal that Pap a sez you can't afford to pass up . They're excellent in quality and are a great way to show your support for the sole U.S. 500cc World Championship MX Series competitor. Scott Harden 1390 Husl was the overall winner of the 5th Annual Chargers West Caliente Grand Prix. held in Caliente, NV on July 2. Runners-up were teammate Jack Johnson 1 390 Hus! and new team KTM rider Kevin Davis, first 250. Full details next week. Correspondent Maureen Lee, whose Ascot half mile cover age is on page 22, noted the .appearance - and success - of Montana Novice T odd Giesick, who finished thi rd in the Novice main. Maureen rec alled th at the last Novice to come to Ascot from Montana didn't go that fast , but went on to make a living jumping cars and canyons . Steve Morehead, who finished third at the AMA Camel Pro Series half mile at Sen Jose, was riding Doug Sehl's bike with Doug doing the tuning. Sehl , on the mend from an ankle injury, expects to return to . competition In about three weeks on the Sehlachi-sponsored Harley. Sehl's bike , by the way, fea tu res Mikuni carbu retors. Seh lach i makes a two-stroke carb an d is developing a four-stroke model. Steve Eklund, winner of three straight in the Camel Pro Series, and all the TTs held to date, will be Yamaha 750 mounted at Castle Rock and Ascot. His two previous TT victories have come on his Yamaha TT5OO. In the San Jose opening ceremonies, Mike Vanci l of American Sports Co. gave H a rley.D a~ids.on . Racing ' ~~am Manager Dick 0 Brian a helmet In H · D team colors emblazoned with the nam es of all the riders who won National Cham pionships under O 'Brian 's direction. Na mes went from Joe Leonard to J ay Springsteen . Semlcs, 11 - Eierstecft. 20. Semics, 11 - Eierstedt. 20. And we're gonna keep on chanting that odd· sounding mantra until we get it right. A photo caption in last week's Superbowl coverage identified #1 1 Can-Am rider Gary Semics as teammate Rich Eierstedt. caption writer must have had a good weekend. Steve McLaughlin called Papa th e other day to clue him in on a few details behind his "bits an d pieces" .Loudon road racer. The mach ine , its chassis donated to McLa ughlin by Ga ry Scott. was built by Stuart Toomey, as was the one Scott rOO~ . Aiding McLaughlin en route to hIS fourth place finish in the Na tional were Udo Gietle, Too Schuster, Ken Augustine, Ken Landis and others.

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